Frank Mason's KU Goodbye Letter

  • This needs it’s own thread.

    Everyone should read it.

  • I just tell people at work that I have bad allergies… :cry:

  • Order obeyed, Sir.

    Man, on top of everything else that letter was well written!

    Coach, he had the last word.

  • Favorite Jayhawk ever! Just a stud no matter where his next chapter takes him. Thank you Frank for the past 4 years

  • Wow, what an amazing article and an even more amazing person Frank is. That was very touching. He is certainly one of my favorite Jayhawks of all time. I’m not an NBA fan but whatever team drafts him might become my favorite team and I might have to start watching a few games.

  • Rafters bound. Bleeds Crimson. True blue. Jayhawk poster child. All time great. May need to rename it…the Danny Manning / Frank Mason Mr. Jayhwak Award.

  • Really an incredible and insightful letter. But don’t say “Good Bye, Kansas.” Say, “See you later, Jayhawk Nation!”

  • @BShark Thanks for posting that! I would have not seen it otherwise. Wow such a great letter!
    Frank! #BIFM!
    Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

  • Frank is a bull dog! Dang tootin’!

  • When I met Frank I told him I knew he was a beast when he went 31 minutes without a turnover when we were getting punked by Kentucky in 2014. I’ll regret saying that and not just telling him we are going to miss watching him wear that KU jersey and that I am glad my kids get to root for someone so likeable. I was trying to avoid the “life is over after KU” vibe so I swallowed just about everything I felt and told him we will really be pulling for him at the next level and that I know he will make it.

  • @Fightsongwriter How about a “senior only” award in Frank’s name. Honor a guy who stays to finish.

  • @Barney I like it!

  • @Barney It’s called a degree! (Sorry couldn’t resist)

  • Frank, Jayhawk nation will always be here for you! Will always be pulling for you.

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