• Well, looking for some answers -hoping I can get some feed back, I’m sure pretty simple but yet - -it’s one of those things that make you go hmmmm.

    The guys had their 2nd Camp scrimmage today. - -The Teams consisted of on the Red team: - Newman, Udoka, Preston, Graham, Vick, Young, & Garrett.

    The Blue team: Taylor, Johnson, Self, Moore, Cunliffe D Lawson & Lightfoot.

    Ok now the puzzling part, and fully understand it was scrimmage But guess who the leading scorer for the Blue team was? - - - -Mitch Lightfoot. - - -22 points. - - 22 points playing against pretty much isn’t it pretty well considered the 1st team unit? - - Again true - just a scrimmage - -but STILL. As a matter of fact Mitch lead ALL scorers from either team.

    Now I know we all have pretty much hinted - -tossed out Mitch was going to be at the bottom coming off the bench - -But Damm I mean scrimmage or not - -22 points coming against that group of guys? HOW? - -I will say this, every time when Mitch got on the floor in the limited time he was on I felt he gave it his all - -full of energy - -hustle - -scrappy. - -ya he got beat on the D at times - -but he also blocked a few shots, rebounded, diving for loose balls. I just felt that if he can put on some weight- bulk up a bit - then he might surprise us some - - pleasantly surprise - -I mean no world beater but better then what we might of given him credit for.

    Might be able to help us a little more then what we thought - -I never did question his competiveness. - Like I said maybe there is an easy answer BUT like I said he was going against what I think we figure is going to be the starters for the most part, - -soo help me out. - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I hear Mitch is developing a trey gun. This should please @jaybate-1-0

  • @BShark

    He hit 0.33 from the 3 in HS so there should be no surprise that he has gotten better. I still think he has a big upside once he gets it going.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Thanks 🐥

    @JayHawkFanToo Love Mitch. Gives great effort, 100% Jayhawk that WANTS to be in Lawrence. If his worst case is happy 4 year practice player that’s not even the worst thing in the world for the 13th scholarship. However if he does get strong enough and develops a nice outside shot, there is no reason why he can’t get decent minutes down the road.

  • @BShark

    Last season I picked Mitch as my breakout player of the year…maybe I was one year too early?

  • @jayballer54 Yeah as Mitch said he’s only gained 7 lbs and at 217, don’t think he can bang so that trey gun is his golden ticket to PT for sure.

    This strengthens my feeling that the talk of a high low return is mostly a smoke screen. Self is looking for ways to go 4-1 and let Udoka crush single man coverage in the paint. Preston better be working on that trey gun too!

  • @approxinfinity I just think it might be interesting to see just where and when Mitch fits THIS year. - - MAYBE they play him more in the Non -Con get some minutes work on his shot some more when there of course. Like it’s stated I think his issue is he has got to add bulk.

    I think the bulk is as big of problem for him as anything, because as far as the other - -I don’t think anyone will doubt his heart and toughness even for his size. - -hope for the best, if he can give us a few more quality minutes this year, just ice cream topping for us. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • If Mitch can manage to up his game minute average to 9 or 10 this season, that might signify a very good thing for all concerned. I am thrilled to see him adding weight and beginning to “get it.”

  • So how much time do you think we see Svi at the 4, I guess is the big question. Svi is pretty damn tall for a guard, but he has always felt weak in the paint. I wonder who between those two will be better in the paint. Feels like Mitch tbh. So yeah, Mitch is the cherry on top this year, but with the logjam at 3 Mitch might beat out Svi for the stretch 4 spot in situations where Self needs stronger inside presence.

  • Myself, I was more interested in Preston’s 17 points than Lightfoot’s 22. I know it was a pick up game, but glad to see Preston operating down low. Lightfoot is coming right along, and should be a solid number 4 big, but Preston reminds me of TROB. He is so much bigger than Bragg, so much more agile than Coleby. Plus, we haven’t even seen his dribbling skills yet.

  • Has anyone seen a link to a video of this scrimmage anywhere?

  • Man - - tell me I’ve got WAY to much crimson flowing out my eyes , I understand , BUT guys I’m tellin ya - - after watching that video , and yes I know it was a high light video but man , I’m telling ya watching I think that if all falls right we have a chance to be scary good.

    Now and the upcoming 2018 at least. - - watching I mea like was brought up about wanting to see Billy Preston how he handled the ball dribbling etc and if I’m not mistaking I’m sure it was him around the 2:05 mark in the video he left someone standing holding their strap lol. awesome spin move - -plus looks like since the last time I saw him in game action ya know like the McDonalds and such - -looks like he might have added a little bulk. Like was mentioned really like how he was playing inside.

    Moore showed up a little bit - -look pretty decent, - - Udoka being Udoka - – guys we have some pieces - -a lot of pieces I think we gonna be fine.

    League will be well some will be better this year , I think actually we gonna get a nice push from Texas this year, West Virginia will be there, - - TCU - - -gonna be decent this year - -Won the NIT last year and got a lot back this year - -Texas Tech gonna be decent But I still after watching and absorbing I think my train of thought? - You want the Big 12 Championship? - - COME GET SOME- we here at the Phog, - -we be right here, we be waitin. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @KUSTEVE I don’t think Preston is even close to being a TRob. 💪

  • @Crimsonorblue22 he reminds me of him. I didn’t say he was him.

  • @approxinfinity I think it depends on who we play. Teams with two big posts, Mitch/Whitman will play the 4. But a poor scoring 4 and we will see Svi.

    Svi only has a 6’5 Wingspan and 8’4 standing reach. Those aren’t great measurables for defense or rebounding. But his 33" vertical isn’t bad. Rebounding is half desire though. You have to want to mix it up down there.

  • @Kcmatt7 no Preston?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Oh absolutely Preston. I thought that was just a given. My apologies. I meant for backup minutes at the 4 or just when Preston isn’t in the game. Maybe we start 4 guards out of loyalty.

  • @Kcmatt7 no apology needed! I’m thinking maybe vick might be used some in the 4 spot. More athletic than svi.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I could see that too. He’s much longer and more athletic. He might hold his own better. But only if it isn’t against some mauler who can push those skinny legs around.

  • @Kcmatt7 we will be in trouble if there is a mauler 4, but they couldn’t keep up w/us! See Purdue!

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