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  • Well guys would sure be great if it turned out like this, if joey was in charge for placing teams. I would love our region: - - He has it as - - # 1 KU - -# 2 Duke - - -# 3 Oregon- - -# 4 Butler - - -I would take that ALL DAY LONG. - - Ya True Duke is on a roll, but where it is being held would be an advantage – -Oregon just lost a very vital part to their team from an ACL - - -Butler - - pssssssssssssssssssssst REALLY? - -sure they may be a solid team bu I’m not concerned with that. -and the other notables - -# 5 -Florida ehhhh, - -# 7 - -Minnesota - -ummm no.

    Looks like the south would be loaded # 1 N Carol , - -# 2 Kentucky- - # 3 UCLA - - # 4 West Virginia - - other notables - -# 5 Cincinnati #- - -# 8 WSU - -looks pretty tough.

    West #1 Gonzaga - - #2 Arizona - -could see those two flipping seeds , #3 Louisville- - #4 Purdue - -Pretty solid region. - -Possible 2nd round matchup if Gonzaga # 1 seed? - -possible 2nd round Gonzaga vs Oklahoma St – if I was Oklahoma St - -I would love that possibility.

    East # 1 Villanova- - # 2 Baylor- - # 3 N Dame- - # 4 Florida St – For me?- -I really think this would be the weakest Region. - - rock chalk all day long baby

  • @jayballer54

    I don’t care who is on our bracket except for WSU. They are the worst possible match up for us with our small bench.

  • @drgnslayr and because of their coach. He has a way to get his teams fired up and ready to play hard for the ENTIRE game. I could see a similar outcome to 2015.

  • I don’t want Duke. They’re playing well…hard to beat someone twice.

  • @Hawk8086 an elite eight rematch would be fun though. But I agree - they are looking championship caliber.

  • @Hawk8086

    Yeah… Duke is finally healthy. And some of their all star freshmen are coming on. And Allen is finding his stroke. This is not the same team we played months ago. But we are the same team, basically… just without Doke.

  • Yep, Duke would be tough to beat. But so would Kentucky and several other 2-4 seeds. I say bring on the bracket and if this is our year, then it will break our way. There are plenty of years where we ‘should’ have won and didn’t. Maybe this year we will beat teams we shouldn’t.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @drgnslayr I’ll agree with you for the most part. Only difference is Josh Jackson was not the same player he was then. He only played 18 minutes in that game and scored 15 points. Imagine what he could do now that he isn’t regularly fouling out…

  • Way to go ESPN:

    Which is it Joe? #1 seed or last 4 in?

  • This is the time of year… right now… where teams step up and play a lot better basketball. We will have to do the same if we expect to do anything in the tourney.

    First… this may be the worst defensive team Bill has had in Lawrence. I can’t think of a worse defensive team. Can anyone else?

    We do just enough down the stretch to win most games. Not sure that strategy works in March… but I doubt we change the nature of this team now. Obviously, it is a super plus to play well in the last couple minutes of games.

    This time of year, I watch a lot of basketball. I check up on everyone. It helps give me a perspective on where Kansas basketball is because I am not wearing blinders now.

    I have to admit I haven’t been feeling great about us after watching all of this basketball. I was thinking this was kind of a down year for college basketball, but I’ve changed my mind. Lots of good teams out there.

    I feel good for us as long as we go out and hustle every game. But now I feel strange about a few things. When we come out and start hot, we seem to blow it at the end. So… we are supposed to hope we are behind at half?

    When was the last game we put 40 minutes together? Uh… um…uh… have we done it this season?

    The good news is we have miles and miles of upside. The question is whether or not we will start grasping it.

    Improving our defense is #1. I don’t even think we have a Top 100 defense this year. Just playing a little bit of tough defense is bound to reward us with a lot of free offense. But will we do it?

    I don’t question our toughness. I question our defensive prowess. We simply ARE NOT HUNGRY on defense. This has been a gradual decline throughout our season where we got a little bit softer every single game.

    Winning has actually hurt our development. Winning has been our crutch for going soft on defense.

    Another crutch… this idea that we can’t win with 7 players. Many of the top teams only have 7 players. It is enough. But we constantly focus on how tired we are. I don’t hear other teams talking that way or focusing on it. I appreciate a certain level of focusing on conserving energy, but not to the point where we use it as an excuse for screwing off.

  • @brooksmd


  • My bad. Just saw @wrwlumpy posted it earlier in the “History Lesson…” thread.

  • @drgnslayr I thought we played pretty good against osu in a hostile environment. They were a pretty hot team! Snap out of it!

  • @drgnslayr that is really what most on here dont want to admit and make loads of excuses for - our guys do not hustle and use all their mental focus on defense.

    “We simply ARE NOT HUNGRY on defense.” Absolutely. It makes me wonder what they work on in practice and if Bill calls them out for not hustling. It is pretty pathetic that a group of veterans that have elite eight experience and supposedly “hungry” to get to the final four rarely hustle.

    The “no bench” excuse is crap. People need to watch other teams play, like you and I do, and notice that most teams play a short bench in big games. Roy and Marsha play a deep bench, but that is not common, especially in the second half. Duke played four games in four days against some of the best teams in the country and they looked like they hustled every minute I watched them.

    It is inexcusable that our guys only put serious effort in for 5 to 8 minutes a game. That has nothing to do with the short rotation. If people still think that, then they dont watch much basketball other than KU.

    Frank and Landen need to chew some rear end - specifically Svi, Lagerald and Devonte - and tell them they need to step it up and quit loafing on defense. They are seniors and this is their last chance in the tourney. Its time to leave everything on the court every single game. Anything else is not enough.

  • @HawkChamp It is all about intense defense, period. We never had the crash after clinching the conference. I am not saying Coach Self engineered the crash in order to rest, and refocus the team. But I’m not denying it, either. We haven’t seen this team’s best game yet. We have seen glimpses of intense defense that literally flattened several teams, but not an entire game with a 40 minute sustained effort. Our best games are coming up.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Thanks. I always pick up some fear this time of year because I’m watching more games of other teams and see how good they are.

  • And so it begins. As I told you, there is a good chance Duke gets a #1 seed…the Coach K butt kissers are now making a case for Duke…

  • @HawkChamp

    I was upset during that TCU game. I recall TCU shooting the ball and the only guy we had moving his feet was LL trying to get in position for a rebound. All 4 of our other players simply watched the shot, like an observer instead of a player.

    I’ve said this before and for many years. If guys have to be pushed to hustle, then eventually they will just give up. Hustle is in someone’s DNA. I’m sure of it. I see it off the court, too. Some people just hustle, while other’s don’t.

    I actually enjoyed watching KSU play in the tourney this weekend. They hustled on defense and almost beat WVU.

    When a KU fan has to watch a KSU game in order to enjoy defense… doesn’t that say it all?!

  • @HawkChamp Totally agree with you and @drgnslayr . This is the time of the year that ALL team members must give 100% for 40 minutes. 85-90% will not get it done. We are good enough to beat a middle of the pack team like TCU without one of our starters. So no excuse there. Just more effort on every play. Oregon lost a major player and only lost by 3 points to a much better team than TCU. Yes we played very well in Stillwater in a game that was not near as important as these tourney games. We won because of pride and to prove that we could. We need that same attitude going forward.

    KU has enough good players to win several or more games going forward. The only question is will they have enough pride and “want to” to grind their way thru the next several weeks. I am hoping and expecting that they will. Josh should have a chip on his shoulder and will want to go out in a blaze of glory. Frank and Landon and the supporting cast should help attain that mission. Not looking forward to any more disappointments. GO JAYHAWKS!!!

  • @drgnslayr yeah its really sad to behold. I have a small bit of hope that the loss to TCU embarrassed the guys and made them think a little bit about what their role is and how they need to represent the program. That was a terrible display of basketball. I hope they have a little more fire watching these other teams play hard, win and have fun doing it while they’re at home.

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