Another reason to dislike LeBron

  • I like the trade. A lot. Plus minus when LBJ wasn’t on the floor during the finals was absurd. Need someone else who can carry a team. If they pull that trade off, the Cavs offseasons is just getting started. Expect them to deal Love ,JR and Korver for another star and most likely a defense first 3PT specialist like Andre Roberson or Danny Green. Cap room relief would allow them a lot more flexibility next off season when LBJ bails on them or the ability to resign George.

    I still think Love could be dealt to the Celtics for a number of guys. I could see a Love, JR, Korver and draft picks for a Jae Crowder and Avery Bradley/Marcus Smart too.

    Cavs learned they need to get more athletic to be able to compete with GSW. Putting 3 or 4 guys that are 6’8 on the floor all at once could accomplish that.

  • @Kcmatt7 Oooh. Good trade here. Covington, Okafor, Justin Anderson and Stauskas for Love.

    Philly starting lineup:

    • Fultz
    • Henderson (Hopefully B-Mac instead)
    • Simmons
    • Love
    • Embiid

    Makes both teams much better. Covington gives Cavs great D. Okafor gives them some actual offense down low and a solid pick and roll guy. Anderson is good D off the bench. And Stauskas might be able to actually hit a 3 if he is as open as LBJ and PG would get him.

  • They could easily throw Love in to sweeten the pot for PG, but only if Thadeus Young comes with PG and Hill.

  • Kryie, J.R., 2 First Round Picks and Love for Gobert, PG, GH and Thadeus Young.

    Sweeten the Pot with Korver or Shumpert?

    Cavs Starting Lineup:

    • GH
    • LBJ
    • PG
    • TY
    • Gobert

    I just expect the Cavs to land PG and another really long defensive player. I kind of expect the finals this year to be the best O ever vs. The best D ever.

    If they can land another 6’8 wing, how do you score against CLE?

  • @Kcmatt7 Really just keep coming back to this Celtics trade. If Hayward spurns the Celtics, they would be willing to make that trade I think.

    Clippers sounds good too…

    Love and JR for Deandre Jordan and Mbah a Moute.

    • GH
    • Mbah
    • LBJ
    • PG
    • DJ

    That D is sick. Pick and roll LBJ and DJ. Jeeeeeeze

  • Why not build around Kyrie? LBJ and Love for PG and DJ in 3 way trade. Then get athletic 3 and D for first rounder.

    • Kyrie
    • JR
    • Green / Roberson
    • PG
    • DJ


  • Banned


    So help me out here, as I’m not an NBA guy. Meaning my knowledge is low.

    Does this say LeBron has a problem with KI?

  • It just means that anytime LeBron is involved, everyone around him is dispensible, just another asset, even the other stars. I have no idea if he has a personality problem with him.

  • @approxinfinity Well that blew up in my face… Who knew you could get PG for a bag of smashed crackers?

    Also, I’m confident LBJ has a no trade clause. He has CLE by the balls and will use them as he pleases…

    And CLE should be greatful. Is he not the reason they won their first championship?

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