Day 3 Tournament Games

  • Watching Huggy Bear and Notre Dame. WVU off to a great start leading 10-0.

  • Let’s go Mountaineers! Time to stomp a Leprechaun out! Show em how little offense you really have.

  • WV guards doing a nice job drawing contact

  • Ohhhhhh! Press is on!

  • ACC/ND whistle gonna start changing this game.

  • @wissox And maybe not.

  • Bonzie Colson is just…a basketball player. Short, fat center but just knows how to hoop. Give me some players like that any day.

  • Go Huggy bear!!

  • 8-1

  • “How are you going to celebrate?”

    “I’m going to go recruit.”

    This is why Huggie Bear is going to be our archrival for years to come.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich yeah big 12 has owned the ACC.

  • Good win for the B12, got a good shot to get 3 or 4 in to the sweet 16. I agree that the ACC has been the better league most years but when you get 9 or 10 teams in every year the deck is always stacked in your favor. B12 2-0 vs ACC and 5-2 overall currently.

  • @kjayhawks 6-2 if you count the play-in game for the Kitty Cats.

  • HMMM, wonder if ACC can see how sweet that Big 12 Patch looks on those uniforms. - -WVU lead from wire to wire - -Carter was Big. - -We just need to step up also tomorrow let them see the Big 12. . - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Crimsonorblue22 just saw a Jayhawk pic behind Barkley. It was Kleinmann Darrell and someone (a guard I think, didn’t see quick enough)

  • I’m now officially chagrined that UW is an 8 seed, but Nova’s probably chagrined as well, so we’ll see what happens.

  • Nova’s already spent more time trailing this year

  • @approxinfinity

    I like HuggyBear. Sure he’s a redneck. But a damn good coach, too, and his players love him to death.

    My only concern is his health. It is extremely bad. Bad to the point that I’m about 90% sure he will undergo a medical procedure or two in the off-season. He has a bad ticker and I think he is diabetic and maybe more issues.

    I hope he starts taking better care of himself. I’d sure hate to lose him.

  • Only reason Wisconsin aint up 12 is 7 turnovers and let up 9 second chance points.

  • Stripes doing everything they can to keep villnova in it

  • @wissox

    I see Nova gets the same deal Duke gets with refs. What a friggin’ rip off!

    It’s one thing if you get a bad call here and there. This entire Nova comeback has only happened because of continual bad calls against UW.

  • I’m watching with the sound off as announcers are now making excuses for refs

  • @wissox

    I can’t handle that part. You have to wonder what game they are watching…

  • Does Nova even have a player over 6’8"?

  • Watch this. Wright called time out.

    The refs will do what they are supposed to do and will put time back on the clock. That is the right thing to do but it usually doesn’t happen for teams not named “nova” or “duke.”

  • Will be interesting second half because Wisconsin has Happ out with 2 fouls most of the half but Nova got every call and couldn’t hit a shot to save their lives. Will Nova feel some pressure if this game stays close thru out the second half?

  • Watch that divencio. He pushes off, carries the ball constantly. No one’s called it yet.

  • Really enjoying this game as a basketball fan. The key players are making plays and seems like both teams have been very well scouted. Hoping Wisconsin can keep Jenkins cold and keep hitting 3’s when they are open.

  • If Wisconsin wins, most brackets will take a huge hit.

  • Happ was feasting before officials took him out. 1 reserve on illnova has 2 fouls.

  • Come on Wisconsin

  • @JayHawkFanToo I actually picked it in one of my brackets. Nova has lived pretty close to the edge against average teams, like us lol. That and I thought Wisconsin should’ve been a 6 seed.

  • You know Nova is gonna come out fired up, these first five minutes will be huge. Lets go Badgers!!

  • I just got to say you guys are nice tolerating me talking Wisconsin. I try not to do it too much because I know I could come across as annoying. If I do I apologize. I try never to say ‘we’ when referring to them, because KU is my team, but 15 years of living in Badger territory meant I latched on as I arrived when they became relevant in basketball. Interestingly though as a Chicago kid, I could never switch allegiances to the Packers, although sometimes I wish I had.

    There’s going to be a hole in my viewing next season as Hayes, Showalter, Koenig, and Brown leave, and obviously as Frank Mason leaves as well.

  • Already 2 weak ass fouls on Wisconsin.

  • A S Y M M E T R I C A L

    O F F I C I A T I N G

  • This is unbelievable. They will not give UW a call except for the occasional makeup call.

  • Nova run here I bet

  • Oh it’s believable. Just like Kansas last year. Constant mugging from their trapping and phantom calls against Devonte

  • Nova refs front and center

  • Now they remove bronson with another crap call

  • Did they start falling before he really made contact? Maybe not quite, but wow.

  • Wondering if the WI player had fallen when the offense ran into his chest if he’d have gotten a call.

  • Wisconsin isn’t playing defense either

  • No worries getting stepped on isn’t a call

  • Starting to appear this one isn’t going Wisconsin’s way

  • Well, wisky had a nice first half but it looks like nova is going to advance. Foul problems have been an issue

  • All of the teams with the best chance to beat nova will have to eliminate each other coming from the other side of the brackets.

  • Underwood leaving Oklahoma st for Illinois… LOL

  • @BeddieKU23 This is where some games have gotten away from them this season. Hopefully the offiicials…yeah right.

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