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  • Famous Alumni


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  • Steve Prefontaine and Jim Ryan were the Superstars of track in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Two Movies have been made about him and his tragic death.


  • Famous people from Eugene.


  • Wayne Morris. The only Senator to vote against the Vietnam war.


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  • Here are a few of the many legal retail stores in Eugene.


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  • I welcome any introduction of each of the next games as a battle for POY. I’m pretty sure that the battle is over.

  • KU -6,5 favorite tomorrow.

  • I’m off to make a taco bell run

  • @KUSTEVE check out granny!

  • Who are they missing on their squad?

  • Pretty clever they have green as one of their colors. Guess someone was thinking of the future and pot.

  • @truehawk93 Chris Boucher.

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  • I wonder where Doke would be now with his development…

    …and where would Greene have fit in the picture, if anywhere

  • I always wonder about the what if’s? Milton Doyle had a great year this year scoring 15pts, 5reb, and 4.4ast. Andrew White 18.5pts, 4.6reb, and 1.1ast. Conner Frankamp 8.9pts, 2.7ast, and 1.6reb. Greene is a catch and shoot guy and not really a play maker and he was always a distraction. This team doesn’t need any more bad publicity. That being said all of these guys are quality players that would have made this team DEEP! More than likely someone would have been unhappy and caused internal complications. I would rather have the short bench but it would be nice to have some cushion if we run into foul trouble.

  • @Blown Come on, don’t you know, players don’t “develop” with game experience? Anyway …

    To your point – Udoka, I think, would be a force. He could have made this team completely unstoppable. Having Lucas and Udoka would have make this team complete.

    However, you never know what that does. It could have pushed us to a different scenario in this tournament, or Udoka being on the court could have changed our team’s development, or worse, it’s style of play – the rule of unintended consequences.

    A national title is now that light in the distance. Wouldn’t change anything.

    On Greene, completely opinion here, but I don’t think he would have fit at all. He would have been a disrupter. He would have threatened the chemistry. I still think Self wisely helped facilitate the exit, whether it be directly or subtly. Of course, kids mature. But what does he offer that we don’t have anyway – and I would rather have Svi or Vick at the 3, not doubt.

  • @Statmachine Andrew White wouldn’t have contributed to this team unless he redshirted here. Last season would’ve been his senior year here

  • @HighEliteMajor

    It appeared to me that Dok was trending upward and picking things up, showing positive development.

    Bragg is an example, IMO, who we could discuss hasn’t shown a positive correlation between playing time and development, with production being the measuring stick.

    JJ has shown tremendous development with experience, as have Frank and Devonte.

    There are examples on both sides.

  • Oregon is kind of a sports fraud. They’ve made some splashes in the two big college sports. But they’ve won a basketball championship, way back in 1939. They’ve been to no final fours other than that one. They have not won a football championship. But they’re always in the limelight. Nike$ puts them in that limelight, but they’ve no championships to show for it. Nothing wrong per se with it, but it does kind of remind me of the Badgers who are working on a NCAA record 15 straight seasons with a NCAA tournament appearance and a bowl appearance in the same season. At least there’s the 3 FF’s in there but they haven’t finished the deal, and football it’s really not that difficult to make it to a bowl game.

  • @Blown The exceptions are not the rule.

  • @HighEliteMajor no doubt, but they are exceptions, none the less.

  • Their limited seasons are a factor, but would you agree Selby, Diallo, Alexander, & Greene all are examples of higher ranking recruits who didnt develop as expected ? And Wiggins had all of the experience one could want and still turned a dud in tourney. None of it has any certainty.

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  • Its strange but I don’t feel the same level of anxiety over this game tonight as I did before the Purdue game. Maybe its because we have man handled everyone in our way so far, since the NCAAs have started? I don’t know, but I’m excited to see our boys play. Its gonna be a good game.

  • @Blown No way Oregon can stop our #12, the two-headed SviVick


  • @wrwlumpy That’s who I thought.

  • Not sure if this has been posted sorry if it has.


  • @Blown Dok trending upwards was right around the time LL was struggling with his game. He had some nagging injuries at the time but I’m still convinced that his struggles were mental. LL was thinking too much about performing his senior year, with his lack of production and the rise of Dok, It was around the time when the players vouched for LL getting the starting job, where his level of play went up dramatically last season. When Dok went down with the injury, and solidified LL’s starting position, we saw LL elevate his game again to how he ended last season.

    He is almost Mr. Reliable now with his baby hook, do you think had Dok not gotten injured and taken over the starting position, would LL be playing at this high of a level?

  • @Eric-san said:

    would LL be playing at this high of a level?

    Yes. LL mostly played at this level last year too, while Diallo was busy finger wagging after every blocked shot instead of learning the offense. Lucas’s little baby hook is a lot more reliable this year though.

    I wish we had Dok available though. He was setting good screens and boxing out pretty well from day one. Going to be a monster next year for sure.

  • This photo shows the unsung stuff Lucas does that the other players know:


    Photo by Nick Krug

  • @DanR PHOF snap Dan UDAMAN !

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