Dorance Armstrong getting National Recognition

  • Calling it now friends, Dorance Armstrong is a first rounder in the 2018 NFL draft, our first since Talib in 08.

  • He’s going to see a ton of double teams this year. Let’s hope we have some guys that can take advantage of the extra attention that he is going to be getting.

  • Picked as preseason BIG XII Defensive player of the year. He gone. I said early into last season, we won’t see him play his Senior year. Which is a good thing! Have to prove it to recruits that we can get players to the NFL.

  • @justanotherfan Armstrong might not see all that many double teams because KU might legitimately have the best DLine in the Big 12. Daniel Wise is going to end up being 1st team Big 12 at the end of the year and Josh Ehambe at the other DE spot could end up an honorable mention as well.

    This is KU’s best DLine since 2007 and will take a ton of pressure off a young and inexperienced secondary and mask some of their deficiencies.

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