This is a rant

  • The new look of this site puts more stuff at the top of the screen, so the actual list of topics get less room.

    This is a general tendency of web sites in the 2010’s.

    At the same time, laptops have reduced the height of screens and widened them.

    Why oh why are we making sites more vertical and screens more horizontal at the same time ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • @ParisHawk Phones explain sites, perhaps, and movies explain screens.

  • The fact we have a wonderful free site to chat KU hoops means I’m not complaining about how it looks. I don’t use it on my phone, but anyways, rant on I guess.

  • @ParisHawk So here’s teh thing. We are using the lavender theme, because it seems more legible to me than the other two officially maintained nodebb themes. Lavender is the least well maintained of the three, so I need to dig into the other two and evaluate if I can tweak the the things I don’t like, which may include overriding certain elements of CSS in the newer themes, or if we should stay with lavender and possible tweak CSS and/or edit code to handle some of the bugs that are likely not present in the other two themes.

    0_1492104877138_Screenshot 2017-04-13 13.31.12.png

  • @approxinfinity

    I would say go with whichever is easiest to maintain. As long as we have a functional format, it really does not make a lot of difference which theme is used.

  • I appreciate all that you do, Approxinfinity. I understand other posters’ frustration with the way the site looks on different formats. We’ll figure it out. Keep those posts coming, especially about Kansas football.

  • @stoptheflop Thanks man. Yeah. I also want to mention, if you guys are tech savvy and can explain the exact device / os / browser and steps to reproduce the issue consistently, you could really help out and submit the issues to the nodebb github repo.

    I submitted one a couple days ago and they’ve already fixed it;

  • There is a better way to provide constructive feedback than ranting.

  • @Blown I’m all for talking about issues and working toward resolution, even if it’s distilling the problem and passing it on to the nodebb guys. I agree with the sentiment here. The misalignment of elements in the layouts is annoying and it would be nice to get the ball rolling on a fix.

  • I don’t mind any of it. But it comes down to personal preference. The locking feature was a neat add.

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