McKenzie Calvert speaks on Josh Jackson and Lagerald Vick incident

  • Here’s the KUSports link to Calvert’s post game comments after KU ended their season against Oklahoma St. yesterday. Calvert talks about tossing a drink in Vick’s face and uses the line “he knows why”. When Calvert was reinstated after her suspension was rescinded, she still voluntarily chose to sit out. She thinks someone other than Coach Schneider was responsible for her decline in play and that it had nothing to do with her being the worst shooter on the worst shooting team.

    Just reading the article (it was written by Keegan), Calvert comes across as a little immature and looking to blame everything but her poor play for her decline in minutes. It could be the way TK wrote the article, but those are Calvert’s words and that’s how her words came across to me.

  • Sad sad sad

  • That girl (basketball player) needs to get her head out of her ass, and focus on her game. Supposedly a good player (out of h.s.), but mounting evidence of being a head case, at 2 programs now?. Sometimes such people bring out the worst in others, too. Schneider is a good coach, she needs to listen to him, just maybe…

    Didnt she transfer from somewhere else, and also was a problem player?

    And Vick and Josh are not off the hook, from a life’s lessons standpoint. They need to learn from this as well.

    Who was the KU player in the past also with property crimes (theft)? JRGiddens? CJGile?

    Regarding other heinous and most egregious offenses: didnt BRush have unpaid parking tickets, along with Devonte Graham?

    Just what kind of program is Bill Self running here? KState fans DEMAND an answer and full explanation!..

  • I am thinking if Schneider thought his player was being treated unfairly, we would be hearing something about that.

  • Apparently her poor play started long before the incident and it got worse in conference play. Perhaps her ongoing relationship with Vick had something to do with this but her coach would be crazy to give her more playing time considering when you look at her stats.

    Also, only part of the damage (door, tail light) was caused by Jackson but apparently the windshield was also smashed among other damage and yet nothing has been made of who the other party or parties involved were. More interesting is why battery charges were not filed against her when by her own admission she threw a drink in the face of Vick and apparently is documented in the police report?

    Likely we will not know the entire story any time soon or until Vick leaves KU anyway…perhaps this is the best outcome.

  • I would think Schneider would be concerned about his job too. If she was that good she would be playing. Sometime we just need to step back and look and the whole picture. If everyone thinks Vick hit her why isn’t her dad concerned about that? Anybody getting that? Wouldn’t we get her out of there? There’s more to this story, think! Would Self keep a player on the team that hit a woman? He sat Bragg until that story played out. Would he call this crap if his team raped a girl? He has a daughter. Josh has been doing community service. He didn’t just start saying josh was a good ambassador for KU, he’s said it all along, since day one. Most everyone has said that too. Maybe I’m wrong, but this is how I see it. I don’t click on any star sites anymore! They should be talking about frank Mason the 3 and what a stud he is, that’s the news, and those are facts! Peace out!

  • @ralster said:

    didnt BRush have unpaid parking tickets, along with Devonte Graham?

    Its rumored that CNN saw your post and was so inspired by it that it is leading tonight with “Trump has outstanding parking tickets at KU.”

    Just kidding around, CNN.

    BULLETIN: That was a joke. Only a joke. If it had been real fake news, you would have been asked to turn to your local Civil Defense CHANNEL.

    Instead, it was FAKE “fake news.”

    It was a satire of real “fake news.”

    UM, God save the City of London’s second favorite channel.


    (NOTE: All fiction. No malice.)

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