Jayhawk Secret Weapon: The Magic Man

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    Devonte Graham is our Magic Man!

    It seems like every National Champion team has a Magic Man. Someone who comes up with the magic when needed most to propel his team to victory.

    That is Devonte Graham. We could see this coming a mile away. Devonte rarely received the same level of credit as his other two amigos were blessed with. But Kansas fans have always known Devonte has a skill set unmatched by anyone in college basketball. Devonte has “the magic!”

    Remember back to the 2008 National Championship game. Kansas down and almost out, until the magic arrived, just in time to bring Kansas back in the game.

    Devonte possesses the same “sleight of hand” skills that we had on our 2008 team. He’s already shown these skills in the two tournament games. And look what Devonte did, single-handed, to Michigan State at the end. He dismantled MSU’s hopes of mounting any kind of comeback after he nailed 3 consecutive threes.

    Devonte’s magic is our secret weapon, and no other team has a weapon like Devonte. Let’s hope Devonte not only pulls a rabbit out of his hat, but also uses his magic wand to bring back another National Championship to Lawrence!

    Rock Chalk, Devonte, and to all our gutsy men!

  • @drgnslayr Dg having fun! Hearing he will be leaving too!😫

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Hope not! But I will feel a bit better about him leaving if he leaves us with some hardware!

    Watch him pull it out of his hat ! ! !

  • Watch what he does with the ball at 6:45-6:50 Pure magic!

    Not sure if anyone remembers this game. It happened a month ago against WVU and we made a nice little comeback.

  • You have to see this play by Mason…

  • @Crimsonorblue22 : DG may not be leaving: About a week ago or so, his mom tweeted that her son is going to Italy this summer. I think she meant he would be going with the team. It is possible, he could go pro in Italy, but wouldn’t he wait to see if he got selected in the NBA draft?

  • @EdwordL I remember that! I doubt he could go to Italy. Self would want to take team for next year anyway.

  • @EdwordL I think that is why we saw DG completely ok with FM and JJ running the show this year, knowing that he is going to be the man next year. I think his mom’s tweet only helps the odds of DG staying another year. Next year’s draft will be less loaded with guards as well.

  • @Eric-san

    That’s how I’m thinking, too.

    But if we win a National Championship… all bets are off!

  • @Eric-san Devonte is really important for next year’s team. Preseason top five if he returns.

  • Last night Devonte proved to me that he truly is the “Magic Man.”

    THAT is the Devonte I’ve been imagining to see for a long time!

    Much of his game won’t show up in the box score. But he stamped his footprint on this game!

  • @drgnslayr said:

    Much of his game won’t show up in the box score.

    Except for the fact he’s only the fourth player in history to hit at least 4 3-pointers in the first three games of the NCAA tourney. He’s been absolutely amazing so far.

  • @drgnslayr

    He was incredible last night. Played with so much energy. His shot was pure

  • Best magic trick? His disappearing act.

    :poop: I couldn’t help myself (I’m funny in my own head) maybe too soon?

  • @dylans I laughed.

  • My 6 year old son summed up last night. “Graham is terrible tonight”

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