Future 3-4yr center?

  • I just starting reading on this forum, so I now I am a little late to the party but my question is…? I might have missed it but I haven’t heard anything about Zach Brown on here? Standing 7-1. @ 260 with a ranking 90±, sounds like someone with chip to prove that usually turns into outworking and overachieving expectations type of guy. Ya’lls thoughts?

  • He has a very troubled and violent criminal past among other issues. Basically, the last thing the program needs right now.

  • @BShark thanks! So if we don’t use our last schollie going after a 4/5 as in Tilmon, that would look as if we have little depth at the center position looking in from the outside. If that happens to be the case is there something that Bill knows that we might be missing. My first guess would be that maybe Preston has the skills to back up the 5 where Carlton failed in that regard, plus he could still add 10-15lbs with an 1" or 2" before start of the season. What are y’alls recruiting thoughts about our backup center position? Also, if we go small with our last schollie what does that say about our current back up center situation?

  • @CostaRicanHawk

    Posted my thoughts on it in the @bshark thread.

  • Hey Costa, welcome to the site. I look forward to seeing more posts from you. RCJH

  • @CostaRicanHawk If we don’t get anyone else…I guess Dwight is the backup 5.

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