Nice Streak...

  • Too bad it’s a 9 game losing streak. Well when does the bloodbath start? Do you start unloading the soon to be FA’S now while they’re healthy or wait? To me the sooner the better to get the youngsters up an get them ready for next year.

  • Yeah, as some columnists have pointed out, with a lot of usual contenders faltering hard at the starting gates, it’s likely to be a saturated market this year, I think you should move fast to unload.

  • Hopefully the streak ends tomorrow! (I’m going to the game)

  • @DanR who’s pitching? Karns?

  • @DanR good start! We r due!

  • Here is where I see everyone’s value:

    • Trade now:

      • Moose - Redsox or Angels good candidates
      • Vargas - Almost any team could use a Lefty in the rotation. Do it now before he breaks.
      • Cain - Injury prone player. Might be best to trade him now. A lot of teams that could probably use him.
      • Kennedy - He brings no value at the deadline. He isn’t the type of pitcher that wins you a division. He is the type of guy that throws 200 innings in a season guaranteed. And a few teams could probably use that.
    • Trade at the deadline or an injury:
      • Hammel - His value goes up the most probably right at the deadline.
      • Hosmer - Can’t hit right now. We just have to hope he gets hot before the deadline. Or a contender has an injury at 1B and thinks he is worth the risk.
      • Gordon - If someone has an injury at the deadline, I think we could unload Gordo. But we would have to eat a good portion of his salary. Probably half. But, we would get a few prospects if we were willing to do that.

    At this point, we need to go a little bit 76ers and start “the process.” Lets unload guys now and get a top 3 pick. Lets go for a 2-3 season rebuild after this year.

  • KC had a few really good years of baseball.

    I really don’t follow closely at all but I was happy they won it all and got runner up the year before that.

    Are the Royals doomed to be a door mat for the next 25 years???

  • @Lulufulu not giving up

  • Back to back!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I’ve been determined to fully enjoy this present success & savor this band of brothers final season. There has emerged a special place in history for a group of guys that were in the right place at the right time. I hope they are aware too, as when you’re a young man, you’ve a belief to think such greatness is perpetual. We all know now how that lesson evolves. Any day the shoe could fall, & none of us are looking forward to another big rebuild. Yet we all know that it’s still a business instead of a young boy’s dream & that time is once again coming soon.

  • @globaljaybird ah that was beautiful!😭

  • @mayjay2 mr solar played really well tonight. I missed all his hits though. Guess I need to hide outside when he comes up. Don’t think he had any really stupid errors either!🤣

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Always fun to see someone more than double their average! From .048 to .120!

  • @mayjay still eating crow

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