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  • Re: What’s with it with the friggin kcstar? 4:27 PM This comment from someone at the bottom of the story is perfect: ESPN’s Jay Bilas, who is also a practicing lawyer, gave one of the more balanced takes on the situation on College GameDay Saturday morning. “It comes down to a lot of things being conflated. Most of these are different issues and they are in a way separate,” Bilas said. “If you take the Lagerald Vick situation, a lot of people don’t understand and it’s difficult to wrap your head around because it’s a complicated legal issue, but that’s a Title IX investigation issue. Once it becomes and goes to a Title IX administrator, the investigation is basically done in secret. It’s a university issue that is dealt with under federal law. So the basketball office can’t know anything about that. So once it was dealt with by the university, there’s’s nowhere for the basketball office to go. It’s not told to them. They can’t even comment on it. So it’s very frustrating and puts the basketball office in a very difficult position. “The issue that went on in the basketball dorm at McCarthy Hall, where they say five players could be witnesses is totally separate. Because you are a witness doesn’t mean you know anything about what happened,” Bilas said. “These dorms are not full of only basketball players. They are majority non-athlete students that are in those things. So just because somebody’s a witness doesn’t mean there’s any punishment to be handed out. You may have seen somebody come in or leave or something like that. I don’t know what that is. But witness is different from person of interest or a suspect.” Bilas concluded the segment by saying he trusted Kansas coach Bill Self to do the right thing. “One thing I do know is Bill Self,” Bilas said. “I don’t know all the details, but the one issue that we know the details was Carlton Bragg and this drug paraphernalia issue, misdemeanor where he’s gone into a diversionary program. And he’s suspended. So we know the facts of that matter, and he’s suspended. These other issues that were university issues, another issue that’s a police issue [that] we don’t know the facts of and there’s been no action taken by the basketball department, it’s been taken by the university but not the basketball office. I happen to believe Bill Self is of the highest character. I don’t think for one second he would allow things that he knew to be a problem to exist. I really believe that.”

  • He now officially has my approval to rant on the officials for 5 additional games.

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    I thought the Bilas comment was from a week or two ago…but he could have repeated it last Saturday.

  • @JayHawkFanToo could have been

  • @JayHawkFanToo I saw that earlier. Who is Sam Mellinger? Is he a known KU hater? Just curious.

  • @JayHawkFanToo u shouldn’t give them any clicks!

  • Banned

    This is the worst article I’ve read in quite some time. It is clearly a hit piece. Mellinger is clearly pulling out all the tricks in one article. As you read you can almost feel the tones. Blasting KU then in a side note injecting a bit of logic.

    It’s like one of those special pill commercials. For 50 seconds they tell you how great it is and how it will change your life. Yet in the last 10 seconds they tell you the truth about how it could destroy your health. 😆

    Notice he attacks KU players for wrong doing in a full paragraph, then in one sentence he’s writes one of the players was found to be the victim and another was just a citation. Classic.

    Then he rants about Calvert not being treated well because she is a women. He spends paragraphs talking about the unfairness to her and women. He dares to mention even her playing time went down. Then like magic in one sentence well it might be her playing time went down because she sucks.

    KC Star has declared war on Coach and KU. I wonder why?

  • This clown has no idea what goes into a Title IX investigation. As Bilas said, Title IX investigations are done in secrecy so there absolutely could be one going on right now and we just wouldn’t know because nobody is allowed to comment on Title IX investigations.

  • @wissox

    It appears to be more the KC Star than Mellinger since he has written OK stories about KU in the past. Missourians feel the need to bring down KU since the MU sports programs are one gigantic dumpster fire.

  • @DoubleDD Why has the KC Star declared war? Because coach Self is exactly what is good about college sports. Self is a throwback type coach. And he wins a lot. All it takes is a drip of blood in the water. One drip. And the sharks circle.

    Certain folks in our society hate … and I mean HATE … anything that professes to be good, or positive, or moral. And any chance they get, they show their true colors. They want to attack and destroy because that justifies their pathetic existence. They have no regard for tradition, or culture, or our society. They will use every bone in the body to try to discredit and embarrass. In the media, they use their platform to spread disinformation. They twist a word or a phrase, they manipulate a headline without regard to the facts, and they choose the timing to try to inflict the most damage. It is ALL about promoting a point of view, or an agenda. It has nothing to do with journalism.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Absolutely spot on. The media is now more interested in being the story rather than reporting the story.

  • I’m hopeful that Jay will show us a little love while the rest of sports media trashes us during the tournament.

    Jay could sure win me back if he stood up for us.

    @HighEliteMajor Bingo!

  • I believe the Star has a lot of Mizzou grads. Don’t they have a huge journalism department at MU?

    I think the reality has got to them now. They are in a low place and the shiny object in the room is Kansas basketball. We just continue to climb, climb, climb… and the little Mizzies see their lost opportunity of riding on our coat tails.

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