OK. - -time to predict

  • Ok guys, it’s that time. - -Final regular Big 12 game of the season. - -We’ve already won the title - -AGAIN , closing out conference play at Stinky water - -So who wins?

    I probably won’t be very popular on this but oh well it is what it is. - - -Senior day , Oklahoma state after 0-6 now 9-8- -so 9-2 in their last 11, race track ball @ home - -Coach Self 3-6 not having any luck there , - -and just seems no matter what type of year we’ve had for some reason we just wet all over ourselves when we play there.

    Carrol, Hammonds, Evans, Forte - -just afraid we get the L today. - -It’s not going to effect our # 1 seed in the post season Big 12 tourney, It’s not effecting the regular season championship , it’s not going to effect our # 1 seed in the Midwest Region in the NCAA"S - -would like to see us close our regular season with the W, turn things around down there - - -BUT

    Have to say - -Oklahoma State - - 89 - - KU 84 - - sorry hope I’m wrong. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Oklahoma State’s offense goes through it’s guards, just like KU. I’ll take Mason, Graham and Jackson over Evans (19PPG), Carroll (17), and Forte (13). I’m surprised by how similar the OState scoring is to our offense. As long as we guard the perimeter and make a few more of our shots than the last three game, we’ll be fine. I don’t mind raining on their senior day parade.

  • BIFM arrives in Stillwater with a goal of winning there for the first time. Only one hurdle left before tourneys start. Motivation off the charts. KU getting into full post-season mode.

    Hawks by 13.

  • @mayjay OK, my friend please enlighten me , as I’m an old geezer -sorry but I don’t know what that is " BIFM " – thanks lol - -& hope your right - - let the journey begin. - – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Vegas stated as a pick and now is OSU by 1 point. I will take KU and the points for the win, that is KU wins on a close game; however, I hope I am wrong and KU wins going away.

  • @jayballer54 said:

    I don’t know what that is " BIFM "


    According to abbreviations.com, it stands for British Institute of Facilities Management.

    But in our world,

    BIFM: What it is and Frank talk | KU Buckets http://kubuckets.com/topic/4904/bifm-what-it-is-and-frank-talk

  • @JayHawkFanToo you and me both, although like you and I have both heard and seen they say 70 % of Big 12 games have been decided by single digits -would be nice to see a bigger win. - -Have we still put a COMPLETE 40 minutes yet this year? - If we have I’ve forgotten, seems like most have been good 1st half here, good 2nd half there, pretty good 10 minutes here, pretty good 10 minutes there, sure would like to see a full 40 minutes complete game. – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Although they have been playing well, I think their senior day will be just enough of a distraction…we win in a close game.

  • Okie Lite wins in a laugher. 15+ pt win for the Pokes as KU bench gets extensive minutes.

  • @BShark A 15 point loss? If we lose it will be close and only because our poor shooting is continuing. Our guys are going to Stillwater to win, not just go through the motions. At least I hope so.

  • Jayhawks feed off of a rowdy Pokes crowd. Pull out a close one in the end. 78-75

  • @cragarhawk Well, guys I was pretty dam close - -really close with the score. - -Only thing is I had the wrong team - -and I couldn’t be happier. I had the score 89-84 - -Okie State - - off by one point each way, well again only wrong team -I’ll take the wrong prediction like that any day lmao. - - ROCK CAHLK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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