• Fun reading. I particularly enjoyed the one about Frank being the NPOY runner-up behind “Biggie.”

  • @wrwlumpy

    They seem to have backpedaled on the trash talk quite a bit. Smart enough to know you don’t provide your opponent bulletin board material.

    I like this post…


  • @wrwlumpy

    Entertaining reads over there.

    What is funny is they make the same complaints we make about sports bias except they tend to include Kansas on “the other side.” We always feel like we get under-promoted half the time and then over-promoted at the wrong time. I remember all the over-promotion we received when we brought in the Selden class. Yes… it was one of the best recruit classes in the nation, but we were as green as they get.

    I just hope we aren’t looking past Purdue. This game could end up going easy for us… or we could finish our year on Thursday. And, or course, anything in between is possible.

    Out of every team in the tournament WE should realize more than anyone the importance of not taking any team for granted!

  • Self is a classy guy. Always respected him and have always liked Kansas more than the other traditional blue bloods. Not tonight though.

    He (Bill) sounded respectful and informed. Now I hate him more.

    These comments are way better than what KU receives most of the season.

  • Here is my favorite quote:

    “I don’t think Graham can play any defense.”

  • Seem like decent people.

  • @BShark

    They are engineers…what do they know… :smiley:

  • @dylans

    I’ve known several Purdue grads. Engineers. Pretty bright group that appreciates ball. Purdue has had some good teams over the years. Enough to help spark their fans into being legit.

    I wouldn’t be ashamed to lose to a Purdue team. But… this year… I’d be extremely pissed to go home early!

    I’d be happy to trade ISU for Purdue in our conference. A huge step up in class. HUGE!

  • @mayjay if they think that, they obviously dont watch many of our games.

  • @BShark For the most part, they are decent people. Our son is a Purdue graduate, so there are a lot of side bets going on in our family. In addition, our daughter-in-law is a graduate of UCLA, and our daughter is a Northwestern alum! It has been a fun tournament for our family so far. As KU grads, my husband and I have no divided loyalties. Rock Chalk.

  • @drgnslayr I was teaching high school in Indiana when Glen Robinson was playing for Purdue and Greg Ostertag was playing for KU. Robinson dunked over Ostertag and talked some trash. Ostertag just smiled and gave him a “well-done” pat. Purdue won. The next day I dreaded facing my students, thinking I would have to endure some trash talk as well. The only thing they wanted to talk about was Ostertag’s sportsmanship. Made me proud on lots of levels.

  • @drgnslayr We owe Purdue for Big Dog Glenn Robinson.

  • @lincase

    So would you trade ISU for Purdue in our conference?

  • @drgnslayr said to @lincase:

    So would you trade ISU for Purdue in our conference?

    I might. It seems fitting somehow. Cyclones are literally the scourge of the Great Plains. Engineers tamed the plains.

  • IMG_4834.JPG IMG_4833.JPG IMG_4832.JPG IMG_4831.JPG

    From Sunday’s game…

  • @lincase Wow! You’re family has quite the university resume. Congrats!

  • @Blown you had good seats!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 friend did. She sat with Apples. Old college teammates.

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