DAVIS CAKE, KU WALKS--5 Starters in Double Figures, Landen Double Doubles, Bragg & Vick Glue It

  • KU walked on a UC-Davis’ cake and iced it by 40 or so.

    Warm shooting–40% plus from Trey and 85% FTs.

    6 blocks and 6 steals meant disruption we won’t see again.

    TOs a leeeeeetle high.

    Starters played great–All five in double figures with Lucas double double.

    Bragg went 6/5 in 13 minutes–the Carlton we need.

    Vick sputtered offensively, but played solid floor game for 24 minutes to rest our perimeter.

    Coleby and Lightfoot limited to mop up.

    Rebounds: KU+double digits.

    Self ran his wrinkle free offense, so Ratso will have to guess what Self might drop on MSU.

    Self did send Ratso one text: our guys look rested and springy.

    Frank’s legs looked almost new.

    Svi appeared to have benefitted most from the rest.

    Now it’s time to set the rat traps of Ratso, dawn the mouth pieces, cups and Kevlar, and go slay us some Spartans.


    Josh seems the prime target for the first face punch.

    But everyone will catch some Izzo stuff.

    Smash back 'birds!!!

  • Michigan State’s freshmen led the way against Miami: Ward, 19; Langford, 13 and Bridges, 18. Our more experienced and talented defenders are going to make it very difficult for the young Spartans. Devonte’s going to get steal after steal. Josh too. KC here we come. RCJH

  • Big win last night. - Just got to keep in perspective who the competition was. - -Was glad to see Devonte & SVI play better, was glad to see Frank even get a little more rest - - -was a stretch during the 2nd half when totally in control, where Frank was resting and Vick & Devonte were the guards. Even Lucas was able to get some rest throughout, always a welcome sight. - - I think there is two matchups that are going to be big tomorrow. - -How Landen does against Ward, and then Josh and Bridges. - -As far as the guard spots go, I’m not worried I think Frank & Devonte will be fine. Just got to compete on the Boards & take it to them. - -I think it will be a close game one way or the other like 3-5 points - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @stoptheflop Hey, how did your trip go? Get back in time?

  • I don’t see Josh or Devonte backing down.

    Lucas has forgotten what “backing down” means. Frank never knew.

    Coleby needs to bring his mean pills.

  • @jayballer54 KU lives on close games this season. MSU is younger, less experienced, less athletic than KU. I like our chances

  • @Lulufulu I’ll agree for sure younger BUT less athletic? - - Ummmm na, I’m not going that route. Maybe younger and as athletic. - -Bridges is an animal, he got hurt in the early season, Ward very strong. It’s going to be a normal Coach Izzo battle- looking for it to be close - -I like our chances but going to have to strap it up. - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Dam, Purdue looks a little scary, inside - - -outside got some Bigs - - - BUT then on the other side of the plate, they look like they might play a little out of control at times, not sure that could be just me, but looks like a little helter skelter at times. - -Swanigan can pull the opposition big out you have to at least make an effort to guard his outside shot., their big’s Haas and Swanigan - -might be trouble. - - First games first though cause we can’t overlook Michigan St by any means. - -If we play up to our potential we should be fine. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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