Trying a different theme.

  • @mayjay I tried and that works, seems weird, how did u figure that out? Did u try below and to the side of it? I can’t see purpose of it if the reply works. Do u?

  • Yeah that’s right. Could be a friendlier message for sure.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 well the purpose of it would be if we disable the full screen reply. I has both on to see if both worked for you iPad users. If so we can turn one off.

  • @approxinfinity so far so good!

  • Regular reply works too

  • Trst

  • Anybody try the yellow arrow on the reply button?

  • I haven’t. I saw someone post a new post @ someone else recently though. I assume they used it.

  • Did you guys check out your time line on profile? It’s nice. So are bookmarks.

  • @mayjay The quick reply box fixes @Kcmatt7 issue with not being able to see the posts as well.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 The box lets you just start typing away. The “Post quick reply” executes it, key word being “Post”. Perhaps the blank box should have [Enter text here] that disappears when overwritten.

    I figured out because of pure stubbornness: I figured something had to work that would be quicker than regular reply. And then I figured that box had to be there for something!

    @dylans & @approxinfinity Yes, it solves the reading back problem if you scroll outside the compose box for quick reply. BUT I notice the composing command menu is not available! I accidentally discovered that a stand-alone colon brings up the emoji list as a popup. There might be key commands for bold, italic, embed picture, etc hut I don’t know about that.

    Oh–edit: you can hit “post” then use the edit command to go back to use the commands for the pretty stuff.

  • @mayjay The board uses markdown syntax. You can find a summary here.

    Also, that reminds me that this page is out of date and we probably should update possibly with all of these findings about the new version.

  • @approxinfinity I’m starting to LIKE the new touch and feel of this NEW presentation. Thank You … !

    I do have one question (or habit) that I formed when I logon to the site. My Question is … Can I do what I did on the previous version … and that is … When I log on to the site … I am presented with a list of ALL NEW or UPDATED “strings or messages” that were either updated or NEW since the last time I logged on. The question is … My first thing I always did is go through the list and MARK all strings that are NOt KU BASKETBALL focused. So I mark the KC Royals thread, MISCELLANEOUS threads etc. (these total 3-4 threads that I will not have to look at or crawl through when I want ONLY “KU Basketball” related threads.

    How “Do I eliminate unwanted threads” when I am viewing the MAIN messages screen ?? Thanks go to YOU Approx and ALL others that help you maintain this site.


  • @Red.Rooster Yeah man, assuming this new feature works you’re going to like this…

    Go to a specific category you want to ignore on:

    Then tap the watching box and make it ignoring. You should never get notifications for that category again.

  • Also, see my tagline under my post? I think something must have gotten jacked in url encoding of your " and ’ in your tagline. If you rewrite it it should work.

  • @approxinfinity Thank You … .

    I will try to re-enter my TAG-LINE to clear it up … THANKS AGAIN !!! You are the BEST !!!

  • When I switched my skin to journal it put a box around the quick reply area. This makes more sense to me than on the “paper” skin where it is just a blank space with no side borders.

  • @dylans I honestly didn’t see the quick reply until I switched my skin.

  • I removed quick reply, leaving the full screen in composer. Let me know if this isn’t good.

    Trying to resolve issues with scrolling in mobile.

  • I like the quick reply better personally. I like to be able to see what I’m responding to from time to time. But do whatever makes things work smoother.

  • @approxinfinity I agree with @dylans. The quick reply was handy!

  • OK, I’ll bring it back.

  • And it’s back. Thanks!

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