Congrats Frank Martin

  • I’m glad KSU was stupid. Hell of a coach.

  • @BShark love that guy! Love his jacket! 😉

  • There are 2 former KSU head coaches in the Final Four this year. Just let that sink in.

    Frank Martin is at least someone most of us here respect as a coach even when he was at KSU, but it still sucks that there’s two former KSU coaches in the Final Four this year.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    At this point I would love to see South Carolina and Oregon face off just to see KSU fans be extra sad.

    And yeah I’m cheering for Oregon. ESPECIALLY if UK wins today.

  • Martin doubled his salary.

  • @BShark Can’t cheer for Oregon under any circumstance as long as Altman and his classless a$$ is their coach. I hope former KU HC Roy Williams or former KU assistant John Calipari beats his a$$ by 50 next Saturday night.

  • Absolutely congrats to Martin. As far as moving forward in the tournament I feel like I have to do what I consider to be the classy thing and that’s root for Roy. Which is what he would do if we were still in and he were out.

  • Gonzaga - first time final four. Oregon - first FF since 1939 - 78 years ago. South Carolina - first time in.

    This is why it’s so great … and this is why it’s almost impossible to pick. You can’t just be a good team on paper, you have to find a way to not have a bad game, be lucky, and catch magical momentum.

  • @Bosthawk or play really good defense.

  • Well, I remember when SC tied for the SEC lead I predicted a second weekend in the tourney. Then after the quadruple OT loss to Alabama during their swoon, I backed away. Good thing Frank and his guys didn’t lose faith!

  • Poor KState: Not one but two former KSU coaches taking teams to the Final Four.

  • If South Carolina wins, the championship game will feature an ex K-State coach verses an ex KU coach. Yikes.

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