Frankamp and Greene are better than Mason

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  • Amazing! It’s not easy finding a “diamond in the rough,” but we sure did!!! Let’s find some more!!!

  • @hawkmoon2020

    If Devonte takes over and plays like many of us think he can, he could be the next “diamond in the rough.”

  • ESPN also ranked Giles ahead of Josh. They are clueless. 247 had Mason at #52 in their ranking.

    That said, Greene was poorly evaluated. Elite shooter, but severely lacked in all other facets.

  • This is funny, I don’t believe it deserves a new thread so I will place it here…

  • I believe Frank became a dad in high school.

    One has to wonder if that didn’t change his perspective and goals in life.

    He was definitely “the man” on our team this year. Big difference between Frank and his teammates.

    Gosh… I’m still not able to accept him as being gone. Not sure it is really going to soak in until we start up next year and he isn’t there.

    Some players just hit an emotional chord with me harder than others.

    The players that really got to me when they left:

    Danny Manning

    Sherron Collins

    Frank Mason

    Of course, I had a tie to other players, too… but these 3 hit me on an emotional level harder than all others.

    Frank is the only one that didn’t leave with a National Championship. Very painful for me.

  • I saw the title and just about went on a wild goose chase lol.

  • @drgnslayr I felt the same about Trob too.

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