Guess we aren't the only one's

  • Guys & Gals I know there is quite a lengthy other thread on JJ and our recent problems but, - -I ran across this off my notoifiction that I receive in my E-Mails- - It came from bleacher re[port. Just to enlighten thought I’d throw these out, we by far aren’t the only programs that have trouble. - -This came from Bleacher Report:

    The Biggest one they reported came out of Creighton: - - We all know their starting PG , Maurice Watson? - - he is or was their starting PG that was one of the top PG in the Nation, leading the Nation in assist’s 8.6 per game. WELP Watson has been charged with 1st degree Sexual assault and an arrest warrant issued for the alleged RAPE of a 19 yr old woman in a bathroom, Of course suspended indefinitely,. How much has been brought out by the media on this? - -Not much that I’ve- - seen could be wrong. I don’t believe ESPN has said squat - - maybe today?

    Maine - -Leading Scorer, Broke team mates jaw over his music in the locker room. – FIVE players suspended in the brawl that broke out, Wes Meyers, broke Marko Perovic’s Jaw suspened indefinitely him and Marko.

    Utah: Utah’s fresh Devon Daniels a Player who has started 26-27 games avg 10.4, has been suspended indefinitely for Conduct detrimental to the team. - - School would not disclosure WHAT he did, no Specifics were given.

    So yes I realize my friends these wrong’s doesn’t make ours right - -just pointing out, these other incidents & the Biggest one Creighton, hell I dunno maybe I’m blind & dum but WHY hasn’t ESPN been all over that, I haven’t heard anything talking about this when Creighton plays. Anyways guys seems this is happening at a lot of different schools. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Because no one cares about Creighton. It’s only news because it’s Kansas players. These things happen all over, but it’s only news because of who it is.

  • @dylans Exactly my friend. – -I call BS , but you are 100% right. - -ESPN has their nose so far up Duke , & Carolina butt, - - That with all the BS that NC and their little scandal going on with the players and class and such - -and then with Duke and Captain America and his tripping antics - their thinking and seeing an opportunity to deflect attention - -so they plastering this bunk all over on KU - -BS - - -that’s what I say, they best be bringing this to light - I don’t give a rats ass whether its Creighton, High Point, or Po- Dunk- U. - -you best do what you do, report it, bring it out - not just KU. - -Couldn’t agree more with you. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I’m still bothered by the way Lawrence law enforcement handled Devonte’s failure to appear on the traffic charge. If I was Coach Self, I would set a meeting with the Lawrence PD, who presumably executed the traffic warrant. All the warrant office had to do was contact someone on the coaching staff or athletic department if Devonte wasn’t responding to direct efforts to get him to court. This isn’t giving him special treatment; it’s the best way to utilize the city’s resources. I’ve dealt with several different warrant offices, all of whom worked with me to surrender a client to the court for the most routine type of traffic hearing instead of wasting an officer’s time to arrest and book someone on one of the most minor offenses that may be charged. Lawrence PD’s actions right after the TCU game smack of grandstanding and were completely unnecessary. If Devonte was my player or my client or my son, I’d have a load of verbal buckshot ready for the supervisor of the warrant office. And probably his superior too.

  • @stoptheflop They no doubt had to work really hard to figure out where he would be at 12:30 a.m. after his birthday and sent out the warrant-SWAT team to find the fugitive who had eluded authorities successfully for a year! It took the FBI 16 years to finally track down that other famous fugitive, Whitey Bulger. No doubt DG moved up the list and no one had any idea where to find him.

    More likely, he got pulled over for a ticket or warning and running his license revealed a bench warrant. Routine.

    As to contacting the Athletic Dept, there I disagree. Not a high school student. Kid is 22 that night. You go directly to an adult, not their boss, or coach. No “in loco parentis.”

  • Now to add to the lust of bad dudes - - Baker Mayfield, arrested for public intoxication, disorderly conduct resisting arrest, & fleeing umm- - Oklahoma’s officals - - ya, gathering information, Mayfield was ask to stay so they could takes his statement - -and BAM hmmm wonder what we are going to hear on this? let’s sweep it under the rug. - -It’s Oklahoma - -Think he ought to be dismissed from the team lmao. - where have I heard that before? lol - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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