Birds of a Feather, or Pot not Admitting It or the Kettle Are Black

  • @mayjay

    A pretty self serving statement from Boeheim. 😃

  • @JayHawkFanToo Maybe Boeheim is just speaking from experience … “Well, I know what a guilty person looks like because I look in the mirror every day, and Rick doesn’t look at all like me.”

  • Given the controversies around Boeheim of Syracuse and Pitino of Louisville, its interesting that both controversies surfaced at schools pivotally involved in conferences convulsed by realignment.

    Syracuse was an anchor school in the Big East. The Big East was being torn apart by realignment and the Ville eventually left for the ACC.

    Louisville was certainly important to the convulsing Big East, and to the unstable Conference USA and played in the All American Conference a year before jumping to to the ACC. The Ville could have made a lot of enemies just with all that jumping.

    I wonder if some bad blood is created in the conference realignments of jumping schools, same as occurred when the Big 12 went through realignment destabilization and lots of folks got their noses bent out of shape?

    Perhaps there is something about realignment destabilization that leads to a lot of leaking of misbehavior and skeleton locations, when conference relationships frag?

    I am often reminded that Joe Paterno and his pedophile assistant that he reputedly protected were long term problems. Perhaps they too surfaced in an era of Big Ten instability, when the Big Ten was preying on other conferences.

    Maybe realignment creates winners and losers regarding TV revenues and the losers decide to take a little revenge and leak on the winners, after keeping their mutual secrets for many years.

    Remember how KU’s Scalpingate had gone on for so long and did not come to the surface until Realignment was destabilizing the Big 12.

    Change is a dog in heat.

  • @mayjay

    Yep. I believe he was trying to say…The NCAA has a thing for successful coaches like Pitino and me and I am not the only one “unfairly” penalized even when everybody else thinks he is as guilty as Pitino.

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