words of wisdom

  • Just watching the UNC vs Duke game.

    J Bilas just said “Frank Mason III of Kansas has been the best guard in the country.”

  • @Lulufulu ha ha wasn’t Fran!!

  • We or I assume we all have heard or know that Frank hasn’t been given much of a chance for the NBA. Well I was listening to a local sports radio broadcast today, and they were talking about Frank, and said they feel he will or should get his shot. - -They brought up a pretty good comparison, they said there is guy right now that’s doing a really good job as a back up point guard, that Frank is very comparable to, this one went undrafted - -name of Van Fleet from Wichita State, ya - -Fred, they said somebody like Frank has to be tough, must be able to knock down the outside shot, must be able to penetrate and they said ALL of which Frank does well, said eally no difference between him and Van-Fleet - - just hought they had some pretty good points. – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 yeah Frank reminds me a whole lot of Van Vleet. Both excellent at going to the rim, creating contact, and finishing.

  • @chriz franks better at finishing and shooting the 3

  • And Frank Mason is a LOT faster than Fred VanVleet. Fred is about the same footspeed as Connor Frankamp. Mason is on another level, simply put.

    Put it another way, if it was a 1-on-1 matchup between Frank and Fred, who would you bet on???

  • @ralster

    The last 1 on 1 battle between them didn’t end so well for us. Sr version of Mason would stomp him though

  • @BeddieKU23 They had a more efficient hatchet man for damn sure. Marsha was so pissed 😡 Perry went to KU was surely best chance for advancing WSU had. His players were fair but coach is bush league & small time. Will never be big potatoes 🥔. French Fries 🍟 at best