Franks wins the Naismith!

  • He’s won so many awards each of us has had a chance to post one!

  • Darn, someone beat me to it!

  • So are there any POTY awards Mason hasn’t won this year? Is this usual for one person to pick up every single one of these? Did Anthony Davis win them all? I know Thomas Robinson was a consensus 2nd pick, but I don’t remember if there were any POTYs that he won.

  • @chriz I don’t know. I don’t think he’s won the nobel prize for basketball. I don’t think he’s won the Oscar for best lead basketball player. Same with an emmy,

  • @wissox said: I don’t think he’s won the Oscar for best lead basketball player.

    He actually did win an Oscar (Robertson)!

    He’s still in the running for the NABC POY, the Bob Cousy PG of the Year Award and the Wooden Award. Hope he makes it a clean sweep!

  • Congrats, Frank!

  • @tis4tim Nice!

  • fullsizeoutput_485c.jpeg The News board in Times Square, New York City. Great sight to see. Congratulations, Frank.

  • FM has now added the NABC player of the year to his list. Are we talking about a very possible sweep here?? Wow. Good for you Frank!

  • @cragarhawk how common is a sweep?

  • @chriz I have no idea. Idk if it’s ever happened. Someone else can probably answer that better than I. Think for sure that no KU player has ever won the AP, the Naismith, and the Wooden. I move for a special public opening of the Fieldhouse, invite all major media outlets… Let’s get that O in the rafters where it belongs right now.

  • @imajayhawk thx for sharing! Really cool!

  • He’s winning so many its hard to fully appreciate each one.

    And all these awards probably don’t mean crap to him if he was still playing tonight… Sigh…The season shouldn’t have ended without him getting to the Final 4…

  • Tomorrow is a BIG day for Frank. Chance to get the clean sweep, Tomorrow is the WOODEN. keeping the fingers crossed, think Frank has a great chance - -Bring it home buddy - -claim them all - -the Wooden is the final one - - - LET’S DO THIS, - - -good luck Frank POY. – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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