My brother is a world class athlete

  • Gonna brag on my big brother for a minute. He does crossfit and is competing in the crossfit games next week. He has finished 3rd in the world the last two years in his age group. He’s an old guy in the 55-59 age group. The games this year are in Madison and are streamed live by ESPN. I’m very proud of him!

  • @wissox Very cool - congrats to your family. So - are you comfortable with giving us a name to watch and root for?

  • @nuleafjhawk Certainly! David Gantz. Usually the old geezers compete during the day on weekdays. I think it’s next week Thursday and Friday. His knees are really sore right now, almost dropped out. Now you know my last name, let you guess my first name. I’ll give you a hint, it starts with st and rhymes grieve.

  • @wissox Stilletoveve? Stromeeve? Stampildeve? Man, I am stumped…


  • @mayjay Ha! Any seinfeld reference is a good one!

  • @wissox gotta be jethro! Congrats on the bro! I’m sure u taught him ever thing he knows!!😉👨🏻‍🏫

  • @wissox I always knew you were a man of distinction…

  • @KUSTEVE you might be the only one that got that!

  • @wissox You’ll always be @wissox! But I will keep an eye out for your brother! That’s great!

  • @KUSTEVE hi Steve, I’m Steve!

  • @wissox That will be easy to remember.

  • Crossfit games began today and David is in 5th place.

  • This is what someone wrote about my brother from crossfit: Want the definition of bad ass? This is my buddy from the CrossFit Games David Gantz. He finished on the podium last year and qualified again this year in the 55-59 age group. David is a brick mason in Chicago(yeh winters too). He works long hours at high effort THEN squeezes in the gym. Today is check in day at the CrossFit games. While most have been there a few days relaxing, David worked till lunch, laying masonry in Chicago. Think about that when you “just ain’t feeling the gym”. Everyone follow David and support him. He’s a great friend and a great guy! - Coach Billy

  • @wissox Pretty cool. Keep us informed.

  • 2nd event this morning he finished 8th, but some timing chip on his ankle didn’t get across the line as he collapsed to the line and just lay there. They gave him 12th for the event, he’s 11th overall. His third event is in a few minutes. Find masters 50+. Not sure exactly the time of his next event, sometime in next half hour or so.

  • It’s not bragging if it’s true…congratulations. Be proud!

  • My brother is up to 10th. The loser isn’t going to medal this year. Only 10th fittest man in the world. I may have to beat him up when I see him.

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