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  • @wrwlumpy 5:15 P.M. - - -Eastern Standard Time - -So for anyone in Central will be 4:15 - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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  • Tom Izzo - Bill Self’s respected rival. Fouls will painfully be inflicted. They will be bigger, but we will be faster. They hate, we love Josh jackson. This will be football vs. basketball. Izzo’s team suck at the beginning of each year. People write stories about whether or not MSU will make the Tournament. Well, “They’re Back.”


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  • @wrwlumpy Great stuff as always. Few rats take this much effort to keep us informed. Some people really have something to say & some people just have to say something.😜

  • Those cheerleaders look pretty solemn…hopefully they’ll be looking that way around 6:15 CST on Sunday.

  • Considering their player minutes, the time to cash the rest check (from our early tourney exit) is now!

  • KU on the CBS Sports upset page,


  • @wrwlumpy if we weren’t already up for this game I hope that Nova game served notice to our boys to lay it all out in 10 hours. I’m really not sure how I’m going to sleep today before the game i’m so excited for it!

  • I sure like our POY, Junior, and Super-Frosh vs. their Freshman, Freshman and oh yea, Freshman top scorers on the court for MState today (Bridges, 17 pts; Ward, 14; and Langford, 7. RCJH

  • Michigan State is the third worst team remaining in the tournament based on Kenpom rankings. So you can’t ask for much more out of a second game. You are going to play tougher teams as the tournament goes on, and KU has beat most teams they have played in this ranking range this year.

  • I was looking over the MSU v Miami box score. MSU was 72% on two point shots wow. Nick Ward was 8-9. Hopefully Lucas provides a little more opposition than Miami’s interior.

    Basically, MSU has three really good players and then…not much. Bridges and Ward are probably NBA guys, not as sure about Langford but he is a good college player.

  • @BShark If anyone picked off of Kenpom their bracket is completely junked, I believe 10 of they’re top 30 are already out most to teams lower in their ratings. I don’t think you can always take the numbers from the regular and say that’s how a team will play. This is always a tough game for us regardless of the team. Bill Self seldom loses in the first game of a weekend in the NCAA tournament, he has 4 loses in the first game while our head coach compared to losing 8 in second game of the weekend. This will not be easy my friends.

  • Those are some of the ugliest statues I’ve ever seen. MSU’s beautification budget must be tiny or the arts dept sucks.

  • @kjayhawks I look more at the top 25 record. I filled out a random bracket with that being the only predictor. It worked out pretty good as no school can top KU’s 9 top 25 wins (9-3 record).

    I look more at the people who have money at stake. If Vegas has KU as an 8 pt favorite then that is good sign of popular opinion. If the masses think KU is an 8 pt favorite, that gives KU a good chance to win. But KU is horrible against the spread so far this season so look for a 5pt game unless the full throttle play (like against UC Davis) continues.

    I would be very happy with a blowout, but expect a tight game.

  • @kjayhawks

    It’s just part of the puzzle. I look at the teams that 1s and 2s are playing this round and I’d certainly take playing MSU over SM or WSU for instance.

  • @dylans said:

    If Vegas has KU as an 8 pt favorite then that is good sign popular opinion. If the masses think KU is an 8 pt favorite, that gives KU a good chance to win. But KU is horrible against the spread so far this season

    The Vegas spread is meant to equalize betting on both sides so the house will make money no matter what. If KU fans bet more than MSU fans, the spread will go up, otherwise it will go down.

    I suspect in KU games more money goes on KU, so the spread automatically increases.

  • @ParisHawk The money line is ugly too -420 for KU +350 for MSU

    It seems like only us Bucketeers and our team are taking Sparty seriously.

  • @BShark I honesty think we match up better to WSU this year, I think a match up with Izzo is tougher than a Marsha match up. WSU has made 6 straight NCAAs but their recent history in the dance besides beating us when Cliff was out and Perry was injured to get to the sweet 16 they have lost in the round of 32 game or before every other year (first round loss in 12, FF in 13, round of 32 loss in 14, sweet 16 in 15, round of 32 loss in 16). The FF for them was a fluke IMO. If Izzo is in the tournament he can make the FF no question in my mind.

  • It just feels more like a sweet 16 match up and if we win this one, Purdue, the big 10 champs, seems like an Elite 8 match up IMO. I’m ready to get this thing started.

  • @wrwlumpy said:


    I just saw this. Thanks for putting a picture of the University of Michigan Law School in your Michigan State roundup!

    Annotated version: the dormer on the right is where I lived first year, the tall building at the top is where I once served a summons on a very bad man, and the glass panels at the bottom are the skylights they use to brighten a three floor underground addition to the law library because it needed expansion and doing it in the original architecture would have cost tens of millions.

    2017-03-19 11.06.35.jpg


    Another, more expansive view shows how big the underground is:


  • @mayjay My Faux Pas. This the second time this has happened. I need to click on the page option and read before posting something that is listed under my search. Both schools have beautiful campuses.

  • Will this be Izzos first game against Self with a 4-1 offense ?

  • @mayjay @wrwlumpy When I saw that picture I thought what an awful thing to do to such a beautiful building. It reminds me of the Louvre with that awful glass pyramid thing in front of it, or what they did to Soldier Field in Chicago.

  • @wissox said:

    @mayjay @wrwlumpy When I saw that picture I thought what an awful thing to do to such a beautiful building. It reminds me of the Louvre with that awful glass pyramid thing in front of it, or what they did to Soldier Field in Chicago.

    They actually started the underground addition the summer before I got there, and finshed it right after I graduated. We were the only class that never saw the Law Quad without big piles of construction crap. I haven’t been back. Law school is not the fondest time residing in my memories.

    One funny thing: In our third week, they started the deep excavation from the street below our dormer all the way to under the main building. Due to worries about sending heavy filled trucks on Ann Arbor’s streets when frozen in winter, they piled the dirt about 25 to 30 feet high right outside our door inside the Quad. After a heavy snow that winter, one of my friends got all his ski equipment and made a few runs down Mt Quad. Then they fenced it off.

    As to the aesthetics, it is far better than the aluminum sided monstrosity you can see on the left side jutting out perpendicularly to the main library building. They did that in the 60s, I believe, and made it that way because they couldn’t afford to match that much stone to the original. The library was way too small and the underground addition was the only alternative to closing off about 50% of open space for a new building. No one wanted that corner closed in.

    The Law School was built in the 30s, and was funded by a Brit who graduated from there in the teens or 20’s and practiced in England. Although he chose all the designs, including dozens of gargoyles on the towers and hand-carved plaster ceilings, he never returned to see it. He was afraid it would never match his imagination.

    One fact about UM Law that is little known is that it served for years as the best library of Japanese legal materials going back a century. Before WWII, UM had a strong relationship with Japanese legal scholars, and during the war, much of the country’s legal resources were destroyed in the bombing. When I attended, there were always about 20 to 30 Japanese grad students there getting advanced degrees in Japanese law because UM had the best program in the world. There was still an ongoing effort to copy the materials to send to Japanese schools. With digitization, it is probably a lot easier and no doubt complete.

  • @mayjay interesting stuff, I didn’t know you went to law school in Michigan lol.

  • @mayjay The stuff you learn from KUBuckets!

  • @wrwlumpy Sexy read and sobering. CBS is going to spout off pieces to hype the game for viewers. However, I heard Izzo mention in his pre-game interview he is not banking on his record. He will tell plain and simple this game is a good game. But he loves, loves, loves experience. His boyz just don’t have the experience of KU at this point.

    CBS is definitely playing this angle for all it’s worth, but Izzo might tell them to pull the crap off the wire because all the numbers don’t quite add up today.

    Love and respect Izzo.

  • If KU Gets to Phoenix, we should be given a Big 10 championship as well. Possible 3 in a row? Audition for conference realignment?

  • Michigan looked pretty good in this L’ville game. Their pg is intense.

  • @truehawk93

    Walton is a beast.

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