• Re: Future 3-4yr center? Thanks@BShark…so basically we are kinda all-in on Tilmon if we use our current remaining schollie on a center? If we don’t there must be something we don’t know that Bill does. First guess would be that Preston might present skills that would translate into being able to play the 5 where Bragg couldn’t make that happen. What might be the 2nd or 3rd…etc reason for not going after a true back up center?

  • @CostaRicanHawk or a confidence in Coleby. I mean Bill has done more with less… Justin Wesley comes to mind.

  • Preston definitely shouldn’t and likely won’t be playing any center. I think the staff is very much interested in another post player, in fact they have made it quite clear. They seem fine with it being more of a forward or a true center, so long as they get another post player. Tilmon would be the only hope at this point for a true back-up center. I think the team will be fine regardless of if it’s Tilmon, Juiston, Brooks, Wooten, whoever.

    Also for the record St Johns pulled their offer from Brown. ST JOHNS. I hope the kid turns his life around wherever he may end up.

  • UA and Coleby are a good low post combo. Another 4 or a PG would be my concerns at this point.

  • Coleby is certainly good enough to be the 4th big. Just keep restin that knee big fella.

  • @CostaRicanHawk hey, welcome aboard!

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