The Venezuelan Socialist Diet

  • @JayHawkFanToo I agree with that. But that doesn’t solve the problem of the entire country being split on major social issues. Which, is a major cause of political tension we see right now.

    I’m just saying that if you gave states more power, everyone would get more of a say in how they get to live their lives.

    I 100% agree with term limits though.

  • @Kcmatt7

    The federal government had gotten into too many areas that should be the domain of states. Most federal agencies cand be eliminated and the jobs moved to individual states where they belong.

    The primary responsibility of the federal governments is in the Constitution’s Preamble which says the federal government was established (and the Constitution was adopted) to “form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

    The job of the federal government as originally envisioned included foreign relations, national defense and security, individual liberty and order and justice to allow a civil society without anarchy; everything else is secondary.

  • @DoubleDD Great post. I felt it very unusual that a US president (Obama) would actually have “anti-American” views, as you put it. Or maybe a better term would be anti-American-ism. As a nation, we seem to now like to go counter-grain, until we are way, way off course, and have gotten away from our founding ideals. What is the value in getting away from the very ideals that made America, and that defined Americans for generations? Were not perfect, by any means. But deconstructing is an entirely different notion than fine-tuning away our flaws.

    I dont understand why Obama kept wanting to convey a tone of being an apologist for American ideals? What made him think he could speak for us like that?

    It took the founding fathers’ building blocks about 170yrs to create a superpower, but all of a sudden some kook like Bernie thinks we need to change it all, making no distinction between good or bad, but of course highlighting only the things that need improving. A multimillionaire with 3 houses who suddenly cares about us, eventhough his “ideals” led him to honeymoon in the USSR back in the cold war era. So which part of him is the facade, and which is real?? Even Hilary said you simply cannot promise free-college and free everything. But of course the minions fell for it.

    Wasnt there another generation that was all self-happy, peddling self-love, open love, communal love, drugs, peace, flowers, antiwar…? I’m not sure if their contribution to American grit is net-negative or net-positive. I do like the breaking down barriers and brotherhood aspects, if anything, but thats about it.

    Keep putting out “alternative” and “countergrain” cultural ideas (to the basic ‘American’ founding ideals), and see how far you can dilute down the fabric of the country. That’s the peril of putting a thousand “change this too” ideas out there. Stated another way: the founding fathers started a whole nation with their ideas, and I’d hindsight “judge” that they were onto something…since it grew and prospered beyond any of their expectations. Other nations have NOT propered like this, oh, but lets wholesale change it, not fine tune its problems. Lets move the entire 3rd world to the US and Western Europe, since our hearts bleed soooo bad for all those sufferring people everywhere. Erase all the borders, right?

    How would all the “change” proponents and progressives do if we let them start their own country? Umm, I’m betting on the founding fathers’ concepts, only because they are proven. And they seem to have beaten all the socialists, bolsheviks, monarchies, communists, fundamentalist states, and fascists that we’ve seen over the last few centuries.

    Dare anyone to come up with anything better…“change”? Be very careful what you wish for. Dont know what you got til its gone.

    The “decline” of America, by the way, refers to the people currently alive in it (who are responsible for its direction), NOT referring to its founding ideals. How could it.

  • Trump? Hope he can make good and simply give us all a better deal. Fix some things, actually. And give our enemies the rawest deal possible. I think he can.

    Dems? Current far-Left types simply need to stop being butthurt. Hilary cant throw in the towel. What and awful campaign. Go ahead and attack Trumps extended family, and see if those attempts make such Dems “look” better. Trying to take the low road to get to a higher place? Ha, what logic. And I had little issue with old school Dems of a generation or two ago, like JFK or even Carter.

    Republicans? Trump is different than them, so some of them find it hard to venture out of their box. Well, the American public spoke. And note to the Dems: You cannot get any more electoral votes from winning CA even if you got 99% of all Calif votes, duh. What a pointless fact that Hilary won the popular vote–of course, but Calif and NY dont speak for every other state now, DO THEY? Find someone in the DemParty strategy committee who decided to have Hilary not set foot even in some key states. Was that a public “snub” by her, before votes got cast? Wow, talk about accidentally falling on yer own sword…what a lesson. And they spent 4x the $ the Repubs did. And they had all major media, except for 1 network. But lets find some way to blame the Russians. Because Russian Red Army barricades kept Hilary’s motorcade out of those key states all thru the campaign, ya…And the Red AirForce kept her plane from landing in those states, ya…


    Like all totalitarian dictatorships, when money runs out violence is used to keep the people down. A real tragedy what is happening there.

  • @JayHawkFanToo This ought to be condemned worldwide, yet you barely hear a peep. The blockade against the truth about socialism continues.

  • Venezuela, toilet paper, Bernie Sanders?

  • @JayHawkFanToo So, you obviously think the Truth hurts? 😎 backatcha!

  • Bizarre choices of articles.

  • mayjay said:

    @JayHawkFanToo So, you obviously think the Truth hurts? 😎 backatcha!

    In his hay day the truth would drop 25 points on you and hurt you really bad but now that he is retired he is pretty harmless. We are talking about Paul “the truth” Pierce, right?

  • @KUSTEVE You haven’t updated this in a while… Recently introduced a Crypto Currency backed by an Oil Company that is $45B in debt. This supposedly reduces the worth of the Bolivar by 96%.


    I read where inflation is now 1 million percent…unheard of and unprecedented. Also, the government finally and officially admitted that the socialist economic model was a failure, something everybody has known for years.

  • This is a 4 part series where a former USSR citizen asks people supporting socialism and communism to explain it: it’s pretty funny…

  • The great lie of socialism is that the workers will suddenly have “power”( meet the new boss- same as the old boss). Read how “powerful” they are, as they line up to buy spoiled, rotten meat:

  • 0_1535166822414_social.jpg

  • Step 2: Crash all of the South American economies to create chaos, fear, and massive migration:

  • Nicaragua on the brink of collapse. Ortega has hired criminal gangs to shake people down, especially his opposition. Another socialist paradise on the brink of total anarchy:


  • Apparently the U.S. talked about supporting a coup against Maudro. Not surprised. Needs to probably happen soon.

  • Here’s a brilliant idea: when monetary inflation has hit a million percent, raise the minimum wage 60 times higher, and don’t allow businesses to raise prices. Socialist math = 40% of businesses closing down…

  • @KUSTEVE I just read that the accused plotters of the drone attack on Maduro mysteriously fell out of an upper level window. Geez, conditions must be really getting bad there if the thugs in the secret police can’t afford helicopters like they used to in Latin America.

    Edit: Oops, it was just one guy who threw himself out of the 10th floor bathroom window.

  • @KUSTEVE The newly elected right-wing President of Brazil is showing that the dangers we face have nothing to do with political ideology. The danger, as it was with the near simultaneous growth of Communism and Naziism in the 20’s, is TOTALITARIANISM. Extremists, regardless of left or right, seek to destroy the rights of any opponents. This is a section from an article in The Nation:

    Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s president-elect, who won Sunday’s second-round vote with a staggering 55 percent of the ballet, is an open fascist, a violent phobe of every decent thing. A misogynist who said he would rather see his son dead than accept him as gay, Bolsonaro is an agent of the world’s most reactionary tendencies, someone who joins fake-news-style social-media manipulation to old-fashioned death-squad repression. The makeup of Brazil’s congress looks grim as well, and the military will have his back—there’s little foreseeable break on what he can do. Markets are soaring. Global proud boys are dancing.

    The mega-dozers are revving their engines, and the earth will be pushed to the limits, as Bolsonaro peeled off some of the landless vote by promising he’d remove prohibitions on colonizing the vast Amazon, even as his soy, lumber, mining, and cattle backers will lay waste to far larger swaths than any peasant ax could. “For Canadian business, a Bolsonaro presidency could open new investment opportunities,” the CBC reported last night shortly after the results were announced, “as he has pledged to slash environmental regulations in the Amazon rain forest and privatize some government-owned companies.” “Our Amazon is like a child with chickenpox, every dot you see is an indigenous reservation,” Bolsonaro has said, promising to do away with land set-asides for native peoples.

    Brazil is one of the world’s largest economies, so it’s not hyperbole to say the election is a geopolitical Pittsburgh massacre. During the campaign, Bolsonaro’s supporters targeted his opponents for violent hate crimes, including carving a swastika into the skin of a 19-year-old woman carrying an LGBT flag. The crackdown on universities began even before his final victory. [EDIT by Mayjay: Over 20 universities were raided by military police, seeking teachers’ materials about fascism.] Just a week ago, Brazil’s new president-elect pledged that upon winning he would carry out “a cleansing never before seen in the history of Brazil.” Last year, he said he’d “give carte blanche for the police to kill.” Election day wasn’t even over when São Paulo’s new governor said he’d pay for the “best lawyers” to defend police who execute criminals. The targets will be, overwhelmingly, poor urban black boys and men, along with rural land and environmental activists.

  • This was a truly awful result. Humanity as a whole was worse for it. I know people in Brazil and I am genuinely concerned for them. It was already hard enough for LGBT there…

  • Also worth noting that Lula da Silva was going to win, and was thrown in jail on bullshit charges, put in solitary confinement and no one has access to even talk to him.

  • @mayjay You’re falling for the rhetoric. They are trying to justify the onslaught of violence they will wreak across Brazil to battle such a “monster”. They need cover to justify all the terrible acts they plan on committing against the “tyrant”. Once they begin the terror, the “tyrant” will strike back with some pretty crummy solutions. This is all planned, all choreographed, and the same actors running Brazil are running the same game in the US. This is all a scam…Trump and Bolo are in on it, too. Their job is to piss off the left, which causes them to react, which causes the right to react. Trump will be president when they crash the stock market. When that happens, it will be easy to start the civil war. I have no doubt civil war is the goal. And there will be civil war all across the world, as the formula is repeated again and again. This is " Death Of A Nation State" 101.

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