Touchy Situation/ Thoughts

  • Well let’s see, I feel the need to choose my words wisely about what I feel the need to say here. For if I do not it will leave the door open for an easy target for SOME to yet attack - yet again. So:

    Let me say, I have many, many, friends, been to I’m a very laid back, easy going, funny individual, easy to get along with, was always known kind of as a class clown, the cut up, I like to joke, have fun forget being the serious, all the time. - -I know Soo? Just saying that’s all.

    Guys & gals let me say I love this site & I have no beef or complaints - - -for the most part. I came here checked it out, found it to be very interesting, and found people very well informed, that was willing to share their views, this is why I wanted to also join in. Yet there are a few that I have butted heads with , yet name me places, scenario’s where that doesn’t happen ANYWHERE you go in life? Yet there have been some that seem like that it has become their mission to take a personal attack on me or any threads that I post.

    I did not come to this site to cause trouble, I came here to have fun, enjoy and inner act with fellow individuals that have a passion for sports, for the University of Kansas.

    Multiple , Multiple times when I have posted some have felt the need to take the time to bring to my attention my grammer, spelling, punctuation, format of my threads, SOME have felt the need to attack me by making comments of or about my passion for KU, there is some here that instead of just commenting on the post just see an opening an opportunity to launch another personal verbal attack trying to make me look like an idiot. I have people who like to correct slang YA/ instead of yes - - Dam - - -in different forms of language that’s just wonderful. – Once again I didn’t realize this was English 101. If there is slang from me it’s because that’s exactly how I meant it to be used.

    Yet when I come back at these few individuals, what do I hear? - -I hear OH well if you don’t like this then find a different site, get the hell out. - - -Or I hear well some have tried BUT they are losing their patience with you - - Or Calm down or - - OR " Google It " - - -Once again I know I actually am a very laid back an easy going person, BUT I won’t let someone just personally attack me or just flat out be a smart ass, and try to make me out to be a rebel or idiot. I’m going to speak back, I’m going to give you MY opinion on your attack to me. - -Like one said people have tried to get along but their patience is running out - -Well that door swings both ways My patience is also running out. You see I didn’t come here to have some say " Google It " hell I came to inner act, with others, - -I came here to mingle, enjoy the companionship of fellow KU fans. - -I did NOT come here to get blasted for my opinion of things or get personally attacked BY SOME every time I post.

    It actually kind of stuns me really, depresses me the actions of some. - -I thought that those kind of days would get left in High School, I would of thought maybe we would of matured a little more by now. But I guess for some this is how you get your rocks of. I get attacked about my passion for KU - people saying oh yet ANOTHER thread about how your such a complete huge KU fan - - I get criticized when I state or truly trying to find out about KU other sports programs another attack just being a smart ass - -again simple solution you don’t care for my thread - -pass on, don’t bother, don’t feel the need to respond - -seems pretty simple. Yet they would rather launch yet again, coming across like I’m an idiot, --ass or whatever else any of you may feel the need to imply.

    Yes I DO have a passion for KU -Yes I am very loyal to ALL sports as it pertains to KU, YES maybe I am to much I can become very heated, when someone talks crap on Ku, considering I have not spent one single day - -hour - -minute as a student or grad student at KU - -I will not apologize for my passion of KU, and I won’t sit back and just let some one talk smack to me for my passion about KU. – You say oh another about how I’m such a huge KYU fan? - - Dam straight another, and there will be many, many, many more - -get over it. Plus if I wanted to Google something I would of never come here in the first place, I want inner action with people, not Google.

    I know most of you will think or say - well you don’t like how things are then just leave - -but sorry to say that’s not happening. Shouldn’t have to. For the most part most everybody in here is awesome, great insight on the recruiting, the players, and just the overall game of basketball it’self I am so grateful of the information you put out this is why I really enjoy this room BUT for some I really think things for you will never change it’s just sad. When I 1st came in here, I didn’t realize you had to fill out a personal bio, stating your level of education, personality traits, and so on and so on. – Once again I never claimed to be the quickest - - the smartest, correct with my grammer, but I know even with the mistakes I have made for the most part you have been able to understand as to what I was trying to get across - -you just felt THAT NEED to let me know I was wrong with things, to that I have to say thank you soooo much, it must be awesome to be perfect. or most of you once again, thank you for the conversation, the knowledge, that you have helped me, well not just me but have brought to the room I really do appreciate it, and will continue to do so . Now I know there will be a few that feel the need to come back and blast away and attack- -that’s fine go ahead, I would expect anything less from you, whatever makes your day, but to everyone anyways have a great day and like always even though some don’t seem to like it I will contine to end with ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Keep your chin up. Ignore the haters, they get bored fast. Shows their level of intellect.

    I do wish there was a block button though…

  • @dylans Thanks, I appreciate that I’m not here to try and cause trouble. I enjoy people here but I also want let some just blast away either. I’m not perfect- - never claimed to be. appreciate you thoughts. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Really just don’t reply to someone that starts making it personal.

  • Sometimes it’s fun to go to other teams message boards. Saturday I looked at Villanova fans live blog during the game when the Badgers beat them. It was hilarious. Fans telling each other (without these abbreviations) FU, STFU, Blo…, EatS…, Glad we don’t do that here.

    Proverbs has good wisdom in it, and it says “a gentle answer turns aside wrath”. Good words to live by.

  • @jayballer54 Hang in there. All of us catch hell from fellow posters occasionally. Gotta maintain a thick skin to post on any of these sports sites. This one in particular is noted for much rational insight, customarily friendly though contradictory banter, excellent postings. My knowledge of this game of collegiate hoops is fairly meager, though I have learned much from years of televised viewing and reading daily articles and postings. What I do know well is people, the mindwork of coaches and the interactions of players. I freely express opinions on such, and often stir rebuttals or outright indignation. I try to take it all in stride, knowing full well that my opinions are not expert; actually, I learn much from opposing views. What I have quickly and best learned is not to get too much in the face of contrary opinions. Criticisms draw mighty fast reactions. And there are a few thin skins on this site, as there are on most such popular postings. Two of our very best posters (in my humble opinion), jaybate and HEM, frequently stir the wrath of fellow posters. Over time, they still contribute, one more often than the other, recently; both seeming not to be too bothered by their critics. I don’t always agree with them, but cherish their input. Several years ago I found my skin thinning in communicating with HEM. I soon settled down, grew a thicker epidermis, and inspected myself with deeper introspection…after which HEM seemed to grow into a much better guy! Again, my advice: hang in there. I have noted that you sometimes introduce some very pertinent stuff.

  • @dylans said:

    I do wish there was a block button though…

    Me too.

  • @REHawk Well I certainly appreciate you feed back, it’s greatly appreciated, and I feel like I’m normally the type of guy I can take as well as give on legit argument. what I DON’T appreciate is someone who I feel like almost every thread I post they find some way to try and degrade - -humiliate, what ever to their liking with me, and a person can only take so much.

    I mean I sincerely the other day was bringing forth a point because on the Lawrence Journal rag they decided they wanted to run - -re run what ever you wanna call it a story an old story at that that provided no new information on a rape investigation from 3 months ago. - -Many many readers responded by saying was that the best they could do? So I suggested here and there as well - -WHY could they give us some information about how spring practice was going from the football program. - -Well there is a few like one individual that for some reason he ha takin a dis-like to me so be it, so he took the opportunity instead of informational response such as even as little as stating - - - -there is simply really nothing to report on the football team - -but he felt the need to just say - -IT’S MARCH - -well my thought is why is it every time WHY does this person come across as a smart ass. - -It’s MARCH - - -LIKE REALLY? it like why the hell would you ask for such information it’s MARCH, also lie they have no interest in any other KU program then Basketball. - I totally get where your coming from - I fully understand where your trying to help me I appreciate the feed back. I’m normally pretty easy, but their are some that I think are just trying to push buttons - -and thev have done it - -I’m only taking so much - but that being said I really appreciate the responses from others here it helps. - -NOW it’s on the tourney - -let’s do this lol. - - thanks again. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 I think we’ll beat Purdue, so I think your mood is about to change very quickly.

  • "Proverbs has good wisdom in it, and it says “a gentle answer turns aside wrath”.–@wissox

    I agree, dammit!



  • @jayballer54

    I will personally kick the gametes off any one that grieves you here.

    Seriously, it can be tough sledding here at times. I get whittled down to a soap on a rope hobbit from time to time. But damn, l enjoy how little profanity and amateur-Fanity is used here.

    Remember, Jesus had some temper.

    Best advice is ignore brickbats and keep learning.

  • @KUSTEVE LOL, there is my picker upper. I knew I could count on you - - Thanks buddy. and I do agree, however I think it will be close - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jaybate-1.0 Hey, thanks for the words of wisdom – greatly appreciated, I know I can be a major thorn, someone that rubs people the wrong way at times, just ask my wife she tells me that all the time lol. Seriously I appreciate it. Soap on a rope - - -ahh yes the good ol days, let’s see now, now you mentioned that I’m trying to remember at the time of my growing up there seemed to be just that one brand - but for the life of me, I can’t remember the brand name lol - -See another brain fade, that’s what happens when you get old like me lol. - -Have a great day my friend. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    U r welcome.

    We are a frontier people living on a digital frontier making it up as we go.

    Sometimes u maybe dealing with closing envy of others.

    You have the best closing line of any!

  • @jayballer54 said:

    like why the hell would you ask for such information it’s MARCH

    Ironically, before this year that was the attitude here in South Carolina every March regarding Men’s Basketball!!!

    I remember posting a few years back in some forum about my frustration with the local paper here that the NCAA regionals would get relegated to inside pages while NFL combine discussions of future 8th round offensive linemen got front page news. Then Dawn Staley changed the culture for the Women’s program, and Frank has done so now for the Men’s.

  • @mayjay When it’s your first Sweet Sixteen since 73, It’s probably pretty difficult create much interest. I’m surprised Frank would go to such a program. Heck of a job he’s doing this year. Wish he was in Little man-hattan. That place could use some class and a great coach.

    (Yes I think Frank is classy- listen to him post game always very complimentary of the other team/coach)

    @jayballer54 See, we are easily distracted by something shiny. Threads turns into something else constantly - just drive the bus the way you want it to go. Ignore the bozos and continue your narrative. Hope today finds you in good spirits!

  • @dylans just saw a lil of it, but frank Martin was on GMA this morning. All I heard was he was calm at half time!😳

  • @dylans Major correction: first Sweet 16 EVER!

    The fans are crazy nuts about bb this year. Of course, fb is in the crapper lately.

    With Coastal Carolina winning baseball, and Clemson winning football, there is a chance for men’s and women’s bb to give this state 4 for 4 in one calendar year.

  • @mayjay 3 sweet sixteens in the 70s according to Wikipedia. '71-73. That’s what I was going by. Also ESPN talked about the '70s sweet sixteen on air.’s_basketball

    ESPN has '72 and '73 listed as 2 win tournaments for the cocks.

    Can’t say that I follow them, so I don’t know if it’s right or not. You live there now (right?), did you live there 50 years ago also?

  • @dylans Oh I’m in really good spirits today thanks . - -I’m hyped and ready to go, kind of nervous about match ups, hope we don’t get in foul trouble trying to match up on their bigs. - -Time for our Jayhawk power to come together and guide us through. - -Thanks a lot you’ve been a big help to me through some things, let’s just do Basketball right? have a great day - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 said:

    @dylans let’s just do Basketball right?


  • @dylans Good pickup. Here is the answer, because they have never advanced two rounds. The early 70’s were before the tournament expanded, so never to the sweet 16 since then.

    In 1971, they started in the sweet 16, and lost, then lost the regional consolation game, too. In each of the next 2 years, they won in the first round (round of 25), lost in the second round (sweet 16), and then won the 3rd place regional consolation games.


    Those consolation games sucked for everyone, guaranteeing some team two losses to end their year (as well as distorting overall NCAA stats). They got rid of the regional ones in the mid-70s, I think, but they kept them until the early 80s for the F4. (If you recall, Walton didn’t want to play in the nat’l consolation game against KU but came off the bench to help stomp us in 1974.)

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