• Whether he starts or continues to get his 25 minutes a game, we are a better team this year if Svi is here. I wish him well whatever he decides, but he is still a kid, age wise, in regard to the NBA"s love of “Projected Babies.” Vick knows the 4-1 offense, Newman knows the offense, Graham knows the offense and Svi was a starter in this offense. Garrett and Cunliffe will not be sure of the offense in the first 3 weeks against Kentucky and Syracuse. We will know by Wednesday whether or not this 3-year veteran returns.


  • We are definitely a better team with Svi. No doubt. Skilled and experienced, there is an argument that he could end up being our 2017-18 MVP. There is the possibility, as well, that he doesn’t start. Regardless, I hope he comes back. I would be interested in the argument that we are better without him.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I agree. I am of the opinion that a talented senior will outperform a very talented OAD most every time. No question that Svi is a talented player that will contribute more than any player we could get at this time. Svi coming back would be the best personnel news KU could get.

  • It will be a really short bench perimeter wise until December if he doesn’t return. I get the feeling the longer this drags out to Wednesday I think he’s staying in. Just my gut call here as there has been very little information available about if he’s done any workouts (post ankle injury) for teams or rumors of him leaning one way or the other.

    As far as the question, we are a much better team with Svi. How much better? I would say 3-4 wins better with him. He would be one less question we’d have about this upcoming season and there is a lot of them at this point. The Svi/Vick duo would take a lot of pressure off expecting Marcus Garrett or Sam Cunliffe to perform right away and in certain situations would allow Self to go small and capitalize on putting his most talented kids on the floor. Svi is more “luxury” then need but one we’d love to have available and possibly the key to the season

  • Time to strap them up boys. Gonna be a hard season, very challenging. - - -Carter back to West Virginia, - - -Jones back to Texas with the recruiting class he has coming in, Texas isn’t gonna be no Joke - - West Virginia is West Virginia - -Time to put the big boy britches on and make sure they ALL know the championship still runs through the Phog.

    Sure would help if SVI did come back BUT - - I’m just not seeing it - -I have thought this for some time - -still do - we gonna be challenged - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Keep in mind Texas won 10 games with Jones and potential first round pick Allen. 10.

    They certainly have some talent on the roster but lack the coach that knows what to do with it

  • I think the improvement of Oklahoma at the end of the year and the addition of Trae Young will make them one of the tougher outs. TCU has a good team coming back after they beat us in the Big 12 Tourney.

  • Count me in as a super fan of Svi. No arrests, business-like upward progression, a very likeable player. Here’s hoping he comes back home to Lawrence to help lead this current squad to the Final Four. And, of course, another league title!

  • @wrwlumpy Lets start making Jevon Carter is old jokes. Seems like that dude had been there fro 40 years and he looks older than me. Jevon Carter is so old his social security number is 30.

  • If Svi comes back, then we’re really deep. Lots of talent at every spot.

  • Why would Svi have an announcement date if he’s leaving?

  • @kjayhawks Carter is the balding dude for WVU? He lacks the athleticism or length to be an NBA star. He’s a player that will have to earn his way on a roster.

    He’s a nice player, but I like our returning Graham better!

  • @HighEliteMajor

    My thoughts exactly after seeing that.

  • Next year could be the year again lol! KU will have a mixture of 5 star upside and hopefully 2 seniors as their starting 5?


    Newman-3rd year Soph and 5 star


    Preston-5 star Freshman

    Udoka-5 Star Soph

    That is one of the best, if not the best starting 5 in the country.

  • Without Mason or a true PG WVU’s press would be the only thing stopping us for another B1G 12 title.

  • @Statmachine Eh, WVU cranks it up to 11 against KU. They falter elsewhere. It’s the same problem all the rest of the big12 has. they show up against KU, but can’t sustain that level of intensity all season. KU has will and does show up nearly every game (occasional YMCA game) of every season. So a pre-season race turns into a blowout finish.

  • Interesting. We heard a lot of analyst say KU had the best back court in college with Mason and Graham; however, UK’s PG Fox is the consensus #4 and SG Monk anywhere between #5 and #7 in the upcoming NBA draft while Graham would not have been drafted and had to come back and Mason, the consensus POY and top PG is a mid second round…

  • @JayHawkFanToo The best performing backcourt in college belonged to KU. The most talent/NBA potential belongs to UK’s backcourt.

    Proves the point that talented experienced players beat super talented freshmen.

  • @dylans

    Agreed. This is exactly what I wrote in my post above which begs the question do you want players that will win games for KU or players that will win games in the NBA. Since Coach Self’s primary responsibility is to win games for KU I am sure he prefers the first while Calipari, who has publicly indicated his job is to place players in the NBA, prefers he second.

  • Tim Tebow effect.

  • Because of his young age and foreign background, I think Svi has always lacked enough entitlement on our team to really press his aggressiveness. He has always played “second or third fiddle” to others.

    He should come back to have “his year” along with Devonte… It is “their turn.”

    I know roles are important on a team but I’d like to see more “alpha-dog attributes” from all our guys, not just the guy or two who are supposed to be next in line at the thrown of our team.

  • But seriously Svi come on…its like he is literally sitting by the computer will a list of wings/small forwards in the draft. Just watching to see if they stay or go while he just circle or crosses their names, seeing if he can maybe squeeze into the draft. If your just squeezing in by what other do I find kinda risky, as opposed a team saying if your there mid 2nd we’ll take you type of situation

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