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  • Hey my friends , I was just sittinng on my couch this morning , and having random , scattered , various thoughts running about in my little pea brain and got to wondering and thought I knew my friends could tell me.

    Am curious about some sports figures from the past: Does anyone know about what ever happened with Billy Packer , Al Mcquire , Digger Phelps , and Even the Ol Ray Meyer, And for that matter even his son Joey Myer?

    I’m sure and afraid to realize that these individuals have passed on right? - -I’m sure that I probably seen/read somewhere but just can’t remember- -sorry to say I’m dating my age , who knows how many more days I have myslef, seems like time is flying by. - I’m sure alot in here remember Ray - -let’s see , you remember when he had Depaul at the top for a bit .

    What was that time frame again? - -Could be wrong but wasn’t that in the late 70’s? Early 80’s? - -Then his son took over and Ray just kind of faded into the sun set - -Then what happened to Joey? - -anyone know? – thanks just taking that trip down memory lane guys - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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  • @jayballer54 Ray Meyer passed away a long time ago, as did Al. Joey had a dispute with Chicago’s most powerful HS coach, a guy named Sonny Cox from King HS, and he literally stopped Chicago players from going to DePaul. If you’re a DePaul coach who can’t get a single Chicago kid to enroll there you’re a goner and that’s what happened to Joey, and obviously the program has never recovered. Joey he does radio now for Northwestern and this year most likely will get to call an NCAA tournament game for the first time in school history.

    For some reason, Rahm Emanuel is building a lake front arena downtown for DePaul to use basically for free. Keep in mind DePaul has an on campus gym that seats about 5000 that if they used it they couldn’t fill it. They currently play by Ohare at the most nondescript arena ever built. Used to be called the Horizon, but now it’s some corporate name.

    Digger is still with us, relatively young at 75, and is retired. He has a well known son in law, ageless pitcher Jamie Moyer who pitched until almost age 50.

    These are all names from my childhood as a Chicago kid. I lived and died with DePaul’s great teams of the early 80’s. Top seeded in the dance two years straight and upset in the first round, actually 2nd round as first seeds had a bye. St. Joseph pulled the shocker one year then UCLA the next who got hot and went all the way to the title game before losing to Louisville. Ray’s lineup on those teams was almost entirely Chicago kids. And they were good, very good, and also independent, no league affiliation.

  • @wissox Ahhh, thank you so much. - -I knew someone would come through. - -I have no dam idea what the hell GIYF even means lol. I guess they are TRYING to tell me to look it up or search myself considering. Good to have some on here that just wanna help, I try when I can. DePaul was very good, had no I idea that had happened to Joey, was it over a recruit or what, do you remember? How about Billy Packer? - -you remember what ever happened to him? I remember when Al & Billy would like co-host on games, they didn’t see eye to eye sometimes if I remember right lol on some things ALOT of times just curious. - -THANKS AGAIN - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • GIYF - Google is your friend.

    In the time you spent typing your post, you could have found all the information by yourself. This what the rest of us do.

  • @JayHawkFanToo GITY. ( Google is tracking you )

  • @JayHawkFanToo ok, lets just find out WTF your attitude is with me? - -I know I won’t have to google that.- -you’ve been riding my ass ever since I came in here almost 2 yrs ago time to say enough is enough. - -you don’t like me - -FINE? - - just don’t respond on my posts - simple enough, time to grow up. - -I ask a simple question which others seem to have no problem responding too and you always seem a way to be an ass - so back up about two steps and get the hell off me. - - I’m DONE. - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY


    I use:


    It does not track you…

  • @jayballer54 I had no problem with you asking, and you know I have always had fun with you in good humor, but I too was thinking of suggesting you just google it. Not meanly, but because it really would have been easier for you. It doesn’t make you seem more victimized if you always blast people. It just makes me leery of saying anything because I never know if there is an explosion waiting in reply.

    His post that caused you to explode this time was simply explaining what GIYF means, which people have also said to other posters, including me. You said you didn’t know!

    Why so angry? It is like being around someone with 4 cans already out of the sixpack he is lugging around in a bar parking lot, spoiling for a fight.

  • @jayballer54

    Do you realize this is a Forum where people can express their own opinions?

    When you post something you better be ready to have other posters respond to it…that is the nature of a Forum, I, at times disagree with other posters and vice versa but, unlike you, I don’t believe I have ever been disrespectful or rude; in fact, I often preface my post by writing…I respectfully disagree with you, and when we cannot agree…we just agree to disagree; this is what grown ups do.

    If I disagree with other poster…be that about Chris Paul or Wiggin vs. Jackson or Big 12 Strength or what ever, I make my case with as much factual information as I can and read what the other poster has to say and sometime I am swayed by his argument and vice versa, but I don’t go questioning his motives or accusing him of riding my ass. as you so eloquently put it, If you don’t agree with what I say, put together a cogent post with your opinion instead of throwing a hissy fit.

    The suggestion I made is not unreasonable and is the same I would make to anyone that feels his time is too important to do his own search and prefers other do it for him.

  • Kindness counts🤐

  • @JayHawkFanToo you always- - -na never mind not worth it – HAVE A GREAT DAY

  • I’m going to put this out. - -Is this an open forum where one comes to INNERACT with others? When I ask a question about something – - OR someone, I do so cause I have come to the feeling that I can count on others in here to respond with what I’m looking for on things - -this site is like a walking book of knowledge, I know I can always count o others to enlighten me for these things.

    If I wanted to " GOOGLE" things why the hell would I ever come here? - I come here for the inner action, different takes, and to the contrary of some others as they like to say and infer that some are adults lol, as that how they do things - then I guess I need to "GOOGLE " and check the definition of Adult… - -I have no problem with individuals of agreeing or disagreeing a lot of times it’s about the way we disagree - -the whole approach, with "Some when a person when ever they post, others feel like they have to respond in what to me comes across in a very negative way - -then after awhile it gets old, it would be much easier - -and even greatly appreciated a lot more and simple just don’t respond. as they say " the time it took me to type my post I could of already known " what I was asking.

    Do you think MAYBE just MAYBE I don’t want to go that route. - -Does my question/questions pain you irate you so much, so much of an inconvience to you, - - - - you would just rather I " GOGGLE IT " Does people in here not realize I would rather talk with to the users of this room rather then GOGGLE? every thing I have questions on? I ask questions here to start conversation on various sports related issues, people , history and in response I get " GOGGLE IT " that’s just awesome. comes across or to me like don’t bother me with this crap - that’s exactly the way it comes across - maybe because it’s the same way with. some people every time I post.

    If we are surpose to Google then re-name this site ’ GOOGLE ANSWERS " instead of KU Buckets. I like to respond, I like having response from others who come here. - ok I’m done - -now blast away tell me how I’m quote thin skinned, or ridicilious, or if I don’t like it to get the hell out, or I’m to sensitive - -does that about cover it?

    The one thing I know is I thought this was a pretty good site-- I dunno maybe I was wrong, maybe I’m like oil to your water, a trouble maker right? – if that is the case to that then I’d have to say - -so be it, - -people are entitled to your opinion just like I AM with mine. – I’m sure maybe a lot of your might be more educated , major your got awesome degrees from KU - -that’s great - -me? - -I’m just an average regular old plain Jane High School Kansas average boy who happens to love sports, - loves talking to others and asking questions about anything and everything- - NOT GOGGING because it doesn’t take as long. - -Like has been so gracefully been brought to my attention here, my spelling, my punctuation , my grammer - - what else isn’t the best, -so I tried to make it better. - - I don’t get it, but that doesn’t matter. - -I know this I won’t change, people except me for who I am - -I don’t really think it’s wrong to try and talk to others and ask for things instead of going to some dam site screw Goggle. bottom line whatever it is, I know this - -I guess we are only surpose to inner-act when it’s convienent for some other wise ehhh not so much. It’s cool I know one thing for sure the sun will still come up in the East and set in the West and I’ll still just sleep just fine whether I have friends in here or not - and you know what - -I didn’t have to " GOGGLE THAT you can take that to the bank – -sorry to bother people, sorry for asking anything - - I’ll be that silent pardner I’m sure there are people that love that and when you least expect it lol. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @JayHawkFanToo @mayjay Although I did think the same thing, just google it, I did enjoy talking about my ‘insider’ knowledge which is part of the richness of this site. Jayballer wouldn’t have gotten the tidbit about why Joey Meyer wasn’t successful from googling Joey Meyer.

  • @wissox I sometimes google and discover something, discuss it, and then people elaborate with new info. Not too much to suggest adding to the discussion by the initiator, too.

    Could have gone: “I was wondering about Joey Meyers. He replaced his dad, but was never successful. What’s the story there? How can DePaul not be successful in a bb hotbed like ChiTown?” Resulting in probably all types of discussion about everything from Ray’s weird teeth to the local coach you shared about.

    Instead, it was a request for info on a list of 4 guys with no reason for anyone to return the interest in them except to reflect whatever research the reader was forced to do. I wasn’t offended by his request, but I think he has no right to be so sensitive when someone suggested he could look it up as well as anyone. For someone wanting interaction, it isn’t out of line to expect civility!

  • @mayjay STILL HERE & thank you so much.

  • @wissox

    Like @mayjay said, when I need data or facts such as dates. scores, stats and so on I will search the net and I will get the correct and unbiased information just about immediately; however, when I want an opinion or insight not readily searchable I will pose the question here.

    I do have a pretty good recollection of events in subjects that interest me, including sports, politics and so on, and while I can remember the events themselves, I have to look up specific details as do most people my age.

    For example, I remember the KU-Texas game when Collison got the standing ovation from Vitale…I was there and I can visualize it in my head. Now, if you ask me the date or score of that game, I would have to look it up since I just don’t remember it and I seriously doubt any one has those number off the top of their heads and if I ask that question, someone would have to look it up for me. Now, if I want an opinion on the strategy or the flow of that game then I can pose the question here since that is something I cannot readily search.

    We all have our own opinions based on the same facts since we all see it thorough the glass of our own biases and experiences, Some opinions are based on facts and some are not. For example we both can have an opinion on who has the fastest car and this is very easy to determine, just take the cars to the track and you will have an answer. However, we can both have opinions on which is the better looking car and for this there is no right or wrong answer since it is a matter of personal preference.

    This is what the Forum is all about, discussing items for which there is no right or wrong answer but individual opinions and often we learn a lot more from the insight other posters contribute. There are several posters here that have coaching experience and I really enjoy reading their post because, even when I have a decent grasp of the subject, their in-depth knowledge is considerably better than mine…I am just an engineer after all.

    Now back to KU basketball, we have a game starting pretty soon…

  • @wissox

    Just curious… were you a big Al McGuire fan?

    I was a huge fan of his because I met him when I was young and was a bit star struck from watching him on the tube.

  • @jayballer54 JB nobody said anything about your education or spelling or grammar or whatever on this thread. You took 4 letters and went apesh-- on @JayHawkFanToo . One thing I’ve learned about forums is you gotta give people a chance and take them at face value. Even if you think they’re insinuating something, face value works better because your audience isn’t just them, it’s everyone else. Look, @JayHawkFanToo can sometimes drive me nutty too especially when politics come up, but at the end of the day you gotta pick your battles. This one felt like you had a headful of steam coming into the thread. It seems to be over, but for future threads do you mind calming down a little man?

  • @drgnslayr No, his heyday was the 70’s. I was a NJ, then Chicago kid and Milwaukee/Wisconsin was just a vacation spot. I do remember seeing him win it all, not being too impressed or anything like that. I loved him as an announcer. He was great with Billy Packer.

    @JayHawkFanToo @mayjay I just took his post as being a conversation starter, which he acknowledged.

    Back to KU basketball!