KU's Next BBall coach - a game!

  • Ok let’s play a game to guess KUs next BBall coach. Hopefully we don’t get to verify the results for a long time. Think of this as a time capsule that might be fun to open up in a decade.

    Here are the proposed rules:

    • each post must contain only one guess.
    • first person to guess correctly gets 15 pts, second person gets 10, third gets 6, fourth gets 4, fifth gets 3, sixth 2, seventh 1.
    • for every wrong guess you get -1 pt, unless you get more than 3 thumbs up. That gets you your point back.
    • any post that is modified is disqualified.
    • don’t delete or purge posts. Just don’t be that guy. I think I can see if you do, but just don’t k?

    Seem fair?

  • @approxinfinity We’ve had amazing success at KU with a succession of HOF coaches. The next one up will have to be on par with that and IMO have KU ties in some way.
    Leads me to believe that a former Jayhawk player or assistant coach will take the helm when the time comes.

    First guess? Aaron Miles

  • @Lulufulu ok! I agree, has to be a fine fine coach. My guess is Fred Hoiberg. I think he’s got his eyes on the job and got in thick with Bill when leaving Iowa St.

  • @approxinfinity

    I would be surprised if Hoiberg cones to KU, too much emotional and family involvement with ISU.

    I will go with the KU alumn that slowly but surely has been building his resume…Jerod Hanse.

  • Too many variables at play to guess. Coach is still only 54. If he coached just another 10 years that would make him only 64. A lot can change in a decade or more. I would figure that UNC, Duke, and Kentucky will have their new coaches in place by the time Coach hangs up the clip board. Yet for the sake of the topic I’ll throw out Tarik Black, especially after he comes back to Coach and KU to cut his teeth in coaching.

  • @DoubleDD ha! Love it.

  • Danny Manning

  • Kirk Heinrich

  • Nick collison

  • @wissox I didn’t have the pleasure of watching KU during the Hinrich era. Was he well spoken in post game talks? Always seemed like a quiet vet to me in the league. His teammates loved him and he worked hard (Joakim Noah called him Kirky Worky). That def translates, just was curious how he well spoken he was.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I tought I fixed. Autocorrect kept changing it to Hasse…

  • Robbie “Big” Johnson (gotta have one to follow up Bill and his 28 straight big 12 championships) Bill rides into the sunset following a 5th National Championship.

    Robbie is currently a HS Sr. He will be the youngest head coach in KU history at a mere 33 years of age. The prodigy was a fast riser who took 2-33 St Mary’s school for the blind to the NCAA tournament in just his second year before jumping to a power 5 job at St. John’s. He took St John’s back to it’s heights of the ninties with a top 5 ranking and a trip to the final four in only his 4th year coaching.

    Luckily the Booth endowment created after an unfortunate accident, allowed KU to afford to offer Robbie a lifetime contract after winning his 3rd straight national title in only his 15th year of coaching.

  • @dylans lol! I can’t argue with your logic here, practically Joey Buckets Lunardi level of airtight prognostication :wink:

  • @approxinfinity I’m not the one to speak on Kirk’s dealing with the media. I’ve never lived within the media shadow of KU. I really included him in your fun little quiz just an outside the box type name. I have no clue if he’s interested in coaching, or even what he’s doing now.

  • All of these legacy picks. We’re not a legacy school. Bill took Tulsa to the Elite 8- what did Danny do with Tulsa? Haase had a good year at UAB, and followed it up with a losing record his first year at Stanford. Not nearly Bill Self quality. Not even close. I would say 10 years out that Brad Stevens would be my number 1.

  • Ask Misery about their legacy pick, Kim English. How’d that work out?

  • @KUSTEVE right, but its not what they have done right now, its what they would have done just prior to Self leaving which could be more than 10 years from now. So if Self retires in 10 years (just using for purposes of discussion) then the most likely candidates will be the ones who have lots of success in 8-9 years from now. There is still plenty of time for Danny to build a resume worthy of being KU’s head coach.

  • @RockkChalkk I used to think Danny was being groomed to replace Bill. However, Bill doesn’t appear to be leaving anytime soon and Danny is the same age as Bill. I’d love to have Manning back as the bigs coach, but if KU needed a new coach today I’d like:

    Brad Stevens Assisted by Fred Hoiberg

    Head football coach hire Nick Saban

    More realistically Dooley should be given a look esp. if Janokovich wants to come back with him.

    Steve Wojciechowski Is a fairly hot name right now (Marquette) He’s pretty young and a good recruiter. He’s gotten one 5 star to Marquette and many 4 stars in his short time there. 15 years as Coach K’s assistant should have the recruiting channels open.

  • Matt Lottich would be my guess and hope.

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