If this isn't a technical...

  • What is?

    From yesterday.


  • Forcing the ballhandler to his defenders. Dirty.

    Time to steamroll him.

  • He is gettin more brazen every game. Refs need to do something before a player gets injured.

  • Let’s give him this, at least. When Squeaky says “We played hard” he is being literal.

  • Maybe him and the ref should switch places? What a …! Needs a banner for that.

  • He needs to play against Duke… Sweep the leg, Grayson!

  • Coaches do it all the time. If they don’t step too far on the court or interfere with the game or players, it’s ok.

    If your example is a technical, then what in the world is this?



    Best coaching move EVER

    Weber is extremely close to a T and the game is in process.

  • @truehawk93 that is a dead ball situation, completely different. Weber looks like he is trying to guard a Texas player. Not even close to the same thing and looks like self is in the box atleast.

  • @BShark Ummm, Thank you. I was watching this game, he does this crap ALL the time, this is BS. You know that game could of got REAL UGLY yesterday, with the BS K-State was doing to Allen - -Budke or however you spell his frickin name is real lucky he didn’t get knocked the hell out. - -No place for that in the game of Basketball. Lucky they were able to maintain some order, cheap ass shit . - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @JayHawkFanToo Run a play where our player runs into him. Instant technical.

  • Coach Weber being on the court during live play is an intentional effort on his part to affect the game. When we were on offense, his position on the court limited our ability to swing the ball to the corner. I can’t believe the refs aren’t calling this. Weber ends up being a sixth defender on the court. All the refs have to do is warn him that next time he’s on the court during play it’s a T. Really, it’s about respecting the game. But, Weber is trying to influence the game with his court presence.

  • @stoptheflop Maybe he is just as dumb as he talks?


    I could not care less if he gets run over and injured…he really is asking for it; however, I would hate to see a player injured when he runs into that area of the court not expecting any one there and running into this dumba$$.

  • @kjayhawks Read and re-read the last part of my post.

    Also, my use of Self’s video is total humor. I frankly don’t care what Weber does.

  • @truehawk93 I saw that and wasn’t trying too be too hard on ya. But should’ve got a T no question, outta the box and closer the player than his own team when I used to ref we were told that if they are outta the box you could T them up.

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