When was the last season KU had a lottery pick at point guard?

  • Not talking #1, just top 15.

  • JoJo White? He was a top 10 pick, but we’re talking back to the 70’s, and whether or not you consider JoJo a 1 or 2 (I believe most consider him a 1). No one else comes to mind.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I have the answer: Newman. Maybe Devonte.

  • I can tell you the last time KU had the best point guard in the country … give you one guess.

  • Wasn’t K Hinrich lottery pick in 2003? I suppose technically he might not be considered a point guard though.

  • @rocketdog

    You are technically correct. Hinrich played PG, SG and SF at KU.

  • I still remember being royally P.O.ed when Vaughn had to wait until #27.

  • 2003 draft might have had the best 1-5 picks ever.

  • 2018

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