Garrett Rising

  • Sounds like Garrett becomes our number 4 big. Sounds like Coach is calling out unnamed person(s) a bit to motivate. This might be a Self smoke screen, but if the kid can play defense, we need him on the court, although I’d prefer him on the perimeter.

    “From a talent standpoint, he’s not as prepared as Josh (Jackson), but from an intangible standpoint he’s about as prepared as we’ve had coming in,” Self said. “He has figured out how he can make a team better and it fits Devonte’ (Graham) and it fits Malik (Newman) and it fits Lagerald (Vick) and it fits Dok (Udoka Azubuike), whereas some people, the way they think they can make the team better doesn’t fit those guys.”

    “The object for these young kids is to make sure our best players play better when they’re in the game,” Self said. “And sometimes they think that, ‘No, no, we don’t care about what they do. We care about what I do.’ Well, your six points a game really don’t matter as much as his 18.” “He can play 1 through 4,” Self said. “He can switch ball screens. He’s tough. He’s a willing passer. And he knows that he can shoot, but he knows that some guys can shoot it better.”

    He knows what he doesn’t know, another good trait. Sounds pretty mature for an 18-year-old.

    “Very mature,” Self said. “Very mature. … That doesn’t mean he’ll always play great, but certainly he’s been impressive to us so far.”

    Kansas lacks depth up front, with little size beyond 7-foot Azubuike, 6-10 Billy Preston and 6-8 Mitch Lightfoot. At times, one or two players must play out of position. Garrett won’t consider any position out of position as long as he’s on the floor.

    “Let’s say if he’s in the game with Svi (Mykhailiuk), Malik (Newman) and Devonte’ (Graham), well, somebody has to be able to guard the other team’s four man,” Self said. "He’s tough enough that I think he can be more than adequate doing that.”

  • Self bringing the heat here.

  • @BigBad I deem you KUdamus. Very nice call.

  • @KUSTEVE My guess on the “stealth” call out is Preston.

  • @BShark I agree. VERY troubling.


    Well just like @BigBad saw it coming with Garrett in a good way, I’ve always been a bit cautious of a player that thinks he is the next Lebron. Now, if he gets to the point where he is the best player on the court, well he already has the attitude (that you can’t teach) to be the alpha dog shot taker. But for now, it could be a detriment and something that will give Self a headache. I believe when Trae Young was still an option I said something to the extent of Self already has Newman and Preston to deal with and the Young is talented to you take him but that’d be three black holes* on the team.

  • Garrett is the opposite of the black hole.

  • 0_1501678451827_AAA.jpg

  • Teahan living the dream. 😄

  • Charlie Moore looks like he’s a high school freshman.

    Garrett’s hair makes him 6’10

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    Garrett’s hair makes him 6’10

    Confirmed, he will play PF.

  • 6-5 180 pound 4?

    In which Self tries to light a fire under Cunliffe.


  • Never stand next to Udoka in a photo. He will make you look very puny.

    Also, Newman is pretty ripped.

    Devonte and Garrett have the same hairstyle.

    Billy Preston is a legitimately large human being also.

  • BShark said:

    BeddieKU23 said:

    Garrett’s hair makes him 6’10

    Confirmed, he will play PF

    the new new hybrid

  • Fletch is 6’5", 6’9" with the Afro.

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