Jayhawks in the pros

  • The list seems to be getting bigger year by year. Points, RB’s, assists

    Marcus exploded for 36 last night for the Pistons. He’s got a solid year of 14, 4, and 2 dimes per.

    Speaking of Morris, Markieff is solid as well. Has had 6 double doubles since the new year. He is averaging 14, 7, and 2.

    His teammate Kelly Oubre has been surprising to me, but what do I know? Averaging 7, 1 and 3.

    Wiggins 21 last night, 22, 4, 2 on season.

    Aldrich 0 last night 2, 3, o on season. Obviously just hanging on.

    Brandon Rush played 36 and 40 minutes in consecutive games in mid january, played 3 the next and hasn’t played since. Doesn’t mention an injury. He’s barely registered stats, 3, 1, 1

    Nick Collison played 4 minutes in all of January and has a negligible statline. I can’t imagine him being around much longer. I’m guessing he’s another coach for them wearing shorts.

    Tarik Black had a double double Thursday night, and is averaging 5, 5 and less than 1 block. Getting some minutes on that woeful team. Check out this nice read on Tarik by the way. https://theundefeated.com/features/tarik-black-lakers-masters-degree/

    Darrell Arthur. Shady’s been contributing off the bench all year. Has 7 and 3 as averages, and shooting an amazing 53% from three with some volume as well taking nearly 3 per game.

    Jeff Withey is averaging 3, 2, and 1 block. And getting 1 million dollars for those numbers.

    Paul Pierce is fading away to the Hall of Fame. 3, 1 and well, he barely passes the ball when he’s playing apparently because he has .2 assists.

    BMac, has been riding the bench a lot lately until last night when he broke out with an 18 point effort. He is average 5 per game, and 1 apiece.

    Joel Embiid’s been very good as everyone of you knows. 20, 8, 2.5 blocks, 2 assists, 37% on threes. He’s sat out 4 in a row due to the knee contusion/bruise, and will miss at least 2 more. I’m hoping they’re just being very cautious instead of something more serious is brewing.

    Cheick is making 13,255 dollars per point scored. That’s better than I’ve ever made. Happy for him, but wouldn’t he be looking good in Crimson and Blue?

    TRob is averaging 4 and 3. Looks like the career of TRob is going to be a backup. Hopefully he sticks around and relishes that role.

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    Good work! That took some effort and I know I appreciate it!

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    A couple of commnets…

    Zack La Vine is out for the rest of the season so it is likely that Brandon Rush will see a huge uptick in playing time. Link here…

    Aldrich provides a very good defensive presence and he is used situationally.

    McLemore has been in the dog house in Sacramento and wanted to get traded before the season. Unless there is a coaching change I don’t believe Ben is in the team’s long term plans. I fully expect him to be playing elsewhere next season.

    Collison is one of the more fundamentally solid players in the League and he signed a 2 year contract that goes through this season and will likely see him to the end of his career. Barring injury, his role is no longer that of a primary player but a mentor and teacher to the younger players. I can see him going into coaching once his contract is up…he would make a great bigs coach at KU.

  • Was just wondering about some of our former Hawks in the pros. Can anyone provide an update on some of the others? I.e. Selden, Ellis, Greene, etc. Did any of them catch on anywhere?

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    Check the D-League web site, you can search players by name.

  • @RockkChalkk I posted a video of perry here a couple days ago, looks good!

  • The “Truth” plays his last game at the Garden and hits a long 3…

  • @JayHawkFanToo the tribute was awesome!

  • @JayHawkFanToo Steven Adams and Ennis Kanter are both Nick Collison’s mentorship. Those two guys have come on strong under Collison’s big man coaching.

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    Absolutely. I wonder if the Thunder might keep him as a coach at the end of the season; he is no longer playing much anymore and he is probably ready to retire from active play. If not, I would love to see him as bigs coach at KU; I imagine he is pretty much set for life so the KU gig would be more having something to do rather than making money.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Maybe. I know he returns and plays in scrimmages at KU against current players. He could pull a Jerod Haase and help Roy Williams for a time. I think he has a fair relationship with Self and KU that he might consider coaching. He may go back to Iowa and join LaFrentz and buy up the other half of the state. We all know Dick Vitale had a man crush on him too. If anything, he stays in OKC and helps coach up the Thunder bigs.