Kansas Lands Poetic Big...

  • “The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity.” ~ Walt Whitman

    Jack Whitman, alleged (imagined) great-great-grandson of the late Walt Whitman, proves his ancestor’s point; simplicity is the “art of arts.”

    Jack has fundamentals. He is our next Landen Lucas but with a lot more offensive fundamentals figured out. He knows how to deceive on the pick and roll, he knows how to pivot his way in the post to open blue sky (and easy scores), he knows how to “shoot through the paint” for eye-popping offensive rebound finishes.

    Jack represents the experience we need in the post. He has his school bus driver’s license and is raring to go!

  • After watching the highlights, I am feeling a bit better about Mr. Whitman. He has pretty good hands, he has good footwork and he doesn’t mind dunking on people’s heads. I don’t think he will be a star, necessarily, but he can certainly be a rotation piece. He can probably help Lightfoot along in practice as well. I wish the highlight had shown him on defense a bit, but I am guessing that he was not asked to be a big time defender at W&M. Bottom line, though, he can help the 2017-18 Kansas Jayhawks.

  • Christian Moody 2.0?

  • @justanotherfan

    Might he help Doke, too?

    Whitman seems to have pretty good footwork underneath him. I’m pretty sure he can help out all our bigs.

  • Hmm how did he only get 22 min a game at W&L? Looks like he gets a few offensive rebounds every game, that bodes well.

  • BucknellJayhawk3 said:

    Hmm how did he only get 22 min a game at W&L? Looks like he gets a few offensive rebounds every game, that bodes well.

    Foul issues.

  • He needs to lose that little habit of putting the ball on the floor before going up. It’s not an all the time habit, but only takes once for the score to go 2 pts the other way.

  • @brooksmd My high school basketball coach hammered on our big guys to keep the ball higher than the heads of the “runts.” Solid advice.

  • Nice clip package of Whitman First, he most DEFINITELY has more offensive moves that Landen . And he knows how to bang bodies underneath and is not scared of making moves and making his own offense… can he block shots??

  • Man O Man, wouldn’t I like to spend a hot day on a golf course with Bill Self, then sit down with him in the club house, the two of us well into a 12 pack of cold beer. Loosen him up enough to pry from him his current thoughts about team make-up and promising schematic for play this season. I know, I know, daffy imaginings! He probably hasn’t even shared with his wife the plans for another league title push. Maybe he talks with Tyler?

  • @HighEliteMajor I’d be considered a runt & make a lot of strips against Juco to middle aged men who have not figured that basic concept out. I did get my teeth knocked in a few years ago and that scared me out of the paint for a little while.

  • Do we know who teaches our bigs these days? After Danny left?

    It took 4 years to teach Landen to stop the lengthy gatherings under the rim. And I still don’t see our guys knowing how to seal off for rebounds.

    At this point, I’m for grabbing any decent big that has been taught fundamentals because it doesn’t look to be guaranteed they will learn them at Kansas (or any other D1 school).

    I know that sounds whiney… but I’m sick and tired of our bigs not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

    Look… we get a guy with 3 years under his belt in D1 and it looks like he has a grasp of fundamentals, at least, some of them. I think that is a huge leap forward. Let’s just hope he can teach what he knows to our young post guys.

    I really enjoyed that clip and immediately adored his pick and roll move. We’ve NEVER had a post player that could deceive like that before. NEVER!

  • @Blown I kid around as I get older that the most important thing to protect in my advancing age is the teeth – gotta wear a mouthpiece. Back in the day, the cup was the most important accessory of protection. My life’s work is done, so the teeth take priority.

  • @drgnslayr Your question is a good one. You have been right on top of our sloppy play inside for quite some time now – basic, fundamental stuff. And it’s not here and there. It seems systemic in that much of it is not second nature.

  • @HighEliteMajor and @drgnslayr

    While it is fundamental to not take a long time to gather under the rim, this isn’t always a thing of habit or purposeful intent.

    As I wrote at length last year, Landen just doesn’t have great hands. That was probably my single greatest issue with him. He struggled to catch the ball cleanly, both on passes and rebounds, which necessitated bringing the ball into his body to secure it. Watch good bigs, the really good ones, and see how good they are with their hands. Watch how they can catch the ball cleanly even when passes are off target, or when rebounds are outside their body frame. The test is to see if they can catch the ball with their arms fully extended, or if they have to “short arm” the ball (i.e., they have to bend their arms to really secure a pass or rebound). Only guys with very good hands can keep their arms mostly extended.

    Watching Whitman, he can catch cleanly. Any more, that’s the biggest thing when I start evaluating a big guy. His hands are better than Doke’s in my opinion. If a big can catch the ball cleanly, he can be a solid rebounder and has scoring potential. If he has to slow gather, he will struggle in both areas because he will get stripped quite a bit.

  • @drgnslayr norm

  • @justanotherfan

    Landen gave his heart and soul to KU but in an ideal world he was never a starter.

  • Just watched that video! Oh my God! What a beast! Bill has done it again! Definitely an OAD, but clearly beating up on smaller competition. Where is William and Mary High school again?

    Seriously I’m pumped! It’s all in the mindset ;)

  • Well this really surprised me, I figured if we were to sneak in a big it would be from the Jusiton kid. Clearly that ship has sailed. This kid looks to be better that Coleby and Lightfoot right now. He will be in the rotation without question. Looks to have great foot work and hands, someone that Doka could learn a lot from and has a fair amount of D1 PT. Bill Self pulls a rabbit outta a hat again.

  • I can’t believe how many transfers we have on this team. I’m totally fine with it. And what I really like is Bill’s willingness to change in hopes of bringing home a trophy in April.

    Yes… I used to be one of the dorks that claimed Bill was too hardheaded to change!

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