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    @Crimsonorblue22 It looks like the Royals may have a chance at retaining Hosmer after all.

  • @dylans

    If he doesn’t pick up his performance, the question is whether or not they should retain him.

  • Realistically, Hosmer has about $15M worth of value over 4 years. Maybe 5. He is a durable guy who plays solid D and will most likely hit .270 and 20 HR. Don’t see that changing anytime soon. If he played like this the rest of the season, he’d still hit .250 with 15 HR. If the entire team could do that we would win the World Series.

  • From an ESPN.com article.

    Which players are off to the worst starts of 2017?

    There are plenty of hitters with a line worse than Hosmer’s .271/.319/.393, but when you dig deeper, he has been even worse than those numbers suggest. You can start with the eight double plays he has grounded into; hey, that’s what happens when you hit balls to the second baseman all the time. Going back to win probability, which factors in the score and inning of the game, Hosmer has been the 180th “most” valuable hitter among 183 MLB qualifiers. That’s thanks to a .214 average with runners in scoring position entering Saturday, including 0-for-6 with the bases loaded or runners on second and third. In high-leverage situations, he was 2-for-28 through Thursday.

    All this makes Hosmer one of the more intriguing players to watch the rest of the season. His free-agent value is cratering, not to mention his trade value if the Royals continue to flounder. If he doesn’t start producing, you wonder if he’d go back to Kansas City on a one-year deal to try to improve his value (and change his swing like others have done to hit more fly balls).

  • It hasn’t been quiet as bad the last few days for Hos. Breaking out of his slump?


  • @dylans Hoz’s avg is up 40-50 pts in abt a week. Around .275 or so. Trade value getting back up there. Only 6 out in the loss column is not as bad as it could be, but realistically you can’t allow that to increase for much longer. Kennedy hurt? Ouch. Very soon Moore has to make a move. Herrera prob has the best value of anyone. & many teams in both leagues would love to get him, but Cain has fair value now also & he’s really the guy they need to move BE fore he hits the DL … With no Dyson now, recalling Paulo or giving Bubba a shot may be the way they go to replace him. But once that process begins, the defecation will certainly make full contact with the rotary oscillator . In other words the :poop: hits the fan. JMO

  • @dylans These guys are supposed to be cream of the crop MLB players, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why they don’t terrorize the weak side of the infield when teams use a defensive shift. Even a hard bunt would more than likely result in a hit. It’s supposed to be a team sport and the key on offense is to keep the inning alive and move base runners. Why come up and keep pulling the ball to the strong side of the infield?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @brooksmd His problem is he has a mechanically flawed swing and is too stubborn to fix it.

    He should be a guy who hits .300 with 30+ HR a season. Our MVP level guy. But the Royals rushed him through the minors and didn’t change his swing in the process. He has a LOOOOONG swing and this season has had a very wild left elbow early in this season. The long swing causes a harder, faster hip rotation. That results in him rolling over and driving a ground ball right to the 2B man. Drives me bonkers. Should have been fixed 8 years ago in the minors and we would have a .300 hitter who also drops 30+ bombs.

  • @Kcmatt7 But it’s not just Hoz. It’s also Moose and Gordo. Granted every once in a while they’ll go opposite field, but they should be wearing out the lone infielder on the weak side. All 3 of those guys hitting from the left side should be able to at least bunt themselves on everytime against the shift. They gotta do something to keep the defense honest and out of the shift.

  • @brooksmd totally agree. Michael Jordan didn’t stop adding to his game just because he won a championship. Those three just seem to be content with who they are.

  • …or they’d be Yankees with fat contracts the Royals can’t match.

  • Chris Young makes a .153 hitter look like Stan Musial. Ya know it’s damn bad when your starter intentionally walks a guy in the FIRST inning … 29 pitches, 4 runs + counting, & 2 freaking outs. Good golly Gertie time to go with Deadliest Catch even if it is a rerun. Wood’s up in da pen-shesh why didn’t he get the ball? Young was finished early LAST year.

  • I hope I don’t have to wait another thirty years for the Royals to be good again.

  • It’s awful! We all knew this would happen, Chris young knew it would happen too! Sit Gordo too

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Don’t look now but they’re chippin away back in it at 6-5 top of 7. Hoz just got another hit & Salvy has a shot with2 on.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Top of 8 brand new game…

  • @globaljaybird moose

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Missed the dinger takin Rascal out for " last call for Boxers ". Another run or 2 wouldn’t hurt my feelings… Whitley has ducks all over da pond…I’m thinkin Grand Salami here…makt the pitcher work & look for your pitch.

  • @globaljaybird whit’s been struggling

  • Whit looks bad at the plate this year… He’s been seein Uncle Charlie a lot.

  • @globaljaybird ? Not good I know

  • Here comes da hot sauce WHIFF !

  • @globaljaybird whooo hoooo

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Just saw the replay-Moose crushed that ball.

  • @globaljaybird tough win!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 GN girl catcha on da rebound if I don’t get dunked.

  • Hosmer is hitting .403 with a .581 slugging percentage, six extra-base hits and 10 RBI in his past 16 games. He has raised his batting average 97 points from .192 to .289 in that span.

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