Wow just when you think

  • Wow, mercy, we all know how arrogant Kentucky people are, BUT this is just off the wall. We all know who John Higgins is. The NCAA Basketball official, Well -ya you got it, instead of admitting that their all and all mighty Wildcats - -JUST GOT BEAT - -once again they find any excuse other then the real excuse for the loss.

    I heard this off WIBW sports talk tonight. Seems as Higgins has a face book account on face book for his business, Well These idiots have taken the opportunity to attack Higgins on his face book account about his officiating of the Kentucky/ N Carolina game. - let’s just say got pretty ugly. - -Actually one even calling him on his phone Higgin’s phone the individual being a Kentucky fan.

    Some of the nicer one’s were from : -It’s good to know I have connections, we going to get you run out of the NCAA - -we are going to start a petition - -another of the amount of Money you got paid off to cost us our game ought to be plenty, Just one after another. - Some of them got pretty nasty, threating - -YES that’s the intelligence of Kentucky Fans.- -Threating somebody, saying they going to ruin his business - He ended up taking his account down off face book – -all these idiots using his business account on face book for personal attacks. - -They just can’t believe their boys aren’t as good as they think, they should never be beaten- -When we beat them OF COURSE We paid off the officials - -they lose in the tourney - -the officiating sucked. These people need to be held responsible - -totally classless. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • just sa a short follow up - -if interested at all check it out on Yahoo sports . com - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Higgins sucks, but UK fans are the worst losers.

  • Final seconds of the UNC/Kentucky game as seen through the eyes of a Kentucky sports bar.

  • It’s actually comical how the Kentucky fans try and justify or are so self absorbed into themselves, to the point any thing they say or action they take is logical -and if you don’t agree with them - -then you just don’t understand - -or they unleash a massive verbal attack on these individuals lmao.

    They are trying to pat themselves -justify - -their verbal attacks -the death threats on John Higgins by stating that - -WELL Jay Williams agrees with us, that Williams said last night in the McDonalds game that there was a lot of questionable calls in the game. - - -Now the Kentucky fans are saying they ALWAYS have like Jay Williams, even though he is a DOKIE - -They say WELL Jay & Seth Greenberg BOTH agree that they are right.

    OH OK, so what we have is Kentucky fans are trying to justify their moronic actions with well Jay & Seth agree so we MUST BE RIGHT.

    I’m sorry I’ll say this to Kentucky fans, I’ll say this to Duke fans, I’ll say this to N Carolina fans, I’ll say this to KU fans - - I’ll say this to ANY FANS - - -ALL FANS I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think - -who you cheer for, there is NO EXCUSE - - - NONE - - WHAT SO EVER - -to be putting Death threats on someone’s life over Basketball - -or ANY sport period. If you put a death threat on someone’s life because of a ball game - - -YOU have issues my friend - - -you have some SERIOUS issues, and need help. Now I’m not saying any of the other schools I mentioned did this OTHER then Kentucky - -I was just using examples meaning doesn’t matter what school it is, if you pull this crap - - -your wrong, dead wrong.

    If someone thinks it’s right to threaten another human being life of a ballgame - -Man you have some twisted crap goin on in your head.- - -If it’s gotten to that point then I think MAYBE you best put remote down - -& slowly back away, try something different like oh I dunno - - Maybe - - - just Maybe - - -make an appointment with a shrink. I mean come on, your trying to justify death threats because Jay Williams and Seth Greenburg agrees? - - -REALLY? - - -SERIOUSLY? if so - - may our almighty lord have mercy on your soul. There is no excuse NONE what so ever, there is no place for this in sports. - -Then the topper - -some idiot says " OH well how do we even know Higgins is telling the truth about getting Death threats. - - OMG you think a man that has been barraged with insults on his business account on face book is going to make up crap like this? - - No one is going to make up such things such like he life being threatened - hell he has even been getting calls to his home phone - GROW THE F - - - UP - -KENTUCKY - -your showing your ass - - -again. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 OMG, I pointed out what the Tucky fans are doing, and they called me a “retard”. I will tell you- they are becoming more like Misery every day.

  • @KUSTEVE Actually I think they outshine Kentucky fans – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Higgins is a thorn in my side, but I’d never want him harmed. Classy folks in Lexington.

  • @dylans Ya me neither. I just think you know - -that’s just totally beyond logic, I mean that’s just taking the game way to far - - I mean ya I get wrapped up, maybe to much has almost got me in trouble- BUT to threatened someone’s life? - - -Come on let’s be real. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Degenerating into Euro or S American soccer.

  • How do you think the situation is going to affect how Higgins calls games going forward? Will the NCAA assign him to a UK game again? If this is the case, does this type of fan behavior becomes a tool to get rid of refs we don’t like?

    For all I know he might still be calling games in the Final Four.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I doubt it affects him. I do hope he refs UK again. I think it will be purely up to him.

    We used to have lawyers who would raise charges of corruption and fraud against us judges when they lost, then tried to get us disqualified in new cases because they had alleged such horrible things that they said we couldn’t be fair. No one listened to their complaints.

    And of course no one ever held it against them.😉

  • @mayjay I thought 🤔 I read he was doing one of the final 4 games. Could have changed, or maybe I was wrong.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 You are right. He is doing one semi, not final.

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