No fouls in practice???

  • “Probably just how hard everything is when we play. Just how hard coach (Self) coaches,” Cunliffe said, “and the no fouls in practice, no out of bounds. You just have to play hard all the time. It’s kind of like a playground-type atmosphere when we’re playing. It’s pretty cool, too.”

    I think this is the first time I’ve heard of this! I’ve heard of 5 on 7, but not this. Is this why people keep getting injured in practice?

  • @chriz always been this way.

  • I do wonder if it’s the cause of our injuries. Probably also the cause of our success too, so pick your poison I guess.

  • It is a good approach when teammates are playing each other. Teaches them to play through contact, and to not stop playing hoping for a foul call. And I suspect it is kept less threatening to long-term health by appropriate retaliation, – er, uh, peer “review.”

  • This is how you build toughness for a team.

  • Might have derailed our season last year with udoka getting hurt?

  • @approxinfinity Nah, freak accident. His hand got stuck in a jersey. I’d be more worried about the players going against Dok!!!

  • @approxinfinity That was a freak accident and not a product of the practice style. Hell, Izzo has made players practice in football pads before to build toughness.

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