How's Everyone's Summer?

  • Since @nuleafjhawk once said KUBuckets is his facebook I figured I’d ask. Where’s everyone been? Traveling? Going to games?

    I just got back from Yosemite and SanFran, had a wonderful time. Got kicked out of Cypress Point golf club and walked the 18th hole at Pebble Beach.

    We get out of the heat in Louisiana for a couple of months and hang out in Wisconsin. I’m training for an event called the splash n dash, a half mile swim and 5K biathlon. For a 53 year old who never ran before this year, I’m excited to compete and hope to finish.

    It’s slightly less fun talking here about hoops and what not, but the season is drawing closer at least. Until then, what’s going on?

  • A couple days ago we hit the Kansas badlands/castle rock on the way to Keystone, Colorado for a few days in search of cool air. Our big “summer trip” is a month on Bowen Island near Vancouver, Canada in September.

    You’d think you weren’t in Kansas anymore: 0_1499126019130_IMG_3577x.jpg

    You know you’re not in Kansas anymore:


  • @DanR Bowen Island sounds nice.

  • @wissox

    U r an absolute grey man!!!

  • @DanR where’s your dog?

  • 0_1499140730737_IMG_4527.JPG

    Goofing off this summer. Mondos Beach, near Ventura, CA.

    Going up shortly to Oregon shortly to fish the Rogue and run some crab traps on the Coquille. Hoping to float The Sixes and fish for trout, not sure there will be time.

    Looking for an old 22’ inboard Calkins Bartenter to restore for going over sandbars in the big water up north. Or else want to find a Greenough 17 to fish kelp beds in SOCAL.


    That’s a Greenough by Anderson of Santa Barbara. Designed for surfinghome on trailing seas.

  • @DanR wow!

  • Alost killed somebody yesterday. Luckily everything turned out good. Now I’m on 3 days of distressing. You know get my mind right. On the bright side I get to celebrate the 4th of July for the first time in a long time. Yea. Going to light up the night sky tomorrow.

  • @DoubleDD Care to elaborate? Are you a police officer, truck driver, drug dealer, or parent? All of these jobs require restraint from killing on a daily basis I’m sure…

  • @dylans Probably a Missouri fan, so no big deal really.

  • @wissox Is being a teacher another of those jobs @dylans mentioned ?

  • @mayjay Hah! I’ve been tempted. I come home and my wife says ‘how was your day?’ My standard response is ‘well, I didn’t kill anyone’!!

  • @wissox Minds in the same rut! I drive my wife to work. When I drop her off, I say: “Remember! Don’t kill anyone today, especially if they deserve it!”

  • Im about a third of the way through my first travel nursing contract. I work in Interventional Radiology, quite specialized, pretty challenging. Currently Im in Charlottesville VA and by the end of my contract ( sept 8th) I should know where I am going next. Im hoping for a contract in New Haven CT, or in Kansas City, or in Durham NC. Ive got family in all three areas.
    Ive never spent a lot of time in the “South” Its ok I guess. Prettier than I thought over here, that’s for sure. Ive gone hiking in the mountains and been to visit Monticello, Thomas Jeffersons mansion! Super cool. Im hoping my travel jobs allow me the freedom to catch a KU game or two this season. I can certainly get the time off any time I want. Its kind of nice. I can write time off into my contracts, no worrying about department superiority and things like that.

  • Great thing about teaching is the 2.5 month break in the summer. Spent a week down on South Padre Island, headed up to Kansas/KC for a few days next week (excited to see the changes to the campus since the last time I was there in 2013) to see family, and I’ve been playing a lot of golf (thank god for GolfNow so I can play 2-3 times per week).

  • I just got back from Lake Marble Falls, Tx. Really pretty place - good fishing, good food, got to hang out with my Dad for a few days. Good times! Now I’m back home and get to paint the house. After two days I’m ready to just leave it the way it is… part green, part brown.

  • @nuleafjhawk at least it’s not beige

  • @wissox great thread. We just got back from a week on the Big Island in HAwaii. Earned a free trip for being a top advisor at my company. Also took my son for a week of fly fishing in Montana (gorgeous). Next week will be a few days at Table Rock lake with the kids and God parents, then a few days in Westcliffe CO in early August. Then I need to get back to work!!

  • @Fightsongwriter Sounds great! You must be a great advisor. Maybe you could give the team some advise each March!

    @nuleafjhawk Here in Wisconsin there are two tone houses. They are green and gold.

    @Lulufulu The Rockies get all the love but eastern mountains are beautiful as well. Sounds like an interesting job.

    @Texas-Hawk-10 We have it good as teachers!

  • @wissox Ha! I’m good on financial planning, but last few years my brackets have been blown…not sure you want my Mach insights!

    @nuleafjhawk I am a Packer shareholder, and my high school and college colors were green and gold. Two best colors ever…other than Crimson and blue!

  • @Fightsongwriter I am great on financial planning. I love making plans to spend lots of money! Now, the dollars–well, they aren’t always all that anxious to step right up and fit into my plans…so, no yacht, no European villa, no private island. That does allow me great flexibility in future planning, however–no ties to all that stuff!

  • So I am visiting my brother in Hillsborough NC which is minutes away from UNC and DUKE. I just went on a little tour of UNCs campus with my bro and got to take a peek inside Smith Center and the UNC football stadium. I took photos which I will upload soon when I have a few more moments!

  • @Fightsongwriter Hey another Packer fan awesome, I have always wanted to go to a Green Bay game I think that would be so awesome in Title town, so you’ve been a life long Packer fan? - -me too, I remember the Bat Starr, John Brockington days just cool to know I’m not alone, would be sweet to soak in the atmosphere but long trip and no tickets, don’t know anyone there but dam that would be sweet just one time to see my boys in person. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 bucket list, make it happen!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Sure need to lol. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Doing great, thanks for asking.

  • 96 here in “Famously Hot” (real city slogan) Columbia, SC (Accuweather Real Feel🌡106) and trying to cut the lawn. We keep having aft/evening t-storms and it doesn’t dry out enough to cut until noon. So the grass and weeds have been growing up to 12-15 inches. Taking a break until evening. Pool is over 91 degrees now, so life is good! And so the summer goes…

  • @mayjay

    I vacationed in Columbia once, don’t wanna go back. Wow the humidity. :tired_face:

  • @BShark It’s not the heat. It is the lack of humility.

  • @mayjay it’s like that here

  • @Lulufulu IR is quite serious biz - long days & intricate, tedious skills necessary. Wish I were familiar for another reason other than being a patient. Atherosclerosis, type 2, & PVD have me on track for 2 more surgeries again next month. I’ll tell you for a fact-getting old damn sure ain’t for sissies.

  • @globaljaybird “I’ll tell you for a fact-getting old damn sure ain’t for sissies.”

    Neither is the alternative…

    Good luck with all that. There are a lot of us geezers on this Board so many of us will be facing this stuff soon if not already.

  • @Fightsongwriter They just finally opened Moonshine Beach for swimming the 15th of July after repairing all the damage from Spring floods. Table Rock is only 5ft high now but was 20ft abt June 1st. Bull Shoals is still almost 30ft high. Beaver is still up also. Yesterday Taneycomo was lowered to dead pool to recover a dozen vehicles swept away to the Fall Creek access. I’m about half way between the hatchery & Lilleys Landing, but house is high enough outta the flood plane. Water flow is consistently low enough now that just the past 10 days have I been able to walk down to the lake in the mornings & drown flies.

  • @mayjay At least we’re lookin at the right side of the grass for now.

  • @globaljaybird The cliffs we jump off (50 year olds can still act like kids!) by the bridge in Shell knob were half the height compared to last year since the water is so high. Fishing was cruddy but the kayaking was fun.

  • Been an interesting summer so far, a quit my job of being a mechanic for the last 8 years to start working for a different field. It’s been a big change but for the first time in my life i dont have to sweat my butt off in the heat. Some days i think i made a mistake others are good so I’m just hanging in. I wish I had some vacation picks but believe or not at 30 I’ve never had one.

  • @kjayhawks good for you! You are so young you will have plenty of time to do that.

  • Sorry but this is my thread and I don’t want anyone to ruin it by talking about the football version of misery, aka the Green Bay Pukers.

    And @mayjay columbia heat humidity is minor league compared to Baton Rouge!

  • @wissox I think our heat is slightly worse, but your humidity is godawful. And that is why I never want to return to Louisiana in the summer.

    Great hour-by-hour recent weather data for the past 3 days:


    Baton Rouge:

  • We might be worse

  • Wherever you’re at is worst, regardless…at least it’s been my experience that the heat I hate worst is the heat I’m in. :)

  • @jayballer54 Sorry I missed your post about the greatest NFL franchise in history. I am a proud shareholder and despite @wissox wayward comments, the Pack has zero in common with misery fb other than the brief and massive mistake of the Dan Devine hiring. If nothing else, a trip to Green Bay just to see the stellar Packer hall of fame and tour the hallowed tundra of Lambeau would be more than worth it. But there is nothing like seeing a game there. Worth every penny.

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    We might be worse

    You certainly have had the high temps this month! 108??? But on average, your lows are lower, and your humidity a bit less. But when you get severe weather, you really get severe weather!⛈☇🌩☔

  • @Fightsongwriter Grew up a Bears fan so u know, Packers, misery, Cubs all reside at the same depths in my view! It’s cool you’re an owner. We’re you at the board meeting the other day?

  • @mayjay when we return from vacation next week we will attend Satchmofest in NOLA. Outdoors in oppressive humidity and heat. And we’ll have a blast!

  • @wissox I don’t mind the Hell of heat and humidity (h+h=H, for anyone following along), so long as the air is moving. Usually we get dead air in July and August. This year, lots of storms and winds.

  • @mayjay

    In the KC area, we have had temperatures in te upper 90s with high humidity almost every day for the last couple of weeks and Saturday it got o 103; heat index has been consistently over 100 degrees. AC bill is going to go through the roof.

    Ah yes, the dog days of Summer…

  • @wissox I am an odd Packer fan in that I never hated the Bears since I grew up in Chicago area. I loved Gayle Sayers, Bobby Douglas, sweetness Payton, Suey, Gault, Singletery and Fridge. I just cheered for GB head to head.

    I have been to past board meetings but not this year since I have been traveling so much. It is a fun connection.

  • @Fightsongwriter Since you’re a Jayhawk fan I can forgive the Packer thing, you too @jayballer54! To be honest all my years in Wisconsin I kind of wish I did start cheering for the Pack! But I just couldn’t do it. Badgers however…

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