OK, I know

  • ya, I know ya all big Royals fans, but I have got to give MY BOYS some love too.

    My Yankees are doing really well 36-23 right now, ahead in todays game. - -Everyone thought they were about 1 yr away yet from making noise and being serious contenders again - -now people saying they may have arrived a year early. - - They are so young - -just babies - -BUT they have some Beasts, lots of power all through the line up.

    They are 2nd in the majors in Batting avg , 273, - - 1st in OBP - -348,- -1st in Slugging pct- - 470- - Tied for 1st- - Hr- -98- - 2nd in runs - 339 - -6th- - in total hits - -525 - - & tied for 2nd in Rbi’s - -321

    Ya very long season we are only 60 games in BUT at least gives me something to try and keep my attention in others wise BS summer, I think they gonna be all right – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Meh. They’re looking good, but not Yankee good. Too bad there aren’t any Yankee fan sites out there for some well deserved back pats for you.

  • Yankees fan? Get out. 📦

  • @BShark ROFLMAO - -and this right here - -is why I love being a Yankee fan, cause when the Royals flash in the pan for one year MAYBE two, it’s really comical because the fair weather fans pull out their faded out dusty crusty blue Royals 1910 jersey’s and beat their chest and talk ALL kinds of smack. - -Then reality sits in, Things return back to the norm and out of fantasy then the same fans very quietly hang up those same little jerseys so MAYBE 20-30 yrs down the road they might be able to see if those same beat up worn out jerseys still fit and thump their chest again - -roflmao - -I just let these guys actually prove my case for me - -fantasy - reality - -meanwhile back at the Ranch My Yankees just continue to pile up world Championships lmao.- -only thing need to say if you wanna try and debate the better teams - the proof is right there it’s ok go ahead and look lmao. - -BUT really it’s ok cause have you ever heard - -Success brings envy - -lol, your gonna be all right, - -maybe though there might be someone out there that can answer me a question - enquiring minds wanna know. - They keep saying that KC is gonna have a major league baseball team - can you tell me is that the truth or is just some BS, I mean just sayin that’s what the big boys keep telling people - just wondering WHEN? - -roflmfao. - -it’s ok though - -just remember to breathe - -breathe in -breathe out - -breathe in - -breathe out - -Basketball coming lol - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 raised royal! Loyal all the way. No band wagon fan here!

  • Yankees fan talking about the bandwagon. 😂

  • @jayballer54 How does a kid born in the 50’s in Kansas become a lifelong Yankees fan except by jumping on a bandwagon? Televised more often than any other team, center of all national newspaper coverage, more money than King Midas… still true, that last one.

    Yankees fans should actually be dismayed that with payrolls of 300 to 500 million, they haven’t won a helluva lot more. Mickey Mantle’s teams won as many titles (7) as the Yankees have since 1962. 7 titles in 55 years (with 4 coming in a 5 year stretch ending in 2000) is great, and better than other teams, but hardly the stuff of which Yankee pride was born.

    The bandwagon used to be filled with WS trophies. Now, it is filled with just an occasional rise to the top–surpassed in this century by the Giants and the hated Red Sox with 3 each, and the Cardinals with 2.

    Since 2000, the Royals are playing even with the Yankees in titles with 1 each. (The Yankees have, however, lost one more WS than the Royals have.)

    Yankees bandwagon is like a restored Cadillac from years past–it will gather a number of accolades, and pick up a few hitchhikers desperate to associate themselves with class from a bygone era, but it isn’t nearly as road-worthy as all that compared to all the money put into it. And a lot more people despise it as a well-displaced symbol of arrogance and corrupt influence.

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    The Yankees should win and win. Hell they got more money than everybody else. When they need a pitcher they go buy one. If they need a hitter they go buy one.

    The Yankees fan bragging about winning is like some guy bragging to his buddies I got a job and take care of my kids. Hello the Guy is supposed to work and the Yankees are supposed to win.

    BTW I would go easy on Royals fans if I were you. They are actually some of the best fans in the country. When MLB had the All star game a few years back. Baseball it’s self was amazed at the passion Kansas City fans had for MLB. Also try to keep in mind you as a Yankee fan have never had to endure an owner that didn’t care about winning. You had to never endure a decade of losing baseball, let alone 30 years of it. You never had to root for a turd year after year.

    So go easy on Royals fans.

  • @BShark Buddy you just hang in there like I said you’ll be ok - -roflmao- - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @BShark and UMM no sparky, no band wagon fan here I’ve been a Yankee fan for over 50 yrs, - -Whitey ford, umm Ron Guidry - - -Tommy Tresh , Joe Pepitone , Bobby Richardson , Clete Boyer , Roger ?Maris - -Mickey Mantle , Mel Stottemeyer, Yogi Berra Thurmun Munson Don Mattingly, believe me as little as we have lost I was still there even when WE DID lose - - remind me where you hide your jersey again lmao -don’t even trip another 20 yrs and you can wear it again. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @mayjay SEE - - I KNEW I could get under the Royals thin skin roflmao - -hell didn’t even take near as long as what I thought it would, gave you to much credit I guess lmao. Well my job is done here lol, mercy it’s almost comical.

    You have NO IDEA about me being a Yankee fan so don’t even try. You sound like my daddy - -he was such a Homer - -just because I live in Kansas has NOTHING to do with what team I pull for. My brother and I both our daddy would sob us this story - - OH WELL you need to pull for your home team - -and we say to that Bull shit. - the more he said we needed to pull for the Athletics the more we pulled for New York -Always have Always will.

    Pulled for them even when they struggled the last few years. As far as The Yankees losing one more World Series games - -come holler at me when KC appears in as many as the Yankees have then we can talk.

    As far as the Money they have - -Is it New York’s fault they are in a lot bigger Market? - Are they suppose to say well OOOPS now, we have more money so let’s play nice and not try to get certain players. - -Are you trying to tell me if the table was reversed that the all mighty KC wouldn’t do the identical bullshit - -get out of here with that feeble crap.

    Also if you remember - when the whole free agency market stated the Royals actually offered Catfish Hunter better deal - -better money and he said - - ummm thanks - -but no thanks he knew whee the better future was/is. - -but it’s ok - -call it - -twist it -whine about it - -money, market whatever you want to play up as an excuse -it’s all good let it out - -your gonna be all right - just remember to breath - GOTTA LOVE it - -I knew I could get some hot stated - didn’t take near as long as I though lol - -swing on by I will go to the dollar store and buy a box of hankies - -ou can have them -FOR FREE lmao - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Have you tried becoming a UK or Duke basketball fan, I heard they are taking applications. Alabama football too. 🖊 🗒

  • @jayballer54 shhhhh

  • @BSharkLOL, gottta love it - -but na I wouldn’t want to take your season tickets let me know how they do roflmfao. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 The best part in reading your numerous posts was how you thought you got under MY skin! I am a happy Royals fan from their inception, but cannot be called a homer since I live in SC. You are only a bandwagon fan of the Yankees due to brainwashing occasioned by overexposure to evil influences as a child.

  • @mayjay LMAO, and you have become an instant head shrink - -thank you for knowing me - -it is such a relief, when can I sit up my next apt? roflmao you a true laugh - -I like you - - -I really do - -like I said my job is done here. I’ll see if I can save you some seats for the world series you like that lmao - -ROCK CHALK BUDDY - - REMEMBER ROCK CHALK LMAO

  • Come’on guys. You feed the animal and it never leaves. Just ignore it and it will go away.

  • @jayballer54 There is still hope for you. It can be found under the dictionary entry for “humor, as in, sense of”! All in fun, Bronx Bomber!

  • @mayjay jUST found a new source - - and away from baseball, nice article about Devonta Jason - -got to keep my fingers crossed there. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @brooksmd LMAO, That’s kind of what we were hoping for so tell me please - - -WHY are you still here lmao?

    You see unlike you there are some here that believe it or not have gotten to know me, who knows I have some edge to me - -they know how I like to rub them and they give it right back - we can do that, I’m really sure they don’t REALLY take this that serious or by any means personal. They can throw a jab - -and they in turn can take a jab.

    Not everything here has to be so dead serious all the time, I like to cut up, some of these people have come to figure that out - -just sorry there are some just not that quick.

    EVERYONE knows that not everyone is going to cheer for the same team in ANY sport College wise or Professional - if we all did what fun would there be in that? - This whole thread was started to just paste time out of boredom - I put what I put out and the guys responded is it personal - -serious? - - I don’t think so, just having a good time, but some need to lighten up -enjoy life - and not be so quick to judge people.

    B-shark - - MayJay I’m so sorry if you took this personal - -offended you or hurt your feelings - -wasn’t meant to do that - but since you need to ignore as the great wise one has spoken - just wanted to let you know - -just messin lol - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The Yankees are good, the sky is blue, tomorrow will be a day that ends in Y, and Pepsi tastes better than Coke.

    I’d still rather be a Royals fan. Those back to back WS runs were some of the best days of my life. The wait only made it more special. It was surreal. One winning season my whole life before that - 2003. So to see my crappy team win the World Series, I couldn’t freaking believe it. To see them take over a city the way they did, its something the Yankees could only dream of. I’ve been to a sold out Yankees game, and the atmosphere is NOTHING compared to a sold out Royals game.

    There are just those people who only like to root for winners. Nothing wrong with it, but it is easy to do. Takes the fun out of being a fan imo. Yankees are easy to root for. Just like the Packers… Easy to root for a winner. But to call others bandwagon fans when they are “somehow” fans of the winningest baseball, 2nd winningest football and 2nd winningest college basketball teams says everything you need to know about that person. Especially when they post about it on a board they know they will get lashback from.

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    To tell you the truth not sure why your not more upset with the dismal Yankee baseball of here lately? After all they have more money than anybody else. They have all the chips and yet they can’t make the playoffs?

    You’re kind of like that rich guy coming around flaunting his riches. Letting you know he’s better than you. Never heard one Royals fan say, “hey we are the Yankees”.

    I don’t doubt your Yankees fandom. Not sure why you feel the need to attack Royals fans. Nobody attacked your Yankees? Are you that type of fan that feels the need to put other fans in their place?

    There is not a Royals fan that doesn’t know the Yankees place in MLB. Which is number 1. So what is your point? Yes the Yankees are better than the Royals. Is that what you want to hear? OK. The Yankees are the best ever and will continue to be so. Now go away and leave us lowly Royal fans alone. Let us small market fans and team enjoy what little success when it comes. Geez dude.

    There is no rivalry between the Yankees and the Royals. That died with Kauffman. He had the personal money to play with Yankees. Yet at one time the Royals and Yankees games were one of the best. Don’t take my word for it. Take your New York love for it.

    The Yankees miss the Royals.

  • @brooksmd

    Eh, I’m just having fun with my compatriot @jayballer54 He knows it’s all in good fun, I think.

  • Banned


    Ya you know us Royals fans we are band wagon jumpers?

  • @DoubleDD do you see how whiny snively you sound? - Like OH well you don’t play nice I’m taking my ball and I’m going home - - holy crap man are all fans as paranoid as you? - -jesus craps - I I knew you was gonna get your pants all twisted up over something so trival - -what do you do when it’s something really serious? - -Just let it go for crap sakes - - Although will continue to say just more or less proves my point - yep thin skinned the sun still coming up tomorrow - -you gonna be a right. have a great night - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    I am curious. What do you expect to accomplish by coming out of the blue and antagonizing Royals fans, which I suspect the majority of members of this forum are? Like I said, just curious…🤔

  • Yeah, I’m not seeing the point here @jayballer54. This conversation has gotten out of control. Locking it.

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