Missed the WSU Loss to UK...

  • Did Any of Marsha’s Players Get Their Elbows Attacked by UK Player’s Noses?

    I missed the UK defeat of Marsha’s Shockers.

    Did Marsha defend his players from being “nosed” by UK?


    Always forgive.

    Never forget.

  • @BShark lol that’s fantastic. match made in heaven.

  • I am not a big fan, but I was rooting for the home state team. The whistle disparity was ridiculous. WSU was rooked.

  • The more athletic team usually gets more calls, because the other team will get out of position and have to foul to stop baskets.

  • @BShark True but if you just watched drives to the bucket, WSU got zero calls and KY got every call. It altered the game outcome. WSU got a ton of 50/50 balls after a my player bludgened a WSU driver which is what kept them in the game.

    PS. Connor is not very good. Speaking of less athletic.

  • @Fightsongwriter said:

    @BShark True but if you just watched drives to the bucket, WSU got zero calls and KY got every call. It altered the game outcome. WSU got a ton of 50/50 balls after a KY player bludgeoned a WSU driver which is what kept them in the game.

    PS. Connor is not very good. Speaking of less athletic.

  • @Fightsongwriter

    I watched the game and didn’t have a huge issue with the officiating. There will always be a few suspect calls unfortunately.

    I thought the MSU KU game was pretty well officiated. At first I was meh on the charge/block with Josh but then realized it was correct.

    And yeah…Conner. I do not miss him. He is essentially a spot up shooter at the top level. In the MVC he is a lot better because there aren’t as many top athletes.

  • WSU didnt take the usual 3s that they take. KY length is going to bother most opponents IF the KY D is locked in. KY is better now than in January, as usual for Cal’s teams this time of year. But they are not perfect.

    This comes down to coaching to run various plays at them to get your offense going. I thought WSU’s last 2 plays were garbage plays, or they didnt execute–also credit KY with 2 huge blocks to end the game. I was rooting for WSU to knock off KY, but late game, KY was the better team, just by a bit.

  • @BShark said:

    The more athletic team usually gets more calls,

    Except when its KU versus MSU in the March Carney.

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  • @Crimsonorblue22 Take your pick 2 bagger or 3 ???

  • @BShark

    OMG! I missed this link. Gotta bump it up!!!

  • WSU turned the game into a physical rock fight. No surprise that they didn’t get a majority of the calls because they tried to turn up the physicality of the game. There were stretches where nothing was being called either way, which is probably how Marshall wanted it to slow down Monk and Fox.

    Marshall is at a bit of a crossroads with Wichita State. He has gotten to the point where his teams are going to be good year in and year out, but unless he can upgrade his talent and athleticism, he can’t take down a team like UK. Yesterday’s game was exactly what Marshall wanted, and yet they still lost.

    The way I see it, that may be the only thing that gets Marshall to leave WSU - not the money, but the fact that he can’t win the big one because he won’t get enough talent to beat all of the elite teams.

    You could argue that Marshall and Calipari coached to a draw yesterday, but Calipari had the better players, so he’s playing this week, while Marshall gets to go and work on recruiting better players. WSU upgraded the depth of their talent from the last time they played UK (although their peak talent was probably lower), but they still didn’t have anyone that could handle Fox one on one. That was basically the game.

  • @justanotherfan

    Agree. Marshall wanted old school Self/thug n mug ball. Neutralize UK’s advantage. That was his hope, and it almost worked.

  • I was very upset about this game. I wanted WSU to get beat by 40. .

  • @nuleafjhawk did u read about Marsha’s wife?

  • @justanotherfan said:

    You could argue that Marshall and Calipari coached to a draw yesterday, but Calipari had the better players, so he’s playing this week, while Marshall gets to go and work on recruiting better players.

    This has been my main argument regarding Self vs. Cal. The shoe contracts have apparently made Self largely unable to compete on an even talent level with UK, Duke and UNC, since winning the ring in 2008 with a pretty talented team of players recruited back before the apparent recruiting asymmetry dynamic really became acutely set in stone.

    Self, at a reputedly elite major, has faced a similar situation to Marshall and Self even said so, though most were not really taking him at his word. He said in an interview a few years back during a particularly dicey stretch of recruiting that he and his staff had won with players at Tulsa (reached the Elite Eight) of the kind they were by then having to sign at KU. Frankly, things have gotten worse since then. Self briefly used to be able to sign 2-3 OADs in a season and he can’t do that anymore. Take away Josh Jackson this season, the only OAD that the adidas conveyor could apparently deliver this season, and his talent level in terms of recruiting stars by the signed players names is probably as low as its ever been, and looks strikingly like a good mid major. This is why the job Self has done is so stunningly impressive this season and the last several. He is basically winning with the same kind of players Gregg Marshall signs with he addition of one OAD. If Marshall could convince the shoe conveyor to feed him an OAD, Marshall would at least have been able to coach a slightly more normal game against a team like UK, instead of having to result to Xtreme Tactics.

    Your post was about Marshall, but its about Self and KU, too.

    Self is a magician doing it with mirrors this season.

    From here on it is going to be VERY difficult to hide that he only has seven players on any given night during the second of the two games each weekend.

    Self has a bonafide future NBA high first round draft choice in Josh Jackson, and he has a guy everyone expected to be a star across the pond–Svi–and he has two of those once, or twice in a career diamonds in the rough types in Frank and Devonte. He has patched them together with a project center that has become a very serviceable college center and has been fortunate to find himself in a season, where long stacking appears no longer engaged in, AND there is no dominant OAD big man either with a good team around him.

    I bet if you interviewed Self off the record he would be the first to say that things so far have broken just right for this bunch of players that lost its bruiser big man. They haven’t blown cold in the tourney yet. They haven’t gotten seriously fouled up yet. They haven’t run into a team with a strong inside game and long and athletic guards yet. They caught Duke and UK during the season in varying stages of development that his experienced team of highly skilled players, plus his OAD, could exploit in a way they may not be able to after those teams have developed to this point. Self has to be thinking, hey, I can’t believe it!!! We’ve got a shot still. But he also has to be thinking, "We have about 3.4 the raw athleticism as UNC and Kentucky in our starters and we 1/3th as much, maybe 1/8 as much, on our bench.

    Gregg Marshall had to say something similar, only he had to acknowledge no OAD was on his team.

    Self has not moved from KU to a job that gave him competitive talent with Duke, UNC, and UK, because he won his ring before the asymmetry locked in and starved KU recruiting to the point we see this season. Self knows there is a lot more luck involved with this team than with his 2008 team no matter what happens, because his 2008 team never faced a team with far more athleticism and talent, the way his 2017 is about to face.

    Marshall has to look at his options and say life will stay smooth and affluent here at WSU. Unless I go to a major with a Nike contract, I am fooling myself and even then I am taking a risk of the rebuild not working out to something as stable as I have here. And he has to be thinking, well, one thing for sure: I sure as hell don’t want to go to an adidas, or UA, program, unless they pay me enough up front that my kids will never have to work a day in their lives.

  • WSU will be back next year and better, I would be shocked if they didnt go to the Elite 8. They dont lose a single player. WSU plays harder than anyone they face, thats how they can play with UK and to be honest I thought they gave it away late with silly shots.

  • Wichita shot horribly in this game and should have won had they had more efficiency on offense.

    They played excellent defense for almost the entire game but that Fox dunk was a huge momentum play.

    It looked to me that Landy Shamet was the only Shocker ready for the big-time, everyone else was kind of just blending in.

    We can call it good defense or horrible offense but Wichita not getting a shot off has got to fall on someone’s shoulders (Marsha). I didn’t see a play that looked even remotely close to being something that would have won the game.

  • @jaybate-1.0 …and we don’t have to play Duke, and we don’t have to play both UNC and UK because they would have to play each other first - oh and we don’t have to play Louisville.

    Pretending to interview Self, he might also be saying “We play very good teams but no great team the second weekend, and we’re in KC. No complaints. And once you get to the Final Four, anything can happen.”

    The second sentence is a real quote.

    By the way, how many of each ShoeCo are represented in the Shoe 16?

  • @kjayhawks

    I say this as someone that does think they are a good team, because they defend.

    They just aren’t a very good shooting team when they have to play against an athletic team. Saw it in all their marquee games outside the valley. The UK game was actually their BEST shooting game out of the OU, OSU and MSU games at 38%. Average it out and it’s about 37% shooting in those games. Even their first round win against Dayton (a good team) they shot 39%. Compare this to their near 50% shooting percentage in the MVC. The MVC masks their weaknesses and embellishes their strengths. I’ll admit I fell for it a bit this year.

    Next year they will definitely be better. No idea what their schedule will be like, but they should hope to go undefeated so they get a better seed and avoid an athletic opponent in the carney as ole bate calls it for as long as possible.

  • @ParisHawk

    This is me reading a jb post. jebaited.jpg

    No malice.

  • IMG_2917.JPG

  • @BShark great point about their shooting. I think their fans were overconfident after mopping up with a bunch of bad teams. They said “they improved throughout the year”. Sorry, but you don’t improve by playing bad teams. It is not a coincidence that they “played poorly” and shot below their average against every good team they played. I dont think their fans see the correlation. You have to be tested in the season and be prepared for the tourney.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 LOL - Yes! I’m still laughing. Guess that’s another reason Marsha won’t go anywhere else.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Mrs Marsha was allegedly drunk as H yesterday… Is there any truth to the rumor that Mr Marsha bullied his kids HS coach to get him on the team? SO FUNNY… I just think these are typical small time people in way over their heads in a world way too big for them. Andover is abt the right size. If they’re the least bit savvy, that’s where they’ll stay.

  • I would respectfully suggest we keep the families out of our threads. Involving the family is what UK fans do and I would like to think we are better than that. Just my opinion.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 She’s just a real peach !!

  • @globaljaybird he doesn’t look athletic at all! Won’t be hard to find out.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Don’t recall where I ran across that but the more I read abt Mr & Ms Marsha, the more of the tabloid type stuff keeps popping up. Must really be something to their public behavioral issues with regards to rumors or there likely would not be anything neg at all. I do think most are aware that the “play angry” cliche’ is likely an extension of the angry little coach the Canadians encountered last summer. Sometimes people of that nature have a little clock just ticking away-tic, toc…, tic, tock…

  • @jaybate-1.0

    I don’t know that Self’s situation is as dire as you paint it. He got Jackson, he has Azuibuke and he has Bragg, although Carlton has not developed the way anyone would have hoped or predicted. He has Billy Preston coming in next year.

    I think the trouble for Self had been that he didn’t embrace a more perimeter styled game until this season, so it was tough to recruit that type of player. Josh Jackson has changed the way a wing recruit will look at KU (for the better). If you were a wing recruit before, you look at Andrew Wiggins standing on the wing wishing he could get the basketball in a loss to Stanford. Now, you look at Josh Jackson putting up a monster game in the NCAA tournament.

    It changes the entire perception. What KU really needs is for Billy Preston to come in next year and just blow up. The development of Bragg (and the “career” of Diallo) did KU no favors on the recruiting trail. That’s not ShoeCo. That’s a style choice that Self has begun to remedy this season.

    The temptation next year would be to return to high low, but with Preston and Azuibuke, Self should still be looking to push tempo. If he can redeem the career of Malik Newman, that’s another feather in his cap that recruits will start to notice. The development of Mason and Graham helps, too, but what KU really needs is an NBA star, and I think that guy is Josh Jackson.

  • Wiggins is a legit star in the NBA and so is Embiid…when healthy.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    She brought herself into the discussion by being a drunk buffoon in public, in my opinion.

  • @justanotherfan

    Dire situation?

    Um, NO!

    Injury god permitting he could have a much better team next season–a true power house inside and out–maybe Self’s, maybe even KU’s, best team ever.

    But what will happen if the long stacking starts again in the EST? It won’t win a ring.

    Regardless, Self loves clipping $10M coupons, even if he has to coach walk-ons.

    And Sign board forehead Marsha loves him some $3.3M stubs plus the side revenue he banks.

    DIRE has no relevance to this situation and I’m positive you shouldn’t have introduced DIRE into any discourse of mine.

    This is about WHERE you set your son up, and WHEN you go to Tahiti for a few years.

    KU should think about encouraging him to stay, or he flat won’t.

    Other things equal, Self is positioned to cash in on Coach K and Roy slipping into Strom Thurmond status; i.e., the working dead aka figure heads on life support to keep their respective not for profit athletic departs generating massive Bit Coin.

    Self has 10 more pre dementia years and he could hang on to run up his title count before the AD puts in a central line and starts wheeling him out until he dies, too.

    But I’m taking Bill at his word long ago. He didn’t see himself as a long haul trucker. He wanted to live some at the end. I don’t think he’ll let them Strom him.

    Really, whatever he wants to do I’m for. But I remember breaking bread with Nellie Wooden long long ago now and she said she wished Wooden had retired sooner; that was 1977. She said no one had any idea what the toll was from the kind of fame that came with winning ten rings in 11 years. She said he could have retired after winning 6 or 8 straight and had a lot more gas left in his tank for enjoying retirement. Plus she said he could have won 2-3 more and even he couldn’t see the point of that. She said the problem was the game and the business and the up and coming coaches just get more and more ruthless the more you win. He could have coached till he died if it were just practices and games. But it was the rest of it that sucked the life out of a person.

    Imagine how much worse it would be today.

    I can already hear the fatigue in his voice now. He conceals it but it’s there.

    Author Ken Kesey told me once: the spot light withers you away.

    I believe him.

    Go, Bill, go!

    But be careful.

  • @JayHawkFanToo said:

    I would respectfully suggest we keep the families out of our threads. Involving the family is what UK fans do and I would like to think we are better than that. Just my opinion.

    Well said.

  • @BShark

    I saw the video a few times and i have had some other friends, none a WSU fan, look at it and it looks like a fan, a very loud fan cheering for her team. Yes she was loud and to the opposing fans obnoxious and at the end of the game obviously dejected but it this was crime then MU and KSU would play empty arenas…MU already does anyway… A drunk buffoon? that is over the line…in my opinion, of course.

    If there were f-bombs as alleged, I am sure that there would be hundreds if not thousands of videos of her since everyone has a cell phone nowadays. I have yet to see any evidence of that. If being a loud fan is that bad, should we place Uncle Anthony in that category as well? He was loud and to opposing fans, obnoxious, but we tough he was funny and cheering for his nephew.

    Like I said, criticize Marshal all you want but let’s leave the family out of it. We hate it when the KC Star dogs KU, let’s not do the same thing with the wife of the coach of a team that is not in our conference and we don’t even play.

  • @JayHawkFanToo While I appreciate your sensitivity here, someone mentioned earlier that she kind of brought it on herself. It’s not like some surreptitious affair where she was followed into a dark hotel room and secretly videotaped. It’s very hard to not talk about someone who was that obnoxious and outlandish. There’s no doubt that it was going to be discussed, but we don’t need to obsess over it.

  • Two words that define KU before games, during games and after games:

    Stay classy!

  • @nuleafjhawk

    It’s getting national coverage, it’s almost impossible not to have heard about it.

  • @JayHawkFanToo She put herself in the headlines with her foul language which I have not witnessed in a video clip. Not interested in much of anything at wsu so wouldn’t consider wasting that much time on it either. Buffoon may be a mild understatement. Those tweeting from where she was acting out in the arena were quite emphatic that she was extremely liquored up & totally out of control, hence the escort from the police to the press room. We all can have different thoughts on right & wrong in such instances, but she did bring the attention on herself. It is news so based on that is an open topic. Like it or not, the Marshall’s do have some dirty laundry out in the open.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Wiggins mighta got the ball more if he’d worked to get himself open a little better. I thought he kinda gave up when the Stanford double team frustrated him.

  • Some days we’re PC & others like the Marx Brothers… an inuendo; outda window, whatever …

  • @globaljaybird they showed her on inside edition. Shhhhhh

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yep, videos out there…

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