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  • K-State president has heard enough of vulgar anti-KU chant

    Posted by Matt Tait February 15, 2017 at 10:46 a.m.

    Around here, the popular profanity-laced chant unleashed by K-State students at home basketball games, whether they’re playing KU or not, has become the butt of many jokes, with Kansas fans pointing to what they believe is an inferiority complex by the Wildcats.

    Whether that is accurate or not is up for debate and depends on who you’re talking to and whom you’re talking about, but administrators at K-State evidently have heard enough.

    Released at high volume during the riot-inducing sounds of the popular techo beat “Sandstorm,” the “F— KU” chant, as it has become affectionately known throughout the state, has been a fixture at Kansas State basketball games during recent seasons.

    It showed up again this year, when the Jayhawks knocked off the Wildcats 74-71 on Feb. 6 in Manhattan and even was audible earlier in the season, when the Wildcats played Texas at home.

    While the chant has become part of the rivalry and is a source of pride for many K-Staters, first-year KSU president Richard Myers would like to see it end.

    Myers, on K-State’s official web site on Thursday, released the following statement about the chant and sportsmanship in general.

    "As the first year of my presidency unfolds, I continue to be even more impressed by the wonderful accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff. I hear daily about a student’s accomplishment or a faculty member’s significant research. What a pleasant surprise to discover our university is even better than I knew. This is why I decided to compete to become your president.

    One surprise that has not been pleasant is hearing a vulgar chant at sporting events targeted at our in-state rival. It’s easy to see how one can get caught up in the moment. However, many of my friends across the nation reached out to me following last week’s men’s basketball game and expressed their dismay. The chant was clearly heard from coast to coast on national television. It was personally embarrassing and not what one expects from a world-class university.

    The strength of the Wildcat family lies in passing our legacy from one generation to the next. K-Staters are known for doing the right thing. Whether our fans are 8, 18 or 80, they deserve the best fan experience in the Big 12. I think about those younger fans sitting in the stands or watching on television and know they represent our next generation. As we continue the spring competition season, let’s show them the Wildcat Way."

    Whether the words above, or others like them from other K-State dignitaries, are enough to get rid of the chant remains to be seen and likely won’t be known for at least another year. It’s also not the biggest deal in the world. Fans will be fans and sometimes fans of all teams just can’t control their emotions.

    But props to Myers for speaking up.

    The K-State fan base is one of the best in the country and consistently brings great energy and excitement to the rivalry with KU. They’re clever, loud, passionate and proud and those traits should be enough without having to make blatant, loud and prolonged profanities a part of their regular routine.

  • Well put.

    It will be interesting to see if that changes any behavior.

  • only took 5 years…

  • Poor delusional guy.

    Gets to college and thinks he can change things.

    Remember being that naive?

    The crazy KSU fanbase will only stop the chant if the refs get authorized to call technical fouls on the audience. And even then, maybe not.

  • @bskeet UMMM, probably not. - -I don’t ever seeing it change with them. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Two threads on this topic!

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    “While the chant has become part of the rivalry and is a source of pride for many K-Staters…”

    When the source of your university pride is wrapped around saying “F-KU” doesn’t that say it all right there?

    It sounds like the purple kitties main goal in life is to become the next Mizzou. That is reaching high!

    I’m trying to imagine watching a nationally televised game from AFH where our fan base goes nuts screaming “F-KSU.”

    I can’t even imagine and if we ever become a trashy fan base I will be devastated!

    One of the many treasures of Kansas basketball is the fan base! The class, the knowledge, the humility.

    I was never more proud of our fans when we gave Buddy Hield a standing ovation! Buddy LOVES KU! And we love, Buddy!

    Many KU fans have expressed deepest sympathies for OU’s Woodard after his injury. I’m one of those fans because I have always appreciated his play and just being a quality human being.

    You can shove anyone in a classroom but you can’t give them class. That is earned.