Possible Grad Transfers to look at:

  • With recruiting for next season winding down, I still feel like we have roles to fill. Here are a couple of guys that we should definitely look at depending on how our roster looks after the season of course. The reason I really like the grad transfer route is that you bring in guys that are mature, experienced and have proven themselves at a high level. AND they don’t mess with the next seasons recruiting.

    • Marcus Keene - nations leading scorer. If we miss on Trae he would be a great consolation prize. He isn’t inefficient either. I would imagine that if we had the spot for him, it would be hard thing to turn down. For either party.

    • Semi Ojeleye - from Ottawa, Kansas. Former Dukie. Transferred and is now a stud for SMU with 18 ppg and 7 rpg. 6’7 235 lbs. Could be an awesome stretch 4 if Svi leaves. Hitting 42% from 3pt. Would allow us to really run some 4 guard offense again next season. I’m also worried about Colby leaving as a grad transfer… Not sure he will have any opportunity to play next year, assuming we stay healthy and Lightfoot makes a leap. Being able to play a versatile game and run 4 guard next season is important.

  • @Kcmatt7

    I hear and red about Keene quite a bit but I am not sold on how his game would translate from the lowly MAC to the Big 12 where players are much bigger and faster and he is only 5’9" 175 lbs. Ojeleye might be a better fit but apparently Kansas was a candidate before and he picked SMU.

  • @JayHawkFanToo True, his biggest problem would be defensively. But he can flat play. Knows how to use his body in the lane. It has to be better than Newman or a freshmen Garrett running the point.

    And as far as Semi, Larry Brown was the coach who got him to SMU. Not Jankovich. Plus, for a guy looking to go to the NBA, playing for SMU is not necessarily the best place to be. A few whispers to the right people and a few words from scouts could at least put him on the market. They have no current players in the NBA and only 9 players ever to make it to the NBA. About the only thing that needs said. I don’t know if Semi will be on the market, it just wouldn’t surprise me. And I sure wouldn’t say no.