KU Player's Studio: Video Interviews with KU Greats

  • A few minutes ago I was writing to slayr about what a good selection Perry Ellis was for slayr’s Floor Burn Award this week. At the end, I commented that Perry seemed to me to have moved beyond trying to be aggressive and finally became aggressive. He went from acting a role to being a role. This reminded me of the Actor’s Studio TV show hosted by former Actor’s Studio Dean James Lipton, in which he interviews former students agh the Actor’s Studio that have gone on to fine careers.

    Then it hit me.

    KU needs to start doing a TV show hosted by some former KU coach (HC,or Assistant) with some serious chops about the game that can interview KU players that have gone out into the world to have estimable professional careers (in basketball, or other fields). The audience around the interviewer and the interviewed could even be the current KU team members. Awesome, just awesome. Imagine the Q&A at the end of the half hour interview in which, say, Andrew Wiggins asks Paul Pierce what it was like to jump from KU to the NBA and follows up with does he have any advice for any guys coming out early?

    The Legacy needs this sort of taped interview documentation. There are still guys alive and clicking from the 52 team. We missed Wilt, but there is still Jo Jo and Danny. But its not just the superstars that should be interviewed. Its any of the players that went on to estimable careers in the game, or other professions.

    The show could air once a week on some channel in Kansas, and then the interviews could be racked on a web site. The interviews could be viewed on the net thereafter. This would be such a great thing for KU basketball.

    Whoever can get the attention of CBernie, SheaZeng, and Self, try to get them to get behind this concept.

    The Player’s Studio: Interviews with KU Basketball Players and Coaches

    The host should be a former coach, or a former player that went on to become a coach at KU, or elsewhere. The host has to really know the game.

    Oh, yes, and there’s probably money to be made with it somehow. The concept can be franchised and done at all the blue blood programs. Cha-ching!

    Rock Chalk!!!

  • @jaybate I LOVE this idea! But I think Max should do the interviewing while we still have him. I’d be very interested in “where are they now?” My personal recognition of the actual players starts in 86. Love to hear about Cedric Hunter, Calvin Thompson, Ron Kellogg. The 88 team has some highly successful nba execs in Pritchard, Newton and Randall. Where is scooter Barry? Also be fun to hear about the guys who played oversees, too. My brother in law said Richard Scott was the best player in Spain for a long time… Good stuff.

  • Just noticed the @jaybate avatar cup runneth over!!!

  • I vote Scott Pollard for the interviewer.

    Who better?

  • Great idea Jaybate, I for one would also like off season interviews for other sports. Football with Sayers, Cromwell, Riggins, QB John H. Track with Oerter, Ryan, Mills, C Wiley, and

  • And NCAA champ, babe, and likely future Olympian (would have been a slam dunk if summer Olympics had been 2013) Andrea Guebelle

  • @JayhawkRock78: Hell yes, if we can get this thing off the ground.

  • @JayhawkRock78 fingers crossed.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @jaybate 1.0 What a spectacular idea! I’m sure it would be valuable for the players, but it would also be incredibly interesting to me, the avid fan who can’t get enough of KU basketball. I hope you know someone on the inside who could put such a great idea into action. Or maybe even you could do it yourself. 🙂

  • It seems like @jaybate should do the interviews! Who’s more knowledgable? It would also be cool to reveal his identity! Like seeing the wizard for the first time. Maybe we could get Geraldo Rivera to introduce him…like Al Capones vaults…

  • @oldhwkfan No, it has to be a coach!! 😃

  • @VailHawk you should do it and we’ll get Kuhl to sponsor!

  • @jaybate 1.0

    Excellent idea!

    The avenue to accomplish this is in place. The AD department is quietly looking for programming now. I believe it relates to the TV contract we signed in to and how many hours of non-game action we need to come up with. I’m of the opinion that some of it relates to academics, too.

    How about a panel asking questions? The panel can change depending on the topic and players brought in.

    Goooo, @jaybate !

  • @jaybate 1.0 That’s awesome! That’s totally awesome! Every single KU fan out there will eat that stuff up, including myself! That would be so cool. Heck, try and bring Paul into a host type roll after he retires. He could totally do it too.

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