• Huh, at the game that was featuring LaMelo Ball & Zion Williamson, they said Lebron was shut down, wouldn’t let him in lol.

    The same game that Lonzo Ball, Damian Lillard, Andrew Wiggins, Jamal Murray, & Thom Maker were at - -no Lebron. They said we shut him down lol, the Adias Marketing Don Cutler said for the safety of his coming and going hmmmmmmm - -you don’t think possibly they were thinking of a possible Lebron Lavar confrontation do ya? lol, I know there is no love lost there.

    A little side not - -James 12 yr old son already holds basketball offers from Kentucky & Duke - -Damm. – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • From what I read, Lebron got there later than those guys, and the police and fire marshall were restricting access. Crowd had 8 to 10 rows of people standing in front of the stands, and LBJ on advice decided it would be a mess for everone for him to try to go in.

    Lavar, safe to say, had nothing to do with it. I doubt LBJ would back down from that one–he isn’t exactly a shrinking violet.

  • @mayjay I see that Norlander has a story on CBS Sports with the Adidas coordinator saying they “shut him down” and prevented him from going in. That wasn’t in the stories I read earlier. Adidas vs Nike shot by that guy?

  • Everything I saw said LeBron was denied because he arrived late and he had his entourage with him which was pretty big. If it was just LeBron by himself, he probably gets in, but his entourage is what caused the issue with capacity.

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