• Seems to me that Baylor would have the easiest schedule sans KU. We play UWV on Monday night then 4 days off before going to Waco. Please add OSU after OU - Sorry.


  • We obviously must beware WVU, and going to Baylor always scares me. I’ll be there in Texas so we can’t lose that game. 2 more losses at worst.

  • @wrwlumpy

    Am I missing something? Each team has 7 games left. You left out OSU for KU which might decide the conference, WVU for Baylor which will likely decide which team tries to dethrone KU and TCU for WVU which might be the easiest game left for them.

    Toughest games for KU: WVU at home, Baylor away and OSU at Gallagher which has been a very unlucky place for KU. Most likely outcome: 5-2

    Toughest games for Baylor: KU and WVU at home and ISU on the road. Most likely outcome 5-2

    Toughest games for WVU: At KU and Baylor and KSU at home. Most likely outcome 5-2

  • You are right. I’m going off the KU schedule hanging by my desk. It’s a photo copy, So I obviously left off OSU

  • @wrwlumpy

    You forget our very last game at OSU… a place where we struggle to win.

    I’m not sure that we have any tougher schedule than Baylor. I think it will be tough for them to win at ISU and at home against us and UWV. I like our home court game with UVW as a better chance to win than Baylor’s home game with them. (But I’m a jinx so I better be quiet)

    It would be great if we have a 2-game lead going into Stillwater.

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