Warning where you donate your money for Houston

  • Sadly when events like what is happen in Houston, brings out those that would use it to their benefit. Always read the fine print.

    Click on the link and go to their web site.

  • @DoubleDD Having watched the comparatively small scale recovery from our floods in October 2015 and Hurricane Matthew last year, I see a huge need for distressed people in disaster areas to have access to legal assistance. And an organized voice, too. The FEMA recovery programs and flood insurance/assistance programs present claimants with a byzantine maze of conditions, deadlines, regulations and communication difficulties.

    Think about what might seem like just one little simple thing, registering or applying for help: scores of thousands won’t be living in their homes for many months. They cannot receive mail. They usually have no important documents for insurance. Often no IDs. Often no means of obtaining information or forms needed to apply. Heck, these people might be many miles from any open church or library that could help them even begin. But those places will be overwhelmed, there is no centralized database, and they do not have the resources or expertise.

    Having an organization step up for people with no resources seems perfectly legitimate. I assure you from trying to help just 2 people trying to deal with conflicting private/FEMA/county/city/state rules and programs, I would have been thrilled to know organizations existed and were figuring out ways to help from the start rather than weeks or months down the road.

    It is axiomatic that the poor usually suffer the most in a disaster because they don’t have reserves of assets to rebuild or replace. It is also likely that poor people will be able to get food, even emergency shelter. But they usually don’t have flood insurance, are likely to have lost cars or jobs flooded out, and have little prospect of adequate child care while they seek access to assistance programs.

    I watched the poorer flooded areas in this town remain devastated while wealthy areas rebuilt. I knew of many middle-class families who had access to attorneys get the help they needed for FEMA grants. I talked to a number of really poor people who had no idea they were eligible for those same grants. Multiply the 10,000 here by a factor of 30 and the need is clear for all types of extensive assistance designed to make sure that the poor aren’t forgotten, aren’t pushed to the back of the line–or left to blindly try to find a line they might not know exists.

    Look, I know that to conservatives it seems like fighting words whenever a group raises issues like inequality, organizing the poor, immigrants, etc. But you have to realize that disaster assistance has to be long term, and include massive amounts of legal help, counseling, job assistance, child care, and transportation–the things needed after the blankets, water, and food.

  • @DoubleDD : U R nuts

  • @mayjay

    Well if you’re ok with donations from Americans to fund an agenda instead of people that really need it. Then that’s on you not me. I didn’t make nothing up. You can go to their website and see for yourself. It’s in the fine print.

    I want my donations to help Americans and not an agenda. I don’t care about politics when it comes to this issue. Maybe you do?

  • @DanR

    Really? lets revisit this issue. When the money that was donated to this organization doesn’t go the people yet to push an agenda.

    Nah. Your nuts.

    Besides after the waters reside and Houston rebuilds you won’t care where the money went too.

  • @DoubleDD You are so deep in the weeds of wing nuttery you have no grasp of reality.

  • @DanR

    and I bet you wonder why the first lady wore high heels and then switched to tennis shoes?

  • @DoubleDD No idea what you’re talking about.

  • @DanR

    It’s all over the trustworthy news.

  • @DoubleDD I don’t think you read it. Where is the agenda?

  • Why not just post the Red Cross instead of stirring up the same oh shit!

  • @DoubleDD Yes that was stupid. Kind of like Fox pushing the murdered DNC staffer story. As I remember, you called out Hannity for doing that for literally months after LE agencies thoroughly debunked the story.

    Oh wait, you didn’t.

  • @mayjay2

    There is a limitation on funds being granted on who for what.

    Hey donate to them. I’m not. I’ll donate to Red Cross.

    I just tried show a organization that isn’t on the up and up.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    You are the voice of reason. My bad. To bad some want to make everything into politics.

  • My heart is warmed by all the different folks joining to help each other! Mexico Red Cross sent help.

  • @DoubleDD You made it political, dude. I’m a liberal. A big one. For real. I don’t care about shoes. I don’t care about “45” caps. Real liberals actually know what organizations to donate money to (or provide human power to) that provide real help because we do that all the time.

    I’m thrilled to see the humanity involved in the Houston rescue effort, despite people’s attempts to politicize it. If you’re still dredging the internet looking for that kind of stuff, then I feel sorry for you.

  • @DoubleDD You still haven’t pointed to any specific language in the statement that is objectionable, only that idiot article author’s characterization. And you haven’t written a syllable in reply to my lengthy analysis of why that assustance is necessary.

    Your snideness and snippiness are way out of line.

  • @DoubleDD don’t worry I don’t read that crap! Thanks for the heads up!🕳

  • @DanR

    NO I did not. I just pointed out an organization that isn’t on the up and up. That’s all.

    Do want your money to support an agenda or to help people.

    I for one don’t think this organization represents any party.

  • @mayjay

    Why do you think I need to post a long post about an argument to respond to you?

    I don’t care about politics on this issue. Just trying to point this organization isn’t all that is up to what it claims. That’s all.

    Matter of fact Houston is a Dem city and I love them, and cry for their pain.

    This organization is corrupt. Just pointing it out. So those like yourself that really care won’t put your money in the wrong place.

    LIke said I’m putting my money in the Red Cross.

  • @DoubleDD Don’t back off and be all apologetical. You posted this junk. You’re constantly harping that the media has an agenda by selectively deciding what they report. YET, you can’t look at yourself and see the same thing? What’s wrong with you for posting crap here from a site like this? (nutjob central)

  • @DanR

    Yea on political views I do have my opinion. However when it come to helping our fellow Americans. I don’t care about politics views. There so many Americans that need our help.

    Sorry I raised a red flag on an organization that is trying to make money off Americans suffering.

    My bad.

  • Must be too hard to find a link for @DoubleDD


  • @DanR

    You can bite me. I don’t care. In fact come visit me.

    Millions of dollars are going to roll in to help our American brothers and sisters in Houston.

    So I raise a red flag on an organization that isn’t on the up and up. Yet you have a problem?

    I don’t know stop defending your political views and defend the Americans that you say you care about.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I saw that on twitter today and wondered what it’d be like to be a 6-10 dude wandering around in flood waters!

    Good time to be tall.



  • @DoubleDD seriously? You think we would read crap like that? That’s the pt! We don’t go to those sites.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Yea I know it has to be liberal. Yet I did say click on the site of this organization, and read the fine print.

    heh oh well. Donate your money to them.

  • @DoubleDD believe it or not, I’m a registered republican. But …↖️

  • @DoubleDD And yet I took the time and trouble to explain how what they are doing does help. If you don’t think so, saying why doesn’t seem like a big challenge. Just repeating yourself in the face of countering information just makes it look like you don’t read that info.

    I think you are stuck on this one because that article gave you no facts on which to base your agreement with it. All you say is Bad, bad, bad! But never why. And it is sort of silly.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Again I pointed to clicking on the site of this organization and reading the fine print.

    I didn’t make nothing up. I just pointed out this organization isn’t a legit organization. Yet I’m getting crap for what?

    Pointing out an organization isn’t on the up and up?

  • @DoubleDD Where do you live? I’m in Lawrence, and I’m willing to meet any jayhawk fan, any time. I’ll buy you dinner at one of the friendly local establishments, a beer at one of the left wing brewpubs, or you can pretend to like one of my own home brews, whatever. We can share some stories about our lives, and I’m sure we’ll have more common ground than you think. Us “libs” aren’t really all that scary, despite the :shit: you’re reading online.


  • @DoubleDD my very first reply was post Red Cross, I’m not going to donate to them! (your posted website) I’m not stupid! I would have never found them if you wouldn’t have posted it. I don’t read that crap! Ok? Over!

  • @DoubleDD I have read the fine print. So, what is objectionable?

  • @DanR

    I don’t think libs are shit. In fact I love them.

    yet where am I wrong in pointing out this fund raising group. I live in Gods country next to the second largest man made lake in the country. Rathbun lake in Iowa.

    Seriously I had no political agenda. I was just pointing out this organization may not be the place to donate your money.

    Why am I wrong?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Just like you told me you was a Reb. NOT.

    Yet I don’t care. I just tried shine the light on an organization that isn’t on the up and up.

    But hey do what you must.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    OH and bye the way I’m donating a sum to the Red Cross. Damn that must just eat at you.

  • @mayjay

    OK man. By all means donate your money to them.

  • @DoubleDD Still can’t figure this out, can you?

  • @DoubleDD You’re the one who started this post complain about a charity with an agenda, but you’re pushing you’re agenda on everyone here now and then trying to deflect when everyone else calls you out.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    What am I deflecting?

  • @DoubleDD Hey, I went to college in Kirksville, MO, and worked for KTVO for a while. I’ve been to Centerville shooting commercials. Seemed like a nice place.

    FYI, your mud puddle lake is not even in the top 5 biggest lakes in Kansas. You are delusional. LOL 2nd largest in the country!

  • @DoubleDD You’ve had people ask you point blank what your issue with the Red Cross is and all you’ve done is post a link and tell people to read fine print. You haven’t said what in the fine print you have an issue with when asked point blank about it.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Um read I’m donating to the Red Cross. JUst saying I posted that like many times.

  • @DanR

    LOL “man made lake”. Not naturally. Sadly Centerville has become a place of needle drug users. In fact they made a movie about it.

    I do like Kirksville though. Did you ever attend the red barn blues festival?

  • Meanwhile JJ Watt has raised 10 million for relief efforts. Good guy JJ!

  • @DoubleDD I know what a manmade lake is. Do you seriously think your little pond is the second largest damned lake in the US? Good grief, I realize Iowans are impressed with their very nice state, but come on. 2nd largest in Iowa. Probably not in the top 300 in the US.

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