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  • Hey, anyone watching this Baylor- Oklahoma game? - -To me this just goes to show, the greatness, or should maybe say the following of OUR team. - - This Game , I mean Saturday when we played that place was packed and loud - -tonight, almost like a morgue, lots of empty seats. - -You see that’s the difference between a big time elite blue-blood, and someone like Baylor or any other of these teams. - -I mean , if you want to get to the next level as fans you should be there game in- -game out. - -Let’s see how many years in a row have we been sold out? - - Your there to back your team - -that’s a true fan. You just don’t show for the " BIG" games like with us, and then half full for others.

    Yes I realize, the way the team plays a big part of it, but the players feel this to a certain extent, they feel the electricity, feed off the crowd, how many times have you heard Coach Self and or our players talk about how amazing the fans are/were? The fan base /our fan base plays a big part as a recruiting tool. How many times have we heard recruits say what an atmosphere it is when they come in for a visit.

    The bottom line of all this is, this is just another example , for a lot of these teams - -or their fans anyway, we always will get anybody/everybody’s best shot - if you have the name Kansas written across the jersey, you gonna get their best. - - More examples? - -Look at what Kentucky did when we played there - - they brought in Buff to announce the line-ups and so on and so forth - - Look at what WV does, play Huggie a 25,000 bonus when they beat us. - -Other places wearing blackouts - -white outs what ever gimmick they can for US, because it reads Kansas across our uni’s

    It’s just sad to see I mean Baylor is a good team they been ranked and ranked high most of the year, they are going to be at least a top 4 seed going into the tourney, and yet very inconsistent support from their fans - -EXCEPT FOR US just sayin - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 I just started watching. I don’t understand that either. The support is very much lacking. I’m guessing much of the extra crowd over the weekend was KU fans

  • The women’s team is the bigger draw for basketball in Waco.

  • 2nd post on this same topic, just saying.

  • I really do wonder what AFH would look like when we have a down year…hoping it never happens, but would be willing to bet we would have alot of empty seats. Look at the people that left when we were down by 12 to WVU.

  • @LegendaryOne I was there and not that many left, I couldn’t tell at all. Probably the same older people that leave early every game. Think dickie got a lil carried away😱

  • @jayballer54

    Baylor fans aren’t stupid.

    I would find a lot of things to do before dropping a wad of cash to watch Scott Drew coach.

    He doesn’t inspire optimism.

  • @LegendaryOne Maybe, I went through the years with Ted some bad teams, or at least rough years. - -I always thought Ted was a pretty good recruiter just couldn’t coach.- - - Thing is when your a team like Baylor, that has been pretty consistent, Drew has established things there like I think they said 7 yrs in a row to the tourney, forget how many 20 plus wins in a row now, been to two elite eights, thing is Baylor IS NOT having a down year. Those fans at the WV game yes they were leaving, not saying it was right - - -not saying it was wrong, again in that situation when you down by 14 with 2:45 left in the game, your NOT going to find to many places where that’s NOT happening to a certain degree anyways. Again who here honestly thought we would come back to win that game? The way I look at that is the people that left, well it’s their ticket - - -their money if that’s what they want to do then so be it.

    I have a lot bigger issue with our so called fans that go to a football game and start to leave at half time - - that’s pathetic. Anyways with our fans leaving with 2:45 left, the bottom line there is we were sold out - - AGAIN, at least we were there - - Baylor people 3/4 of the time don’t even show, but yet they want a top tier program in men’s Basketball & they aren’t having a down year. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Regarding fans leaving at halftime of football games, only part of that is the score of the game. But also, it’s the length of the game and the weather. With so many television breaks, the game is extended so that It becomes a round of golf where you spend more than four hours at the game. The entertainment during the long commercial breaks helps, but when it’s hot or cold it just gets too long. I’m still in awe of the several thousand fans still in the stadium for the Texas win. Way to go die hard fans.

  • @stoptheflop Agree with you on way to go for the die hard fans, as far as the length of the game and the weather, the people know how this is BEFORE they even go to the game , they know it’s gonna get hot, they know if there is a chance of rain, that chance they are going to take. So I don’t go with that. As far as leaving because of the score, if your a fan your there through the good times and the bad, But I get your point.

    I can remember my brother and I when we went to some football games, on in particular back in the days when Nebraska just routinely kick our butts up and down the field all game long and off course Osborne just loved to run it up. - - My brother and I were there blankets, thermal shirts, jackets, whatever hoodies cold as cold could be, wind blowing 90-0 but yet there we were, then when we were down 52-0 at the half and sleet, and wind hittin us in the face and about the only ones left, then yep we left, but for the most part we stay until maybe like 2 or 3 minutes left in the game win or lose.

    Oh ya I remember too when we finally got our revenge on Nebraska and I think we pit up close to 73 points on them and kicked their ass all over the field that was soooo sweet - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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