Latest Assembly Call bracket

  • The latest bracket from the number 1 brackets guy in the nation. I would say that Arizona has a chance to flip spots with UCLA if they can knock off Oregon. Az beat UCLA by 11 last night, so that could factor in as well.

  • @KUSTEVE I’ll take that bracket please; where do I sign?

  • @Fightsongwriter Me too, man. It looks like a xmas present- hope he’s right.

  • @KUSTEVE I really like that bracket. II would be a little concerned about Purdue…we would have a little problem guarding their 2 big guys…but one of their big guys would have to guard Josh as well. I like the other matchups relative to the alternatives, though.

  • It now lines up with the CBS bracket I saw last week that I liked. I can’t find that bracket anywhere though. Hopefully this is close to right. I’d take UCLA as KU’s 2 seed. Maybe I’m delusional, but I think KU’d win in a really fun game.

  • @dylans I would much rather play UCLA than any other 2 seed by far.

  • @dylans I never want to see UCLA in this tournament. Good versatile bigs, you-know-who point guard, great 3 pt shooters, obnoxious family members… Recipe for disaster. I think their losses reflected growing pains only.

  • @mayjay Not scared. UCLA has a name on their jersey our guys will get up for them. Plus UCLA’s D sucks.

  • Who would want to play Duke now?

    Anyone who gets Duke as a #2 or #3 should be concerned.

  • I love how our fans freak when KU loses 1 game. Season’s over!!!

    And they freak out the other way too. Duke wins one game over UNC and is untouchable. Never mind that they are 4-3 in their last 7 games.

    Losses can create room for improvement, but only if one loss doesn’t become two. It’s a time for introspection and improvement upon what the team thought was a finished product. The NCAA tournament will be KU’s time to shine!

  • @HighEliteMajor Agreed. They are a better team than when we played them. Giles, and especially Tatum didn’t play then. They are overall playing better.

  • Playing in Sprint makes this road easier. Purdue worries me with their size a bit.

    Heck, every team every year worries me.

    Wisconsin would have a chance to eliminate Arizona for the 3rd time in 4 years if that bracket holds true.

    He’s got Syracuse in as a play in game. Syracuse doesn’t deserve to dance this year, but I guess unless they lose every game Syracuse will get in the dance.

  • @wissox said:

    Heck, every team every year worries me.

    PHOUT! (Posting Hall of Universal Truths)

  • ESPN has the #1 seeds locked in position.

    Of course they want to put Wichita in this spot

    Captured.PNG .

  • @mayjay I have to agree, I’d prefer to see UCLA as late as possible, like the FF game actually. But the rest of the bracket looks like a gift.

    Man I sure hope this week off works some magic, I’m ready to see us play a string of great games!

  • @StLJhawk when UCLA is playing their best, they are the best team. Last night, they missed a lot of the shots that they normally make so I would not count on them having another terrible shooting night - last night may have been their worst. I would rather have Arizona or Oregon, though both of those teams are nearly equal to UCLA. Either way, it will be tough.

  • @wrwlumpy Why are we afraid of Wichita? If we can’t beat them we don’t deserve to win anything.

  • @wissox my opinion is that they will always have more to play because of Marsha and their fans constantly bitching and moaning about “they wont play us”. I wonder a lot about Bill’s ability to get them ready for that game - sure didnt in 2015.

  • @HawkChamp Do we have better players? I’d venture you’d say yes. Then we should beat WSU. I know better players don’t always win. You don’t think after the smackdown two years ago Bill Self wouldn’t give our guys something to play for? Wow, I know it’s your opinion, but…

  • @wissox They might be ready, but there are just too many instances this year of loafing around, playing sloppy, unfocused and overall disinterested to think that they would be up for the game or for any game in March. Dont understand how this happens with a supposedly “veteran” and “experienced” team.

  • @HawkChamp You don’t think there’s a chance they won’t be up for any game from now on?

  • @wissox I cant say for sure. The way the team plays sloppy so much and makes careless mistakes, as well as their refusal to play anything resembling defense, I have serious doubts about them. Would I love to see some focus for longer than five minutes a game? Yes. Am I holding my breath? Absolutely not.

  • I don’t care about the brackets. KU looks to maintain their #1 seed in the Midwest. It appears the worst has happened. They are the overall 3rd #1. I just want them to take full advantage of this time and invest in whatever they deem necessary. They need to come out like a new team with something to prove or with a vengeance.

    The DANCE is like a new season. One and only goal: NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

  • @truehawk93 3rd? Are you saying that North Carolina’s loss doesn’t count against them, and ours does?

  • @KUSTEVE yeah I dont understand how a 7 loss UNC team is in front of us. I mean, their best road win is at Wake Forest. Because of the unbalanced schedule, they didnt have to play at Notre Dame, Louisville or Florida State. Basically, they got off easy or else they could be an eight or nine loss team. No way they should be ahead of us.

  • Here’s who I think we’ll end up seeing as the top 4 seeds in each region.

    East: (1) Villanova, (2) Duke, (3) West Virginia, (4) Florida

    South: (1) North Carolina, (2) Kentucky, (3) Baylor, (4) UCLA

    Midwest: (1) Kansas, (2) Arizona/Oregon loser, (3) Louisville, (4) American Champ as long as it’s Cincy/SMU and not UConn

    West: (1) Gonzaga, (2) Arizona/Oregon winner, (3) Florida St., (4) Butler

  • @KUSTEVE I don’t think Lunardi is wrong in this case. Villanova wrapped up the overall 1 seed just by reaching the Big East finals, UNC is likely going to be the overall 2 seed because losing to Duke hurts resumes a lot less than losing to TCU does. KU will be the 3rd overall seed and Gonzaga will be 4th.

    Lunardi is also not the only person who has UNC over Kansas right now either. Assembly Call (the top bracketologist in recent years) has KU as the 4th overall seed behind Gonzaga.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 i didn’t see where assembly ranked the top seeds. where was that?

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Has Gzaga beaten a 2 seed on the opponents floor-ever? IDK what that guys smoking but he may just be from Colorado.

  • @HighEliteMajor Yeah…You might get “tripped up”

  • @StLJhawk 1000% agree

  • @wissox Good grief. We are a different team and they are too. Bring on the Shox.

    Bring them all on…it doesn’t matter. The boyz have to be ready for any team. They’ve proven their ability. They are truly tested for just about any team in the DANCE.

  • Is it Sunday yet?

  • I would love to beat Wichita State but how does the 9 seed get to be the closest team to Tulsa shouldn’t that automatically go to the 1 seed?

  • @globaljaybird Gonzaga did beat Arizona this year, and I believe that game was in Tucson.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 my bad 🤗 Tex had no clue

  • Ku will be a number 1 seed

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